10 Best Work Boots For Flat Feet And Fallen Arches (Reviews & Pics)

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Overall, A Great Work Boot For People With Flat Feet

One of the most comfortable work boots I had lately. Very light due to its composite toe cap and ultra-light PU outsole. Lots of great features inside and outside.100% recommended!

To bring you this article we’ve researched 27 websites, looked at 31 work boots brands and models, read 139 reviews and customer feedback  for each make of boot that made the cut, as well as a few that did not.

Overall we’ve spent over 61 hours looking into all of these work boots for flat feet to bring you the most important information for each boot. 

We have done this hard work so you do not have to do it. 

In this article, you’ll learn about which are some of the newest and best work boots for flat feet. Also, what type of boots are best for people with fallen arches, tips to improve comfort, some things to consider before buying your boots, and much more!

So we would strongly encourage you to keep reading. There is a lot of good information here. 

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Compare these top 10 work boots for men and women with flat feet

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which work boots we’ve included in our round-up.

1. Wolverine Overpass

Lightweight Work Boots
For Flat Feet Workers

2. Timberland PRO Titan

  • Nylon shank
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe

Comfortable Safety Toe Work Boots

3. Thorogood 1957

Made In The US Work Boots For Flat-Footed Workers

4. KEEN Pittsburgh

  • Removable footbed
  • Nubuck leather
  • Steel toe

Medium-duty Work Boots

5. Irish Setter Ashby

Lightweight Work Boots For Workers With Flat Feet

6. Carhartt CMF6371

  • EH rated
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe

Safety Toe Work Boots For Flat Footed Contractors

7. Irish Setter Ely

  • Removable footbed
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Electrical Hazard Work Boots For Flat Feet

8. Ariat Groundbreaker

  • Oil & Slip Resistant
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Round Toe Pull-On Work Boots

9. Justin Stampede

  • Steel shank
  • 100% leather
  • Soft toe

Square Non-Safety Toe Pull-On Work Boots

10. Dr Martens Winch

  • Removable insole
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Fashionable Work Boots For Flat Feet Workers

Reviews of the top ten best rated work boots for flat feet

a person showing its flat feet condition and a graph showing what's the difference between a normal foot and a foot with fallen arches.

Alright, let’s jump into some detailed reviews of each one of these work boots for flat-footed workers we’ve included in today’s round-up.

1. Wolverine Overpass

Best Composite Toe Boots For Flat Feet

The Wolverine Men’s Overpass six-inch composite toe work boot is the ideal boot for all of the needs of your working day. 

The 100% leather upper offers durability with abrasion resistance in high-wear areas, while the flexible welt construction allows for easy movement during work tasks. 

The removable ortholite cushioned footbed provides all-day comfort that will have you ready to tackle any task and makes it an ideal choice for those with flat feet needing extra arch support. 

This work boot also utilizes a composite toe, making it much more lightweight than many of the steel toe alternatives. 

But do not think that the toe cap not being steel will compromise the safety of this boot. The composite toe cap is ASTM certified and so will protect your feet from all the drops and shocks of a modern worksite. 


  • Lightweight composite toe cap which still protects you from drops and shocks of modern worksite
  • Ortholite footbed for extra comfort and cushioning for those with flat feet
  • Durable, flexible leather upper
  • Flexible welt construction which offers your feet extra support during long working hours


  • Not all worksites will necessarily accept a composite toe cap

Check out my review of these boots on YouTube

2. Timberland PRO Titan

Comfortable Work Boots For Flat Feet

The Timberland work boot will provide you with the comfort, support, and protection that you need to get through your day. 

The boot features a polyurethane midsole with a high-rebound EVA heel insert for durable cushioning and energy return. This makes this work boot an excellent choice for people with flat feet or collapsed arches and who need that extra bit of support in an important way. 

A nylon diffusion shank provides torsional rigidity while an anti-microbial contoured open-cell polyurethane footbed cushions your feet in every step.

As well as support, comfort is a crucial feature of this pair of work boots. For added comfort, this boot utilizes an Outlast Adapt that will regulate the internal temperature of your feet. 

