Bob & Brad 721 Foot Massager Review (Owner’s Honest Feedback)

Hey, welcome to my review of this Bob and Brad Shiatsu foot massager machine model 721.

In A Rush?!

Bob and Brad shiatsu foot massager with heat and remote control

Overall, A Great Foot
Massager For Under $200

Lifelike Professional Foot Massage as Bob and Brad like to call this device is a good massager for all people that enjoy a foot massage whether that’s for relaxation or to alleviate foot-related pain. It’s packed with features and it’s easy to use!

I’ve had this foot massager for a few weeks now and I wanted to share with you my experience using this Bob and Brad shiatsu foot massager gadget.

By the way, I didn’t buy this product. As you probably know, some of the products on this website we buy ourselves, and some others we receive for free in order to put them to the test and share our honest opinion about them.

So Bob and Brad’s team reach out to us asking if we want to try this UPDATED version of their foot massager and here we are. Thanks, Ava and all of Bob and Brad’s team for being so brave in asking us to review their product without any curtain!

There’s a lot of good information here so let’s get right into it.

Unboxing Bob and Brad’s 721 foot massager

Let’s do a quick unboxing of this Bob & Brad foot massager and see what’s inside the box.

  • the unit itself
  • a user manual
  • and remote control which is pretty sweet.
  • stand accessory
unboxing and reviewing of the Bob & Brad shiatsu foot massager. This is the owner taking pictures of what came with in the box.

First impressions of my Bob & Brad’s foot massager

There’s not much I can really say about the unit itself. The foot massager is made of plastic and it’s bulky although it’s less bulky than my other foot massager, the Renpho shiatsu foot massager.

I like that’s not heavy at all. It’s pretty lightweight than even my 6 years old baby girl can carry it around for daddy (when I’m lazy :D)

I also like that the back of the unit it’s a bit lower, and has a lower cut which is great since these types of foot massagers cut into the back of your legs making it uncomfortable after a few a couple of minutes.

It comes with a remote control which of course it’s an excellent feature adding to the comfort and practicality of this foot massager.

So far so good! I like it but we’ll see if that’s still the case once we try it.

Specs and features of this Bob & Brad deep kneading foot massager

AC Adapter Input100-240V ~,50/60Hz,0.8A
Product Input24V … 1.5A
Product size15.7 x 15.9 x 9.3 inch
Weight 8.22lbs (3.73kg)
Timer program15 minutes sessions
Kneading programYes
Air Compression Yes
Heat functionYes
Heated Temperature113 ºF – 131 ºF (45 °C – 55 °C)
Remote ControlYes
Batteries for remoteCR2025 Battery (it came included with my machine)
Warranty1 year warranty from the date of the purchase

Let’s go through the functions of this foot massager

This electric shiatsu kneading foot massager from Bob and Brad has basically 5 functions on the dashboard:

  1. On/Off
  2. Knead intensity
  3. Air pressure
  4. Air mode
  5. Soothing Heat

Here’s how to use Bob and Brad’s foot massager

This is a simple-to-use machine and it’s pretty much self-explanatory really. But here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Bob and Brad’s 721 foot massager:

1. On/Off

showing how to start the Bob and Brad kneading foot massager

Put your feet into your Bob and Brad foot massager and press the Start or ON/OFF button. You can either use the button on the massager’s dashboard or use the remote control.

With the other foot massagers I had, I could choose between 15 and 30 minutes massage sessions but not with this 721 foot massager.

So with this Bob and Brad Shiatsu massager, you get 15 minutes massage sessions once you press the ON/OFF button.

When those 15 minutes have passed the massager will switch off automatically and if you want another 15 minutes of relaxing massage you just have to press the button again.

Manufacturer Note

In the user’s manual, the manufacturer recommends leaving some time (30min) between each massage session. This will allow the massager to cool down and apparently doing this will expand the lifespan of your Bob and Brad foot massager.

What if you want to end the massage session earlier?

