Top 11 Work Boots For Truck Drivers (Models Recommended By Truckers)

Hello and welcome to our round-up review of some of the best work boots for truckers for 2022.

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Overall, The Best Pair Of
Safety Boots For A Truck Driver

We’ve put together a list of the top 11 work boots that are great for driving trucks and our #1 recommendation based on what we’ve found in our research is the Blundstone BL990 work boots.

To bring you this article we’ve researched over 28 websites, looked at 49 different work boot brands and models and we have read dozens of customer reviews and feedback for each make of boot that made the cut, as well as a few that did not.

Overall we’ve spent over 65 hours looking into all of these work boots for truck drivers to bring you the most important information for each boot.

In this article, you’ll learn about which are some of the newest and best-rated trucker work boots.

So keep reading. There’s a lot of good info in here…

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Here are the best work boots for truck drivers

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which work boots I’ve included in today’s round-up. Some of these boots I wore myself, some I still wear and others I’m interested in buying myself.

1. Blundstone

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Slip-On Work Boots For Truck Drivers


  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Mid Cut Safety Toe Work Boots For Truckers

3. Thorogood

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Moc Toe Safety Work
Boots For Truck Drivers

4. Danner

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe

Non-Metalic Safety Toe Cap Boots For Truck Drivers

5. Caterpillar

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe

Heavy-duty Safety Boots For Truckers On The Budget

6. Reebok

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe

Athletic Style Work Boots For Truck Drivers

7. Timberland PRO

  • Not waterproof
  • Synthetic & leather
  • Composite toe

Hiking Style Work Boots For Truck Drivers

8. Carolina

  • Waterproof
  • Leather & synthetic
  • Composite toe

Breathable Safety Work Boots For Truck Drivers

9. Red Wing

  • Waterproof
  • Leather
  • Steel toe

Vibram Sole Safety Toe Boots For Truck Drivers

10. Skechers

  • Waterproof
  • Leather & rubber
  • Composite toe

Safety Toe Boots With Rubber Shell For Truckers

11. Old West Boots

  • Not waterproof
  • Leather
  • Soft toe

Western Style Work Boots For Truck Drivers

Work Boots For Truck Drivers: What to look for when buying trucker boots?

Most important features of a work boot for driving a truck

a truck driver wearing his work boots.

1. Comfort

  • Not heavy-duty, bulky boots.
  • Not too tight.
  • Flexibility.

A truck driver’s day (as you already might know) might consist of one or two long journeys, or it might be several short journeys. Either way, the feet need to be comfortable and not too bulky.

They won’t need to be big heavy-duty boots that you might get as a groundworker or rigger. The boots will just get in the way of each other and the pedals.

Many times wearing boots, I’ve accidentally pushed down on the side of the wrong pedal, or even the foot that’s resting on another pedal. Plus, sometimes with bulky boots, you can’t feel the pedals as well.

Boots that don’t dig into the back of the legs are also useful. And ones that are not too tight. You’ll need enough flexibility at the ankle to drive.

2. Anti slippery outsole

  • Oil slicks.
  • Weather. Rain, snow, ice, etc.
  • Washing trucks or other plant.
  • Ladders and steps on trucks.

There are many reasons why a trucker would need anti-slip outsoles.

First we need to think about what sometimes comes out of the trucks. Oil or fuel. These can be very slippery, particularly when rained on.

Speaking of rain, the seasons are a big factor. Especially with snow and ice. You need good traction under your feet to keep you standing.

Risk of slipping can also be generated when washing the truck.

Most trucks have one or more steps to get up into the cab. But some also have ladders up the side of the truck, to check the loads or operate grab or crane levers.

A decent grip on the outsole is needed to prevent from slipping off these steps and ladders.

3. Oil/corrosion-resistant

As mentioned before, truck drivers will come into contact with oil or fuel. Ideally, you want boots that don’t stain easily, and that can be cleaned.

