Certain Boots Will Make You Look Taller (Find Out Which Ones)

Boots are lean, mean fighting machines without a doubt, but there’s another invisible advantage they give: increasing your height.

But which type of boots really make a difference?

That’s what I’m about to find out.

a few people wearing different types of boots with different sole heights.

Since so many of you reached out to me asking what boots increase height, I did just that and decided to test everything in my collection. I even got some friends of mine to weigh in to get to the bottom of the mystery!

Editor Note

Chunky platform (Gothic style boots), cowboy boots, logger boots, lineman boots, and military boots rank at the top of the list if you want instant height, and of course, boots specifically marked as elevator boots.


But don’t be discouraged from checking out other types of boots from your favorite manufacturer since not every boot is the same.

While I usually stick to writing about work boots, this time, I ventured far and wide into every boot category out there to get you all the details you need to know to get taller. 

But first

How much taller do boots make you?

Suppose you want a quick and easy way to look taller. In that case, whether it’s for work or any other reason, I can tell you from experience that a pair of boots with higher heels and thick padding is all you’d need to elevate your height and give yourself anywhere between 1 to 4 extra inches.

Think of it this way, when you measure your height, you take off your boots to get an accurate measurement, which all comes down to the extra height that boots add.

It’s kind of like how women’s high heels work, but less extreme and overall more practical.

What type of boots will make you taller?

Different boots will give you different results since there is no standard heel height for most boots out there.

So, this meant I had to do it the good old-fashioned way and manually test things out.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Gothic Style Boots: Do they make look taller?

Chunky Platform Knee-High Boots

Yes, Goth style will make you look taller without a doubt.

These types of boots are the ones that will make you look tallest. Their chunky platform type of outsole will add anywhere from 2 inches up to 4 inches to your overall height. That’s quite a lot if you ask me.

And by the way, if goth is not your style you can definitely get these chunky platform boots in some other styles too like the one below.

Chunky Platform ankle boots

Just be careful if you never had these before. Wear them around the house for a few days in order to get used to the elevated platform as it might cause you injuries.

Knee-high boots: do they make you look taller?

Women’s Knee High Boots

Yes, knee-high boots do help you look taller.

These kinds of boots give off an illusion of extra height by emphasizing the length of your legs, so even if you have a knee-high boot with a short heel, you will have a taller look overall.

Cowboy boots: do they make you taller?

Ariat Cowboy Boots

Yes, cowboy boots will give you a boost in height.

Good ol’ cowboy boots are famous for their heels that give a rider that extra lift.

Cowboy boots for men can give you anywhere from an extra inch to 2 inches, while cowboy boots for women can add 1 to 3.5 inches of additional height.

To break it down:

  • Roper style cowboy boots usually have 1-inch heels
  • Hybrid cowboy work boots have a standard 1.5-inch heel
  • Traditional riding cowboy boots have a 2-inch heel that lets riders easily hook into the stirrup 

Motorcycle boots: do they make you look taller?

Unisex Motorcycle Boots

Yes, motorcycle work boots will help increase your height.

One thing that you need to keep in mind about riding a motorcycle is that you will need to stand at some point, which is where being short might be a disadvantage.

That’s why motorcycle boots, also known as riding boots, tend to have insoles that can add almost 1.5 inches and heels that can go up to 3.15 inches.

Tactical boots: do they make you taller?

Bates Tactical Boots

Yes, tactical boots will increase your height a little bit.

By design, tactical boots are meant to keep your feet protected from harsh elements in the environment, just like military boots, which more or less tend to be one and the same.

I tried out a bunch of my tactical boots in my collection and found that they added a maximum of 1.5 inches and a minimum of 1 inch to my height.

Military boots:  do they make you taller?

Jungle Military Boots

Yes, military boots can give you a little boost in height.

Military boots can give you anywhere from 1 to 1.25 to 2 inches of extra height.

After asking a few friends of mine in the army, it turns out that it’s army regulation to have boots that are overall 8 inches or higher, which comes down to keeping uniforms muck-free and give off an intimidating psyche effect to an enemy on the battleground by having a taller appearance.

Chelsea boots: do they make you taller?

Timberland Chelsea Boots

Yes, although minimal, Chelsea boots can give you a bit of a lift in height.

For those of you that love rocking Chelsea boots, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get 1 to 1.25 inches of extra height in them.

Chelsea boots have been around since the Victorian era, and they’re famous for their raised heels and lace-free structure, which makes them pretty handy when you want to get ready and look tall when you head out.

Beans boots: do they make you taller?