I could stay for hours if a human hand is massaging my feet but not this machine. At the end of the day, this robot and its components are made of plastic and after a while, it starts to become uncomfortable.

And before you ask me, yes, you can stop the program anytime, no problem.

So if you’ve selected another 15 minutes program but you feel you’ve had enough after 10 minutes, you can simply stop it by pressing the switch on/off button.

Editor Note

Do not use the massager without socks. It will hurt and make the experience unpleasant. At least that’s my personal experience and preference.

2. The kneading function

showing how to use Bob and Brad's foot massagers with kneading function.

You can adjust the kneading intensity to your personal preference. You have 3 options here:

  1. Low intensity
  2. Medium intensity
  3. High intensity

If this is your first time using this type of foot massager, go slowly and change the settings according to your needs and level of comfort until you find the right settings that work for you.

After trying the different kneading intensity levels I personally like the high intensity for the first 15 minutes.

If I decide to go for another 15 minutes I choose medium or low intensity since it becomes a bit painful and uncomfortable around the toes areas.

3. The air pressure function

showing how to use the air compression feature on the shiatsu foot massager from Bob and Brad

This is the same as with the kneading function. You have 3 options to choose from: low, medium, and high.

Take your time and switch between the different squeeze intensities and find out which one is the most comfortable for you.

Personally, I like the highest one since I like a good squeeze of my feet. Initially, I thought it was quite weak but now I like it quite a lot as it is.

4. Air mode

showing how to use the air mode function of my Bob and Brad foot massager

Now, this is a function I didn’t have in my previous foot massager. It’s a shame that the user manual doesn’t talk about what this function is and what it does.

So I had to do some digging and testing to see what it really does.

Basically, it’s a feature that inflates and deflates the airbags in different ways in order to provide a more versatile massage.

So here is what Bob & Brand’s 721 Air Mode function does:

  • Air Mode C – this is the pressure mode that inflates the airbags and holds the air for a few seconds before it deflates again. I like this mode the most by the way.
  • Air Mode B – this is the rhythmical mode which simply means that the airbags inflate and deflate quickly.
  • Air Mode A it’s a mixed mode, a randomized inflating and deflating of the airbags. This is a combination of Air Modes B and C.

5. The soothing heat function

showing how to use the soothing heat function on my Bob and Brad foot massager

Boy, this foot massager gets hot! Personally didn’t like to use it at the highest heat level which can reach temperatures as high as 131°F (55°C).

It’s ok for a few minutes but then it starts to become uncomfortable for me.

The good news is that you can lower the temperature by selecting a different heat level or you can completely switch it off.

In my experience, it doesn’t make THAT much of a difference but some people say it adds to the relaxation and relieve tense muscles.

Where does the heat come from? (bottom, sides, top)

It’s not very clear by reading the user manual but based on my experience, testing, and observations I can say that this foot massager will heat the top of your feet.

I couldn’t feel any heat coming from the bottom of the foot massager or from the sides either.

What parts of your feet does this massager work on?

It looks like you’re sticking your feet into the unit and it will massage all parts of your feet.

But that’s not the case!

It will work very gently under your heel and arch, under your toes, and forefoot but it will not massage the sides or the top of your feet.

Only when it comes to the air pressure function you’ll feel that the massager squeezes the top of the foot which is great but it’s not massaging per se.

It will squeeze a tiny bit of the heel, and the top side of your feet as well but I couldn’t feel the compression working on the ball of my feet.

Also, there are no rollers or balls or anything that will massage your feet from the sides if that’s something you’re interested in. I don’t think there’s a foot massager in this price range that can do this anyway.

Is this foot massager good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, Bob and Brad’s foot massager can help with alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis.

That’s one of the reasons I bought a foot massager in the first place. My wife was suffering from mild plantar fasciitis and it served very well to alleviate the pain and get rid of the mild plantar fasciitis my wife was dealing with.

I’m not saying it will cure your plantar fasciitis but it can definitely help because one of the ways you can get rid of plantar fasciitis is by massaging the plantar fascia ligament and that’s one of the things this foot massager does. 