Equally, they might come into contact with chemicals. Lots of trucks deliver chemicals, and some chemicals might be corrosive.

If dealing with this on a regular basis, it’s important to have boots that won’t deteriorate when exposed.

4. Anti puncture

A good strong leather is needed if working closely around lots of components, especially if they’re sharp. You don’t want something penetrating the boot, or worse still, stabbing you in the foot.

Likewise, inner-sole protection is a good idea if working closely around nails and screws. Having trodden on a rusty nail once myself, I can say it’s far from pleasant.

This is not a very important feature to have in a work boot for those that drive trucks but it’s something to consider especially if you do a lot of deliveries to constructions.

That’s the type of environment that will be more likely to step on nails, screws, or other sharp objects.

5. Toe protection

Toe protection, just like the above feature, isn’t really necessary while driving a truck, but it’s a must when loading and unloading items.

A lot of places being delivered to will have rules and mandatory safety footwear, so they will need to be kept close by.

Does OSHA require you to have any specific type of footwear as a truck driver?

Regulating bodies are responsible for governing certain aspects of the trucking industry on highways and public roads.

Trucking companies may or may not have their own rules as to what their staff should wear while loading and unloading goods.

But also companies being delivered to will have their own PPE rules for people being on their premises, regulated by OSHA, as will probably be the case for your headquarters or yard that you work from.

Inside the confinements of the cab will likely be different from what must be worn outside the cab, as the risks of damage being done to the feet are far less.

You can read further about this topic on OSHA’s website if you want to by clicking here.

Editor Note

I know for a fact on some construction sites I worked on, the delivery was sent away because the truck driver did not have the right PPE required by that particular site.

In most cases, it’s a hard hat, a hi-vis vest, and a pair of safety boots. So keep this in mind when buying your work boots if you’re delivering to strictly regulated sites.

a group of truck drivers taking a picture in front of their trucks.

Reviews of the 11 best-rated work boots for truck drivers

Alright, let’s jump into some more detailed reviews of each one of these trucker work boots we’ve included in today’s round-up.

1. Blundstone 990 Series

Slip On Steel Toe Work Boots
For Delivery Drivers

If you’re looking for good quality slip-on work boots at a reasonable price, these Blundstone 990 series boots are a good choice. They have nearly all the qualities a trucker would want.

They’re comfortable and lightweight, which is always a must if you’re driving for long hours.

They have steel toe protection; a very handy factor if you’re doing lots of loading and unloading of goods from the truck.

Not to mention, some companies that you deliver to will have rules in place that require toe protection.

It’s inevitable that at some point a trucker will be in oily environments. Be it because of an oil leak from the truck, or oil and fuel residue when filling up at gas stations.

That’s why it is important that these not only have slip-resistant outsoles but also oil and acid resistance. Long term, chemicals can be very detrimental to the boots.

When you are at the gas station or in the yard, you might want to check the tyres, especially if the odd one looks a little low. Giving them a good old kick usually does it. But you don’t want to scuff the boot in doing so.

Luckily the toes on these boots are covered with moulded durable Thermo-polyurethane (TPU) caps, which protect the leather from scuffs and scratches.

These boots have electrical hazard protection and they’re also heat resistant up to 575°F/302°C. Great for a number of occupations and environments, such as firefighting, electrical engineering, or simply being at the gas station, where there is a risk of fire.

On the subject of fire, while doing the research, I found many comments from firefighters saying these boots are a favorite for them.

I also found comments saying to choose half a size bigger when buying these boots. Opinions vary, probably due to the width of people’s feet, but this is the general consensus.

They also have heels and steel shanks. This is useful if you drive trucks that have ladders to check loads or for maintenance, such as concrete trucks. The heels can give extra grip locking onto the rungs, and the steel shanks offer extra arch support.

One negative is that they’re only water resistant, not waterproof, so you’ll need to bear this in mind if you’ll spend long periods in rain or deep puddles.