So for people who get sweaty feet easily, for example, warehouse workers who do long shifts moving around, the temperature regulation makes this an excellent choice. 

The upper is made of full-grain leather to provide a durable, abrasion-resistant barrier against moisture and dirt. 

The internal lining wicks away moisture from your foot to keep it dry and comfortable as you work. 


  • Antimicrobial  polyurethane footbed provides durable, resilient cushioning for extra comfort
  • Molded heel cup cradles the heel and provides support for workers with flat feet
  • Durable full-grain leather upper 
  • Nylon diffusion shank is lightweight whilst providing you with feet support 
  • Soft toe making this work boot one of the lighter ones in this roundup


  • Rubber toe caps can crack, and some workplace safety officers may insist on steel toe caps as soft toe caps won’t protect you against objects falling on your toes

3. Thorogood 1957 Series

Stylish Work Boots For
Workers With Flat Feet

Thorogood’s 1957 series Briar Pitstop wedge sole boot is a classic six-inch work boot made of full-grain leather with an X-Stream waterproof membrane. 

Its removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed will keep you comfortable all day long, making this pair of work boots an excellent choice if you have flat feet. 

The steel toe cap, which is ASTM certified for drops of up to 75 pounds from a six-foot drop. 

The fiberglass shank gives this boot extra support and stability, while the MAXWear slip-resistant outsole provides superior traction in wet or slippery conditions. These features are great for workers with flat feet. 

You can make your casual outfit a little more stylish with these Made in the USA boots. These leather Rich Briar Pitstop work boots are not only functional, but they also look good and add to their overall sophistication for any occasion!

Goodyear storm welt construction ensures that these boots can be resoled when they eventually wear out so that you can use them for years to come. 

Finally, these work boots are made in the USA by union workers. So by buying these boots you are supporting American jobs and American families during a period of global outsourcing that we have been in for so long.  


  • Stylish Rich Briar Pitstop leather 
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed for additional comfort 
  • Fiberglass shank which provides this boot with extra stability and support 
  • Certified ASTM steel toe cap 
  • Made in the USA so by purchasing these boots you are helping support American jobs and families.


  • Some professionals who bought this product have complained they move about unless you tie the laces exceptionally tightly. 
  • Steel toe cap will make this boot heavier.

4. Keen Pittsburgh

Lightweight Work Boots
For Flat Footed Workers

KEEN Utility’s Pittsburgh 6-inch waterproof work boots for men are ready to take on overtime on any job. Long hours and hard work will pay off if you go with these boots. 

Asymmetrical steel toes improve the fit, making them contour to your actual feet rather than pinch you tightly. 

This is a feature that is unique to KEEN work boots

These boots also utilize a stability plate as a foot shank which adds support, and this feature is great especially if you hit the shovel a lot or working on ladders.

These boots also reflect light thanks to their reflective webbing while slip resistance keeps things safe out there on that construction site or landscaping job site. 

These work boots also utilize a removable dual-density EVA footbed, offering adjustable comfort for every type of working professional. 

Finally, at just 30 ounces per boot, these work boots are incredibly lightweight and so are ideal for those needing to keep on the go. 


  • Easy to slip on and off. 
  • Reviewers have admired the durability and toughness of these boots 
  • The high shaft offers excellent ankle and heel support. 


  • These work boots weigh two pounds each so they are a little on the heavy side.

5. Irish Setter Ashby

Lightweight Wedged Sole Work Boots

These Irish Setter Ashby work boots compared to others we’ve seen so far have no heel. The sole is flat with a little bit of a pattern to avoid being too slippery.

The good thing about this type of sole is that the boot has more contact with the floor and it will absorb shocks better than other soles alleviating the pain caused by the plantar fasciitis.

They look very casual so you can go and have a drink with colleagues or friends after work and no one will think these are actually your work boots (unless you have concrete and mud all over them).

The footbed is removable so you replace it with one that fits you best. One last thing I want to add is that this type of sole, a flat sole, is perfect for you if you have flat feet.

Remember, just because you need some support in the arches it doesn’t mean you must force your arches by buying a boot with higher raised arches.

