Comfier Foot And Calf Massager (Owner’s Honest Review: All You Need To Know)

Hey, Adam here. Welcome to my review of this Comfier foot and calf shiatsu massager.

In A Rush?!

Overall, Good Multipurpose Massager

Every hard-working person needs to own a foot and calf massager and this Comfier massager is an excellent choice for the price.

Now before we get too deep into this review I would like to mention that Comfier did send this massager for us to review and we didn’t pay for it, however, that will not impact our objectivity when it comes to reviewing this massager.

We normally buy all the items we review but sometimes companies will reach out and ask if we are interested in reviewing a product of theirs.

Who’s working on this page

Adam Rich
Victor Adrian
Researcher & Editor

With that said, let’s get into this review. Some of the questions and things we’ll cover are:

  • Is the Comfier 2 in 1 foot massager good?
  • Will it help my plantar fasciitis?
  • Is the Comfier foot massager cordless?
  • Will the Comfier foot massager fit big feet?
  • and much, much more…

Unboxing the Comfier foot and calf massager

Let’s do a quick unboxing of this Comfier foot and calf massager and see what’s inside the box.

The box the Comfier foot massager ships in is the actual box the product is in.

Personally, I prefer when companies ship their products in a box that doesn’t have any branding or logos on them but maybe I’m just jaded because we have lots of porch pirates in my area.

Not that big of a deal though it’s just a comment I thought I should include in this review!

Inside the box, the actual foot massager is wrapped with lots of bubble wrap to keep it safe while shipping.

The only thing in the box is the massager unit itself, the instruction manual and decal. The power cable is in a box in one of the foot slots inside of the actual massager. 

First impressions of my Comfier massager

When you first look at the massager you’ll wonder if you bought a foot massager or a modern-looking piece of furniture.

When closed the massager really does look like an ottoman that belongs in a room with modern decor.

Specs and features of this Comfier calf and foot massager

Height12 inches
Width15 inches
Length19.5 inches
Weight 22 lbs
Kneading programYes
Air Compression Yes
Heat functionYes
Heated Temperature113 ºF – 131 ºF (45 °C – 55 °C)
Remote ControlNo
Warranty91 days to 1-year warranty (more about it below)
Feet size fitFit feet size up to 13
Removable sleevesYes, removable and washable
ExtrasAdjustable support bar
ExtrasUnique heated Ottoman design

I would like to address a few of these things. Namely, the heated Ottoman design, the adjustable support bar and the feet size it will fit.

The heated Ottoman design is an interesting one. A lot of Comfier’s advertising shows someone sitting on it to get warm.

I can’t think of a scenario where I would sit on a 12in tall ottoman just because it has a heated seat.

But where it would work well is if you are relaxing on the couch and it’s a bit chilly in the house, you could turn on the heating function and throw a blanket over the massager and your legs to help your feet and legs stay warm.

Editor Note

Maybe this function is not very helpful for my colleague Adam since he’s living in a very hot area, all year around.

But it’s a feature I’d definitely love to have when working on my laptop editing content in winter. I’m based in London and here it gets quite cold compared to Tampa, Fl :))

So this feature is great for those of you that have chili autumns and winters, not so much for the hotter parts of the world.

If you have size 13 feet it’s going to be a tight fit. I have size 11.5 feet and it feels a bit snug for me lengthwise.

If you use the support bar, which tilts the massager back at a 20 degree angle, it makes it a little easier to slide your feet in especially if your feet are close to the massager’s max capacity like mine are.

Let’s go through the functions of this foot and calf massager

This Comfier foot and calf massager has the following functions:

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Air compression
  • Soothing heat

Just under the power button is a foot icon, well it looks more like a paw than a foot but I digress, pressing this button will turn on/off the shiatsu foot massage.

I would like to note that the massage sequence is preprogrammed and can’t be customized.

Below that is a leg and foot icon, this is the leg mode button and controls the calf massage function.

Three indicator lights means it is doing the pressure massage and vibration. Two lit-up lights means it is only applying pressure.

Below that is an icon with three vertical squiggly lines. This is the heat function when activated it warms the foot area.

The last button which has a short, medium and long line is the intensity button which controls the intensity of the foot massage. Personally, I prefer the highest intensity.

If you flip the massager over on its side you’ll notice a button next to the power port.

This button activates the heat function on the top of the massager if you are using it as an ottoman or seat.