If you do so, with these being slip-on, you can easily slip them on and off for temporary replacement of waterproof boots.

But I think these are great boots to wear both inside the cab while driving, and outside loading and unloading, without the need to regularly change to suit.

Editor Note

I’ve had these work boots while driving a telescopic forklift on a construction site. It’s not the same thing but it’s similar when it comes to moving my feet from one pedal to the other. If you want more details, you can read my full review of these Blundstone BL990 steel toe work boots here.


  • Slip-resistant outsoles.
  • Steel toe-protection.
  • Thermo-polyurethane (TPU) cap over the toe.
  • Heat resistant up to 575°F/302°C
  • Easy to slip on and off.


  • Not waterproof

See what’s inside these Blundstone boots (I’ve cut them in half)

2. KEEN Braddock

Below The Ankle Steel Toe
Work Boots For Truck Drivers

If you’re a US citizen and buying US-made work boots is very important to you, then check these Keen Utility Mid boots out. They use fabrics stitched in various parts of the world and assemble the boots on home ground.

Looking at the reviews, the durability seems to be questionable. Particularly the laces, which isn’t a major problem, because laces can easily be replaced. But also the lace eyelets. These aren’t so easy to rectify.

Other than that slight niggle, they have the essentials for a trucker’s primary needs. They’re lightweight and comfortable thanks in part to being a pair of low-cut work boots compared to the other models in this roundup.

They have a Thermo-polyurethane (TPU) covering over the toe to prevent the toe material from scuffing when doing things like kicking tyres and climbing ladders. My job involves climbing ladders every day, and I always scuff the ends of my boots on the ladder rungs.

Speaking of ladder climbing, the heels on these help to give extra grip on the rungs, and the Thermo-polyurethane (TPU) shanks offer extra arch support. Being TPU rather than steel, they’ll be lightweight and quite flexible.

They also have a steel toe cap. This is a must in some premises that are being delivered to. But if you’d rather have a soft-toe version, you can find it here.

Spending time around trucks and gas stations, the likelihood of encountering oil slicks is very high. So the oil-and-slip resistant outsoles are an important feature. Especially as at some point you’ll need to wear them in rainy or icy conditions.

The waterproofing will also assist with the persistent rain and long periods in puddles, or even when you have to spray your truck clean, like when cleaning a concrete truck after a pour.

Editor Note

By the way, here’s a round-up of some of the best KEEN work boots if you want to see more options from this brand.


  • Waterproof
  • Oil-and-slip-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Thermo-polyurethane (TPU) toe covering
  • Thermo-polyurethane (TPU) shank


  • Questions about durability

4. Thorogood American Heritage

Casual Looking Safety Toe
Work Boots For Truckers

For those US truckers who love to support your home businesses, you may well know that Thorogood American Heritage boots are Union made in the USA. If you didn’t, now you do.

These 6” steel-toe work boots have a great casual look. They’re both effective in the workplace and look good worn about town.

The beauty of the MAXwear Wedge outsoles is that because they don’t have deep grooves, they don’t pick up mud and dirt, which is great if you love to keep your cabs clean. A common problem with some boots that pick dirt up and drop it everywhere you go.

A combination of removable shock absorption footbeds, and flexible oil-and-slip resistant outsoles will make life easier on your joints if you like to jump out your cab.

They have fiberglass shanks that will also flex well, but be strong enough to both maintain their shape under shock and support the foot arches when needed.

And to top it off, if you jump onto live cables, you’ll hopefully be protected by the electrical hazard resistance that meets ASTM standards. Although, please don’t try this. I don’t want your families coming here for my head because you’ve been fried.

Some reviews say the boots run slightly narrow, so you’ll need to do your research, especially if you have troll feet.

Editor Note

I can confirm that the boots are narrow. I bought a pair of these for myself and they were too narrow. You can either send them back and ask for another pair or keep them and try to stretch the leather which is what I did.

I suggest going one size up or getting the EE if you’re a D for example. Read my full review of these Thorogood moc toe work boots if you want more details.