A person with high arches can also use this boot because the sole is mostly made out of EVA and absorb shocks very well which is what a person with rigid feet needs. The downside is that you have to purchase an insole with proper arch support for your high arches.

Wearing this type of boots can even help prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot-related issues.


  • Lightweight
  • Good for flat feet
  • Good for high instep
  • Shock absorbent sole
  • Safety toe cap
  • EH rated


6. Carhartt CMF6371 Model

Construction Work Boots
For Flat Footed Conctractors

Carhartt work boots are ready for any job site. These boots are built tough with oil-resistant leather uppers and composite safety toe that can take a beating. 

Carhartt developed the Rugged Flex work boots for hard-working men and women who demand extreme levels of comfort, durability, and safety.

Storm Defender® waterproof breathable protection is designed to be completely waterproof in most types of wet conditions with a breathable membrane. 

The FastDry® Technology Lining wicks away sweat to keep your feet comfortable while providing extra cushioning from foot fatigue due to its EVA midsole padded outsole that provides maximum shock absorption during activities like walking or standing all day long

The Carhartt PU with Foam cushion insole provides comfortable support and reduces foot fatigue, making this an ideal choice for workers with flat feet or those needing extra arch support. 

The oil-trimmed leather gives the boot a tough exterior that makes them a durable choice for professionals who work on tough sites. 

As they themselves put it … “if you can’t quit, neither can your boots. “


  • Durable oil-trimmed leather uppers
  • Foam cushion insole that will provide you with extra support
  • Lightweight composite toe that will protect you from electric shocks and drops
  • Storm Defender waterproofing technology


  • Not all worksites will accept composite toe caps

7. Irish Setter Ely

Electric Harzard Rated Boots For Worker With Fallen Arches

The Irish Setter Ely Steel Toe Work Boot basically combines waterproof protection and durability to literally keep you working in any condition. 

Featuring a full-grain leather upper, this boot is designed with an electrical hazard rating and oil-resistant sole that offers enhanced safety. 

This work boot also features a particularly padded collar for comfort around the ankle, moisture-wicking lining to help generally keep pretty your feet dry, and a steel cap for added protection from falling objects or definitely other hazards on the job in a subtle way. 

The oil-resistant Vibram® PU outsole generally provides slip resistance in all conditions, which is fairly significant for those of you working in slippery environments such as warehouses or factories with oil or other dangerous liquids. 

The midsole is designed to particularly provide support and shock absorption while the removable OrthoLite® footbed provides excellent cushioning. 

Finally, this work boot generally offers excellent protection against electrical hazard protection against hazards of up to 18,000 volts.


  • Electrical hazard (EH) protection. 
  • Removable Ortholite footbed provides cushioning and support for those with flat feet
  • Full-grain leather upper for durability
  • Oil and slip-resistant vibram outsole which is 40% more flexible than regular rubber


  • One of the more expensive pairs of work boots in this roundup

8. Ariat Groundbreaker

Pull-On Work Boots
For Flat Footed Workers

The Ariat Groundbreaker is a must-have safety boot for any construction site. This boot combines safety and style with its leather base, the suede upper section that can withstand all hazards on the job site while remaining fashionable in appearance!

With an 11 inch shaft, this pull-on safety work boot thus offers you even more premium ankle and leg support than that offered by shorter work boots. 

With the power of a taller base surrounding your feet like never before for stability as well as providing extra height in case anything were to happen on-site or off it while working. 

So these are not only safe but also comfortable enough so that both comfort-focused employees AND safety-focused ones alike can wear them without any hesitation whatsoever!

However, a taller shaft also compromises freedom of movement and breathability. 

This means that over time the boot may come to feel less comfortable than it did when you first bought them because there’s not enough space for your foot inside!

The 10 inch or 8-inch options are better if what matters most is finding something with plenty of room inside where ankles can stretch out comfortably without feeling cramped up against each other. 


  • Very stylish full leather-suede combination 
  • Square toe, promoting strength and long-lasting boots. Safety toe is ATSM rated
  • 4LR (Four Layer Rebound) mesh lining for added air flow and comfort, with maximal cushioning and support 
  • 90 degree heels offer additional ankle support


  • Some owners of this boot have found them a bit tight at the top which means they are hard to get on and off

9. Justin Stampede

Square Toe Work Boots For
Workers With Flat Feet

The Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Pull-On square toe work boot is an ideal choice for those with flat feet. 