Keep in mind that my wife used a foot massager for more than a year, so if it helps with plantar fasciitis, it’s not going to be overnight!

Is it noisy?

It’s not that noisy. As you can see in the image above I went ahead and measured the levels of noise this foot massager makes.

I wouldn’t recommend using it when someone is sleeping in the same room you’re using the massager. That will annoy the sleeping person.

If you’re enjoying a massage whilst watching tv or doing something on your computer then you won’t hear it!

Also, if your idea of relaxation is just hearing the birds and the wind whilst the machine is making you a massage, then this is not going to be that type of relaxation because it does a bit of noise.

The noise’s not constant though. It seems like the noise comes mostly from the air pressure function when the airbags are inflating and deflating.

Pros of Bob & Brad’s 721 shiatsu foot massager

  • Easy to use
  • The ability to control the massage intensity
  • The ability to control the squeeze intensity
  • The ability to control the heating intensity
  • 3 different massage modes
  • Each function can be controlled independently
  • Remote control
  • A small and compact unit
  • Lightweight
  • You can wash the liners if they get stinky
  • Great design overall

Cons of this Bob & Brad foot massager machine

Not really a con but I’d love to have more squeeze intensity.

Maybe I’m a sado (lol) but I’d love to have a bit more squeeze power in there, especially at the ball of the foot area. I think it’s ok for most users though.

The space inside the foot massager it’s a bit tight and taking my feet out of the massager wasn’t a straightforward process as it was with other foot massagers I had.

I’m a size 10 D (regular) so I imagine it might a bit tighter for those of you with wider feet (2E, 3E +).

Also, the user manual could do with some more in-depth information about the features of the product and how they work.

It’s fine for me because I’m not new to foot massagers but for someone who never had this type of product before it’s going to be confusing not knowing what each function does or what the stand is for and things like that.

Luckily you can read reviews like this one that can help clarify some things but I’d like to see a bit more work put into the manual.

Does this foot massager fit all foot sizes?

According to the manufacturer, this foot massager will fit all feet up to size 12 for men or 14 for women. 

I’m a size 10 and my wife wears a size 7.5 and the massager fits us perfectly.

How tall the foot massager is?

I know some of you might want to know how high up the ankle this foot massager goes and here are some measurements for you.

showing how tall the Bob and Brad kneading foot massager is at different points: thw whole device, at the ankles, at the back of the leg.
Height measurementsData
The whole unit9.5 inches
Ankle height once my feet are in6.5 inches
In the back of the leg once the feet are in5 inches

Who is this Bob and Brad foot massager good for?

  • Active working-class
  • People doing sport (as a hobby or pros)
  • Senior citizens

I’d say this is good for anybody working on their feet for long hours which is pretty much everybody, right?

I’m a construction professional myself so I use it at least twice per week. I have it under my desk and I love to use use it while I’m doing some research or just enjoying some YouTube videos.

showing where I keep my Bob and Brad foot massager after using it every day.

It’s good to relax after a long day at work and it helps improve your blood circulation as well.

So if you have poor blood circulation or bad veins (I have varicose veins by the way) it’s good to use this massager to help with your blood circulation.

When I reviewed Bob and Brad’s T2 massage gun I said it’s not a good gift idea for your elderly parents, grandparents, or friends since it was quite an aggressive foot massager.

This 721 foot massager from Bob and Brad on the other hand makes a perfect gift for everybody that enjoys a foot massage, even your grandma since this massager it’s more gentle than a massage gun.

How NOT to use Bob & Brad’s feet massager

  • Do not use this foot massager with wet hands or wet feet or if you’ve just come out of the shower to reduce the risk of an electric shock.
  • Do not use or store this foot massager near sinks, baths, or showers containing water or near running water.
  • Do not use this foot massager in the bath, shower, spa, pool, and similar wet environments.
  • Do not use this foot massager while under the influence of alcohol, sleeping pills, sedatives, or drugs.
  • Do not use it before going to bed. The massager has a stimulating effect and may delay sleep.
  • Do not use this foot massager if you are a person insensitive to heat.