Some also say they can take a little while to break in but are extremely comfortable once they have.

One downside is that they’re not waterproof. This shouldn’t be a problem at all if you’re not spending a lot of time out in the elements.

These come in three colors: Tobacco Oil-tanned, Black, and Crazyhorse.


  • Electrical hazard resistance
  • Steel toe-protection
  • Arch shank
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Casual look


  • Not waterproof

See what’s inside these Thorogood boots (I’ve cut them in half)


A quick note on these boots. After talking to many truckers and asking them what they think about this round-up, some said that wedge sole work boots might not be a good idea.

Even though they’re comfortable and look great with a pair of jeans, the soles wear out faster than if you’d have regular rubber soles with one trucker saying:

Pretty much every single truck driver has a pair of boots were the right heel is worn down way more than the other due to the pedals.

bloodsoed on Reddit

I can confirm that the soles wear out faster. I don’t drive a truck but I operate construction machinery and I can see that my heels are wearing out faster on the outside edges of the heels. It’s not that bad but it’s something to consider for sure.

4. Danner Vicious

Waterproof Non-Metallic Toe Cap
Boots For Truck Drivers

100% leather upper. 100% waterproof. Only one of these claims is guaranteed. Some reviews say the waterproof membrane is not all that waterproof after a while.

Hopefully, the membrane allows some breathability, as stated. Luckily, the fact that these 4.5” NMT (Non-metallic) boots are quite low, gives extra ventilation to the feet.

Non-metallic is key. Being a pair of composite toe work boots with lightweight nylon shank, and non-metallic eyelets can take you anywhere that has metal detectors, without setting off alarms – such as airports.

Not only does the nylon shank allow you to not be picked up by metal detectors, but it also supports you when climbing in and out of your truck, accompanied by the helpful Vicious oil-and-slip-resistant outsoles with low profile 90° heels that will hook nicely when resting on ladder rungs.

If you’re one of those people who use one foot to push the boot of the other foot at the heel, then you don’t need to worry about the heel being scuffed or gradually wearing away, because these have abrasion-resistant heel caps.

They’re not insulated, which is fine when you’re in the truck with the heating on, but you might want to wear an extra pair of socks if you spend a lot of time outside the truck in very cold conditions. If that’s the case though, you should look into getting a pair of work boots for winter instead.

Do you hate those boots with the nightmare laces? You know, where they tighten at the top but not at the bottom, or when you try to loosen them, they don’t loosen properly?

Well, you shouldn’t have that problem with the speed lace system on these boots. The manufacturer claims they allow you to tighten from top to toe with one swift tug for a secure, tight fit.

If you’re not quite sure, some peace of mind is available with the fact that all Danner work boots come with a 365-day warranty.



  • No toe covering

5. Cat Hauler

Affordable Heavy-Duty Safety
Boots For Truck Drivers

Part of Caterpillar’s new ULTRADUTY collection, these Dark Beige 6” Haulers look rugged and kitted out enough to work on construction sites. But although rugged, they’re said to be more flexible than they appear.

They have composite toe protection, that is covered by a cap that prevents the full grain leather from scuffs, which is an easy occurrence when catching the toe ends climbing into the truck or up ladders, or when giving those tyres a good kick in anger.

Also, if you’re like me and kick your boots off at the heel with the opposite foot, you’ll be pleased to know the leather on these heels is also covered, and embedded with a nice Caterpillar logo.

Check the fit though. Particularly around the toe area. There are a noticeable amount of reviews that say there’s pinching or something that digs in around that area.

The T1200 outsoles are not only oil and slip-resistant, but they also protect from open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions.

Very useful. You don’t want that last step to the ground from the truck to send you onto your backside in slippery or oily conditions. And you certainly don’t wanna be fried when working around live cables.

The full-grain leather upper offers waterproofing assisted with cemented construction to seal the joints. However, there are reviews that say they’re not good when submerged in water but are fine to withstand rain and splashes.