The J-flex comfort system is designed to provide cushioned support for your feet while you work. 

This boot has a removable comfort insole so you can replace it with your preferred insole. 

Square toes are good for flat feet because they allow a person to walk with a much more neutral stride, one that takes full advantage of the natural springs in their feet. 

Square-toed work boots keep a person’s foot much less pronated and supinated, helping the foot to function the way it was designed. 

Turning your ankle outwards (like you would do naturally if you had purchased round-toe work boots ) tends to ignore all those natural springs in your feet, and distort your walk so that the knee is constantly thrust forward at an unnatural angle. 

That’s bad enough during walking – but it can also lead to serious pain if you happen to be sitting down and suddenly shift your weight onto the other leg. 

  • By the way, if you liked this boot from Justin, make sure to check this Justin Work Boots Round-Up Review where you go way more in-depth talking only about this brand.


  • Square toe which is helpful for those with flat feet
  • J-flex support system 
  • Pull-on work boot; no need to fiddle with laces
  • Made by a well-established, fashionable company


10. Dr Martens Winch

Fashionable Work Boots For
People With Fallen Arches

These Dr. Martens Men’s Winch Steel Toe Light Industry Boots are made for the working person. 

The slip-resistant sole reduces the risk of falls on hazardous surfaces. 

The Flexible PVC outsole provides durability, cushioning, and comfort while reducing foot fatigue. This means that you can enjoy your day without having any discomfort thanks to the protection of these lightweight work boots for outdoor activities like hiking or running errands! 

The lining of these boots will keep your feet cool and dry as you walk, even on hot days. Plus there’s a contoured insole with extra cushioning for maximum comfort! 

Moisture-wicking fabric keeps moisture away while removable linings make them easy enough to wash by hand or machine at home. 

Finally, there is additional insulation that gives you protection against electrical hazards. 


  • Removable cushioned insole 
  • Moisture wicking lining that will keep your feet dry and warm 
  • Flexible PVC outsole which provides flexibility
  • Customers who bought this pair of work boots love the durability and comfort their provide


  • The steel toe cap makes this pair of work boots slightly heavier

What You Need To Know About Work Boots For Flat Feet?

This section will answer the important queries that those of you with flat feet have about the best types of work boots for flat feet, which features are important for people with flat feet, and where you can buy suitable work boots.

If you need that extra bit of support, the rest of this article will give you some useful information, so keep reading.

What are the best types of work boots for flat feet?

Using high heels is not good for your flat feet condition. Even in work boots, you might find some work boots that have quite a high heel as you’ll see in logger work boots for example. (read more here: Work Boots vs Logger Boots)

If you have flat feet, the best work boots for you are those with a nice and comfortable insole that has rigid arch support.

If that’s not possible in a work boot that you liked, at least make sure their footbed is removable so you can buy your own orthotic insoles with the arch support that you much need.

Go for work boots with a padded insole and cushioning. These will ensure maximum comfort to avoid overloading the metatarsophalangeal joint when walking.

Try on different brands of work boots before buying them since some may be better than others depending on your needs and preferences.

What features should you look for in work boots for flat feet?

The right footwear can make a world of difference. The following features are very important for you if you have flat feet.

Flexible soles to minimize stress on one’s arch. Flexible soles allow the foot and the sole to more naturally and comfortably conform to the ground and provide stability while walking

A flat foot means your arch is lowered, so when you step on a surface, all of your weight is resting on your toes. You need plantar support for that pressure or it can cause discomfort or pain. 

It is not just an issue with how it feels on the feet but also what kind of stability will be there while you run. If there’s no protection under your foot then you’ll likely wince every time you push off the ground during a sprint. 

With a flexible insole, there will be less impact force going through a lot of muscles because they’re absorbing some of that energy instead.

Another important feature is for there to be extra space in the toes and heel area. This reduces discomfort during long periods at work as well as makes it easier to walk around while wearing these types of work boots (especially if they are low profile). 