If you have any concerns regarding your health or if you’re not sure if you can use this foot massager just have a chat with your doctor first.

They know you and your situation better and they can advise!

What other people are saying about this Bob & Brad 721 foot massager?

At the time I’m making this review, Bob and Brad’s UPDATED kneading foot massager has received around 160 reviews online.

It hasn’t been on the market for that long so that makes sense. I’m lucky to be one of the first ones to try it out and you’re lucky to read a genuine review from someone that actually put it to the test early on to bring you all this information.

Here’s the summary of what people were saying in their reviews though…

Good for swollen feet

Many users said this foot massager was very helpful in relieving swollen feet after standing on their feet for 10-12 hours, especially in summer or even after having some serious injuries.

Worth the money

The vast majority of users agree with the fact that the product is a good product and “it does what it says on the tin”.

It’s an affordable foot massager that you can use to relax whilst watching TV, listening to your favorite podcast or even working on your laptop.

Also, when you read the reviews you can easily see that people who bought this foot massager are quite diverse.

You have active people, workers, elderly people with mobility issues, people with foot problems…old and young, women and men.

So that’s definitely a bonus!

Difficult to get your feet out of the massager

Some people commented that it was difficult for them to get their feet out of the unit. I’ve said that as well above in the pros and cons of this Bob and Brad foot massager.

To me, this wasn’t THAT big of a problem but one customer had to return the foot massager because of this.

Easy to use

This foot massager it’s easier to use than a microwave!

Put your feet inside, switch it on, and select the functions you want to use, and the intensity of each one of the functions.

And boom … you’re ready to enjoy a relaxing foot massage!

Where this product is made?

Bob and Brad’s 721 foot massager is made in China.

Bob and Brad’s 721 foot massager warranty

This 721 foot massager, as with every Bob and Brad product is backed by a 1-year warranty.

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with your Bob and Brad foot massager simply get in touch with Bob and Brad’s award-winning customer team and they’ll exchange it, repair it or refund your money.

Where can you buy your own Bob and Brad Shiatsu Foot Massager? 

Don’t take chances. If you want to buy your Bob and Brad 721 foot massager safely simply follow this secure link which will take you to the correct page on Amazon.

Buying on Amazon is safe and also you have a guarantee that if you didn’t like the product or if doesn’t work you can get in touch with both, the seller and Amazon to help you out by either giving you another device or getting your money back.

5 Alternatives to Bob & Brad’s foot massager

I think I’ve done an excellent job sharing as much information as possible about this Bob and Brad foot massager machine with heat and kneading functions, but if you want to keep digging…

… here are some other brands that are competing with Bob and Brad that you might want to look into.

Brand ModelPrice & More Info
RenphoDeep kneading foot massagerSee In Store
Fit KingFT-001F – ReflexologySee in Store
QuinearQUINEAR Shiatsu FootSee In Store
MedcursorMDFM300See In Store
NekteckNFM0301GYSee In Store

The takeaway from this Bob & Brad 721 foot massager review

enjoying a foot massage at home using the Bob and Brad feet massager

In my opinion and personal experience, this foot massager is worth the money. At the end of the day is not that expensive anyway.

It comes with a few features that I like more than other foot massagers out there such as the different air modes you can use in order to have a more versatile massage.

Also, I REALLY like the little design detail of having a lower cut at the back of the leg because for me it’s more comfortable.

Otherwise, the edge of the foot massager will dig into my calves and the back of my legs making it very uncomfortable after a few minutes.

It’s easy to use, lightweight and every massage is customizable. I recommended it to anybody that wants a relaxing massage after a long day at work or after doing exercise.

Personally, I’d love to have more squeezing power around the ball of my foot but maybe that’s just my case. Other than that, very good foot massager for the money.

Get Yours

Overall, Great Value For The Money

You can watch the review on YouTube if you prefer

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