Last but not least, these beauties have lightweight nylon shanks to give extra arch support. Flexible but effective.


  • Composite toe-protection
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Oil-and-slip resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Nylon shank


  • Questions over the waterproofing

6. Reebok Sublite

Tennis Style Safety Toe Work
Boots For Truck Drivers

At the time of writing this article, these Reebok Sublite work boots are fairly new to the world, being released in 2021, so there are not many reviews to give them a decent track record.

But…and it’s a big But. They look like they’d be happy to be on your feet anywhere.

Whether it’s in the construction site, or warehouse, spending hours in your truck, spending hours in the office, walking, pottering around in the garden, or just kicking back with a cold one.

Many truck drivers recommended the regular toe Reebok Sublite work boots, so the one featured here with a safety toe cap only adds to how this work boot is.

For being very affordable, they have the essential safety features to do your work but are also lightweight, comfortable, and casual looking.

Although not waterproof, they’re covered with water resistance like most boots. They have composite toe protection, housed in extra wide toe boxes. Great if your feet need a little more room.

The outsoles don’t seem to protect against oils and chemicals, but they are slip-resistant, with rubber pads that provide traction. And they also protect from electrical hazards.

One of the many reasons they’re so light is because there is no metal in them whatsoever, so they won’t set off alarms if you need to deliver to places where there are metal detectors. These are what we call Airport Friendly work boots!

A great hybrid boot for truck drivers. And if you don’t like having to make decisions on color, you’ll be pleased to know that these only come in Black, Black, or Black.


  • Composite toe-protection
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Electrical hazard protection


  • Not waterproof

7. Timberland PRO Reaxion

Hiker Style Safety Work Boots
For Truck Drivers

Another affordable Mid boot. This Reaxion Athletic Hiker boot stands tall in the Timberland PRO boot section, and it comes in two colors. Black Gray and Brown Orange.

At 2 pounds, they are quite lightweight, which should give comfort on those long hauls, assisted by Aerocore anti-fatigue technology in the footbeds for shock absorption and energy return.

If you deliver to places where you’re likely to set off metal detector alarms, you’ll be safe with these because there is no metal in them. The arch and structure supporting shanks are made of fiberglass, and the toe protection is composite.

The toe boxes are covered with a scuff-protecting material. If you climb ladders a lot like me, you’ll probably scuff your toes underneath the ladder rungs. A good thing to think about when climbing into your cab.

However, there are some reviews with photo evidence revealing that these protective coverings can wear away quite quickly although those users were doing more mileage in their work boots than a truck driver would.

The full-grain leather and breathable membrane offer waterproofing. I’ve often seen concrete mixer truck drivers spraying out the trucks and surrounding areas after concrete pours, then complaining about wet feet.

Another feature is the electrical hazard protection, meeting ASTM standards. I once witnessed a grab lorry driver collecting a load near an excavation. A high-voltage cable was accidentally dug through.

Luckily, the driver stayed up on the platform of his truck, otherwise, he might have had a very bad day if he stepped down onto the ground. That’s why features like this are extremely important in some industries.


  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Composite toe-protection
  • Metal detector friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Composite shank


  • Questions over the protective toe covering

8. Carolina Quad

Breathable Work Boots For Truckers Working In Summer

For being in the world for twelve years, these Carolina Hiking Boots only have twenty-eight Amazon reviews at the time of writing.

I wonder why this is. Is it because they’re not popular, so haven’t been bought much, or are they a relatively unknown brand? (which isn’t the case with Carolina boots)

The problem this gives is that proper judgment can’t be made without consistent opinions one way or the other. So let’s see what the boot offers, and try to make our own minds up.

I can’t find information on the weight, but they do look light, and going by the composite toe-protection and non-metallic shank, this would ring true.

The toe protection will be a must in some of the premises that you’ll need to enter, in case of falling objects, or crushing toes when loading and unloading the truck.