Five tips to improve your comfort when you have flat feet

If you have flat feet, your low arch leaves your heel with little to no cushioning or shock absorption.

You may experience discomfort after being on your feet for long periods of time, especially if you are involved in strenuous activity.

As well as buying suitable footwear, there are a number of lifestyle changes and additional product purchases you can implement that will improve your comfort both at work and in your day-to-day life.

These few tips may help improve your comfort while reducing strain on the tendons and ligaments in your foot.

1) Do stretching exercises before and after your shift

Stretching out the muscles in your calves and feet before and after work can help decrease pain and discomfort, as well as prevent injuries such as sprains.

2) Use inserts for added support

Using inserts can avoid putting additional pressure on your foot, which may alleviate some of the discomfort caused by flat feet. There are several different providers of inserts, such as Amazon, Dicks, and Target.

Basically, any good work boot retailer will also sell insoles for your feet. 

Editor's note: I've been using these:

- PRO 11 Wellbeing insole (review)
- EasyFeet insoles

3) Consider losing some weight

If you are overweight, losing weight can reduce the stress on your feet, ankles, and your knees.

It helps because it takes stress off the connective tissue within and between these joints. 

The less one carries around and stresses their bodies out, this will lead to an improvement in mobility and quality of life for not only people with flat feet but all types!

4) Consider using an anti-fatigue mat at work

Flat-footed people are usually more susceptible to plantar fasciitis because it brings about higher chances of friction and rubbing between the soles and heel bones.

An anti-fatigue mat can reduce this friction, thus reducing the pressure on the affected areas.

Anti-fatigue mats are made up of air domes that are cushioned. These domes stimulate cyclic muscle contractions.

This encourages foot and body movement, promotes posture changes, and stimulates blood circulation by providing a fantastic aid in your exercise routine!

5) Take breaks during the day

If you are doing a job with a lot of standing around, take 15-minute breaks at least every few hours. During these breaks, it is best to sit down, stretch out your calves and reduce stress on your feet.

Can you wear normal work boots if you have flat feet?

Yes, you can wear regular work boots even if you have flat feet! However, without the features mentioned above, this may be a very uncomfortable experience. 

Depending on how bad your condition is, completely normal work boots may make it impossible for you to operate effectively in your job. 

The very least you should do is to buy a pair of very good insoles to make sure you have some adequate arch support.

Where can you buy work boots for flat feet?

There are plenty of stores you can buy a good pair of work boots for flat feet. The best place would be your local store since the salesperson can give you more advice on what’s best for you.

The downside is that the options are quite limited in terms of how many models and brands you can find at your local store.

If you buy online you have an unlimited amount of options. These are some online stores you can have a loot at their stock.

  • Amazon
  • Payless
  • Zappos
  • Sears
  • Walmart

What size should workers with flat feet get?

In general, flat-footed people need a wider size to accommodate their lack of natural arch support. 

In order to find the proper boot size for you, try dressing with a pair of relatively snug socks and stand up on some graph paper while holding a pen against your inner heel. 

If it drags more than 0.5 cm at the back, then you may need a wide width in work boots. Here are some of the best work boots for wide feet if you’re looking for inspiration.

There’s no cure for this condition but many different ways one can alleviate some of its effects by using insoles made specifically for cushioning (orthotics) or choosing work boots that incorporate comfort features such as:

  • Total motion control
  • Air cushioning technologies
  • Anatomical footbeds
  • Removable insoles

The best pair of work boots for flat feet: The takeaway

What do all the above work boots have in common? 

All of them have removable insoles. This means it’s very helpful in case you have your own orthotics or you simply want to change the existing insoles for new ones.

Another common thing in all these work boots included in the round-up is that all of them have a hard or semi-hard outsole.

The last thing you want if you have flat feet is a soft sole.

If you want to have good arch support, you must have a good rigid or semi-rigid insole to stop your feet from sinking as you step on the floor. And a hard outsole to support the insole and give your feet overall more stability and comfort.

One last common thing is that all these safety work boots have all the safety features you’d want to see in any pair of comfortable safety work boots.

Excellent Work Boots
For Workers With Flat Feet

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