It depends…

While they won’t keep you standing on top of a pile of snow like a giant, if you’re wearing Beans boots in a snowy area, they definitely can help in the tallness department since they add up around 1.5 inches of extra height.

On the other hand, elevator Chelsea boots can go as far as 4 inches.

Gravity boots: do they make you look taller?

Gravity Boots

No, Gravity boots won’t make you taller.

Also known as upside-down boots or inversion boots, gravity boots aren’t exactly your average type of boot that you wear.

In fact, they’re actually used for inversion therapy and other workouts to help you hang upside down like a bat.

At best, you might get a quarter of an inch taller (assuming you have the wearable type – they’re usually worn as cuffs).

Some people say that because you’re using them to stretch your muscles and the whole body as you’re hanging in them, you might actually stretch the frame of your body and as a conscience, you become taller…personally I’ve never heard this to be true.

Logger boots: do they make you look taller?

Georgia Logger Boots

Yes, logger boots will give you a boost in height.

Logger boots feature a higher heel that allows wearers to easily climb on trees or other objects, not to mention extra padding to absorb those nasty shocks or discomfort while getting up, which also increases tallness.

You can expect anywhere from 1.7 to 2 inches of added height, depending on the boot. Check out some of the best work boots for loggers here.

UGG boots: do they make you taller?

UGG Platform Boot

It depends

You could get almost 4 inches of a boost to your height if you wear a heeled pair of UGGs.

To clarify, I’m referring to the broader range of UGG boots, which have a lot of models that incorporate high heels, as opposed to a slightly raised heel.

On the other hand, classical UGG boots don’t add much height.

Wrestling boots: do they make you taller?

PRO Wrestling Boots

Yes, wrestling boots will make you look taller.

If you’ve watched WWE wrestlers in the arena and seen them off the air or happen to have met them in real life, you’ll notice how they might seem shorter.

This is because wrestling boots can add around 2.5 inches of extra height.

Work boots: do they make you taller?

Wolverine Work Boot

It depends…

Work boots cover a whole range of categories of boots, so the amount of height you get depends on what type.

Generally speaking, from my own experience and reviews, they add up around 1 to 2 inches of extra height.

Hiking boots: do they make you taller?

Merrell Hiking Boot

No hiking work boots won’t give you a boost in height.

Hikers who appear to be taller are just taller; it’s not from the boots on their feet.

In fact, the less weight on your feet, the better, since having 1 pound on your foot is like 7 pounds on your back. Popular hiking boots tend to cut back on ankle support just for that reason.

You might get a tiny bit of height if you find hiking boots that have a thicker outsole.

Timberland boots: do they make you taller?

Yes, some Timberland models will help you look taller.

Every Timberland boot gives you a bit of a boost in the height department, varying from model to model. This applies to their steel toe work boots as well (see Timberland PRO work boots here).

In general, Timberland boots can add anywhere from 1 to 2 inches to your height.

Dr. Martens boots: do they make you taller?

Dr. Martens Unisex Boot

Yes, Dr. Martens boots can make you look taller.

Doc Martens are pretty iconic, and I never say no to slipping on a pair when I get the chance; after all, they’re pretty durable and functional.

When it comes to making you look tall, they don’t disappoint and can give you around 1.5 inches of height.

Do taller boots make you look shorter

I know this sounds somewhat contradictory, but hear me out.

First, if you take off your boots which are giving you that extra height, you’re going to look a lot shorter to people around you. It’s kind of like when you see someone with glasses and without them; you see a whole new person.

Second, boots that reach your mid-calves or are thigh-high can have the opposite effect.


If you have short legs, it’ll make it appear as if your foot is overall shorter and shift the focus to the length of your leg.

The key here is finding the right balance between boot height and how much of your leg they cover.

What are the benefits of looking taller?

Looking taller, especially at work, gives a dominant impression to people around you.

With that being said I want to add that no matter what type of boot you decide to wear, always remember to make your foot’s safety and health a priority.


If you go too high, you might make it hard for yourself to walk. If you choose boots that are too heavy, you could make your movement slower and put extra stress on your back.

Looking tall is important for some people since it helps increase confidence for the shorter folks out there.

Then there’s the most crucial reason in my opinion, which is being able to reach higher places.

You might be surprised, but even an inch or two helps out when you’re stretching as much as you can to get your hands on something high up.

Wrapping up: what are the best boots to make you look taller?

In this article, I’ve covered lots of other types and models so you can have where to choose from depending on your style and needs! The best boots to make you look taller though are chunky platform boots, cowboy boots, logger boots, and military boots.

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