Oil-and-slip resistant outsoles should help prevent you from embarrassing yourselves on slippery oil slicks, ice, rain, or any other perilous surface. One comment that did come up more than once is that the soles are a bit squeaky.

If the slippery surface happens to be because of puddles or torrential rain, the breathable waterproof membrane should keep your feet dry.

The composite abrasion-resistant toe covering will help to give the toe area of the upper a longer life. I remember being really annoyed after buying some brand new black nubuck casual boots and repeatedly scuffing the toe area going up steps or ladders, particularly when rushing.

With all these factors, plus electrical hazard protection, these boots have all the hallmarks of very suitable boot trucker attire. Sometimes you just have to take the risk.


  • Breathable panels
  • Composite toe-protection
  • Oil-and-slip-resistant
  • Composite abrasion-resistant toe covering
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Waterproof membrane


  • You might get a pair with squeaky soles

9. Red Wing 971

Most Comfortable Red Wing Option For Truck Drivers

Sometimes you just can’t beat a black boot that polishes up nicely. These Red Wing Truwelt 6” safety boots do just that. Not only that. They offer loads of things a trucker needs to go about their day.

Let’s start at the bottom. The Vibram outsole has electrical hazard protection up to 18,000 volts at 60 HZ. Nobody wants electricity traveling up the legs and turning the heart off, right?

The outsole is also heat resistant up to 475°F/246°C, so if you tend to enter steelworks, welding areas, or anywhere else that gives off a lot of heat, then these will be very useful.

In case of chemical or oil spillages, the outsole also offers oil and chemical resistance, giving the boot longer life, and protecting you in doing so.

The outsole sits under a non-metallic shank that offers structure support when walking long distances. It also protects the arch on ladders, which is assisted with stability by a heel to hook on the ladder rungs.

Just above the outsole lies a removable Comfort Force insole, featuring Venturi air perforations that help to keep the foot cool and dry.

When loading and unloading your truck, your toes should be protected from falling objects by the steel toe protection, which is law anyway in most places.

Lastly, you shouldn’t have to slosh around in wet boots, due to the three-layer waterproof system.

This boot does seem to come up quite small. It might be to do with it – surprisingly for a Red Wing boot – being made in Asia, rather than America.

They might have a slightly different sizing system over there. Or might even be trying to cut the material costs.


  • Waterproof
  • Oil, slip, and chemical-resistant outsoles
  • Heat resistant outsoles up to 475°F/246°C
  • Comfort Force footbed technology
  • Steel toe-protection


  • Many Red Wing boots are made in the US but these ones aren’t. It’s not really a con but I know this is an important detail for some of you.

10. Skechers Radford

Great Work Boots For Garbage Truck Drivers

Now, these men’s Radford work boots from Skechers are a little different from the norm. The upper is a combination of 100% leather in the top half, and rubber in the bottom half. The rubber is an interesting element.

For one, it won’t get scuffed or stained as easily as leather, and it has more chance of waterproofing. This means you can wade through mud and water without worrying too much about getting your feet wet.

Plus the dirt, chemicals, oils, paints, etc won’t cause corrosion and can be cleaned off easier.

This is a good feature for people like garbage truck drivers or skip drivers, who might have to walk through residential or commercial trash, muck, and dirty water in the yard or whatever site they’re at.

What makes these a decent winter boot, along with the waterproofing, is the 400g Thinsulate insulation. The drawback of this is the potential for them to be too warm in the summer months.

But most reviews say this isn’t too much of a problem, with only the odd comment saying they get too warm.

Other comments touch on them being not too flexible, probably because of the extra rubber, but many of the negatives focus on the eyelets. The second eyelet down from the top is fabric, which can apparently break, or be difficult to put the lace through in the cold.

Other than that, there are reports of the metal hooks cutting into the laces, which wears them down. Not a massive problem, as laces aren’t expensive. But can get annoying.

On the plus side, many people comment on how comfortable these are. This will be partly due to the memory foam insoles and shock-absorbing midsoles.

Also, the composite toe-protection will help keep your toes safe from falling objects and crushing, and will likely be mandatory in some of the places you go to, or even your own work yard.

Let’s finish at the bottom. Literally. The outsoles have traction control, to help keep your grip in slippery conditions. They also have heels. Both of these factors are very useful when climbing in and out of the truck cab, or giving extra support when climbing ladders.


  • Waterproof
  • Oil, slip, and chemical-resistant outsoles
  • Heat resistant outsoles up to 475°F/246°C
  • Comfort Force footbed technology
  • Steel toe-protection


  • Many Red Wing boots are made in the US but these ones aren’t. It’s not really a con but I know this is an important detail for some of you.

11. Old West Boots

Western Cowboy Style Boots
For Truck Drivers

We can’t do a review on boots for truckers without throwing a Western cowboy boot in. These round-toe boots come in Black, Black Cherry, (both of which will polish up beautifully), Distressed, and Natural.

They have 2” high heels to stand you tall and help give support – along with the reinforced shanks – when standing on ladder rungs that might go up the side of the truck. And they have heavy-duty slip-resistant rubber outsoles to help prevent you from slipping off.

There’s no waterproof membrane, but when looked after properly, the leather should provide enough water resistance to get you out of trouble. Plus, if walking through puddles or areas where water spraying is done, the high shaft should keep most of the splashing out.

Amazingly, at the time of writing, there’s only one Amazon rating to go by in the nine years these beauties have been around, so it’s difficult to get public perspective.

However, that one review is an amazing one. Then again, I’ve noticed that cowboy boots tend not to get a massive amount of ratings. I think it’s partly because this style is quite niche.

Old West Boots recommend going for half a size up from what you usually wear. So if you’re usually a size 10.5 for example, order a size 11. They offer a size guide, which doesn’t seem to be available, so if you’re unsure of your foot size, here is a guide to help you.

Unfortunately, these boots don’t come with toe protection. So bear that in mind if you have to work in, or enter areas with strict regulations on safety footwear. But for a very reasonable price, you can have stylish boots that can be worn in the truck, as casual, or for smart wear.


  • Slip resistant soles
  • High boot, which keeps splashes out
  • Reinforced shank
  • Very affordable
  • Heavy-duty rubber outsoles


  • No toe protection
  • Not fully waterproof

Final notes on these best work boots for truck drivers

As with most professions, comfort is key when truck driving. As you know many truck drivers don’t wear work boots as they drive, they might wear something more comfortable.

Ideally, you’ll go for slip-on work boots so you can put them on and take them off easily and fast when required. Lace-up work boots are better for those of you that are prone to spring your ankles easily.

Other important factors are

  • protection from falling objects
  • oil-and-slip-resistant outsoles
  • chemical-resistant outsoles if you know you’re dealing with harmful chemicals
  • waterproofing, particularly in winter conditions, or if you spend lots of time around water.

The boots won’t need to be heavy-duty unless you’ll also be doing lots of hard work that will expose them to the elements, and risk wear and tear.

Good Slip-On Work Boots For Driving Trucks

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Hey, Jimmy here. I’m one of the researchers and writers here at  I’ve been wearing work boots all my life working as a forklift driver, landscaper, groundworker, and now as a tower crane operator so I know a few things about footwear and footcare in general. I’m also working on my first novel. So writing IS my passion. When I’m not writing I love to spend time with my wife, two children, and furball.

Victor Adrian – Editor And Webmaster

Construction Professional, driver, crane operator, cleaner, head chef … these are just some of the jobs I did in the past. Working in all these different environments taught me that having good footwear to protect your feet from different dangers at work IS PARAMOUNT for any worker! On this website, I aim to share all my knowledge and personal experience in dealing with different footwear and foot care issues, and hopefully, you can get something out of it. Enjoy!

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