Here’s how to use the Comfier 2 in 1 massager

Using the Comfier 2 in 1 massager is pretty simple and straightforward. Below I’ll walk you through the steps to get your feet a well-deserved massage.

1. How to turn on and use your massager

Once you have the massager plugged in and opened up. Simply slide your feet in the feet slots and hit the power button and the massager will immediately start working.

2. Selecting intensity

The next thing you’ll want to do is select your massage intensity. The massager starts automatically on the medium setting so you will have to press the button to cycle to your preferred intensity.

3. Calf settings

After selecting the intensity you want you can adjust the calf massage function by either selecting pressure plus vibration or pressure only or you can just turn it off.

4. Heat settings

After that, you can choose if you want the foot slots to be warmed by using the heat button. It’s set to off by default when you start the machine.

What parts of your feet does this massager work on?

This foot and calf massager will massage the bottom of your feet. It uses a kneading motion to massage the bottom of the ball, heel and arch of your foot.

Personally, I found that the massage was very aggressive when it came to massaging the ball area of your foot and was almost painful at the highest intensity setting.

The heel area was considerably less aggressive and I felt like the massage intensity was very lacking in the arch area, even at the highest setting.

On top of that, it also intermittently applies pressure to the top of your toes and cups the heel and squeezes.

The heel squeeze is interesting, it feels like something is cupping the back and sides of your heels and squeezes.

Is this foot massager good for plantar fasciitis?

Perhaps, but not for me personally. I’ve been having plantar fasciitis issues in my left foot for a little while now and after using the massager, the pain was still there at times when I pulled my feet out and stood up.

Maybe if you have low arches or flat feet and suffer from plantar fasciitis this massager will help. It definitely needs to be more aggressive in the arch area to make it work for me since I have regular to high arches.

I’m not saying it will cure your plantar fasciitis but it can definitely help because one of the ways you can get rid of plantar fasciitis is by massaging the plantar fascia ligament and that’s one of the things this foot massager does. 

My colleague’s wife had plantar fasciitis and using a foot massager like this helped her get rid of the plantar fasciitis pain.

Keep in mind that his wife used a foot massager for more than a year, so if it helps with plantar fasciitis, it’s not going to be overnight!

Is it noisy?

It’s definitely noisy but not so loud that it would cause you to turn the tv up or anything. For example, when I did the unboxing video for this I had a guest sleeping in a room adjacent to the room I was doing the unboxing in.

I was worried the noise would wake him up but he said in the morning he didn’t hear it. With that said, I probably wouldn’t use it in the same room someone is sleeping in.

Pros of this Comfier shiatsu foot massager

  • Simple straightforward design and ease of use
  • Looks nice
  • Doubles as an ottoman
  • Removable and washable sleeves in foot slots
  • Small design and easy to store under a desk or behind the couch

Cons of this Comfier foot and calf massager

  • Lack of customization for massage settings
  • Doesn’t keep your settings in memory
  • No remote control
  • Despite the small design, lack of a carry handle or way to lock it closed makes moving it cumbersome.
  • Needs a cord longer than 6’.

Does this foot massager fit all foot sizes?

Unfortunately, it does not (and probably no foot massager out there fit ALL foot sizes). The Comfier 2 in 1 foot massager only fits feet up to size 13 so if you are in the 14-15 shoe size range you are out of luck.

I will say that based on my own experience, if you are a size 13 or have extremely wide feet you probably won’t enjoy this foot massager.

My feet are size 11.5 and between a D and EE width. My toes felt a little cramped inside the foot slots.

Foot massager size, dimensions, and weight

The foot massager comes in at 19.5 inches long by 15 inches wide and 12 inches tall making it fairly easy to store out of the way or in a closet. The foot massager weighs in low weight of 22 lbs.

Height measurementsData
Unit length19.5 inches
Unit width15 inches
Unit height when closed12 inches
Unit height when opened18.5 inches
Weight22 lbs
Cord length72 inches

Who is this Comfier foot massager good for?

  • Active working-class
  • People doing sport (as a hobby or pros)
  • Senior citizens

I’d say this is good for anybody working on their feet for long hours which is pretty much everybody, right?

This Comfier calves and feet massager is great for anyone that wants a simple-to-use plug-and-play foot massager.

It’s good to relax after a long day at work and it helps improve your blood circulation as well.

So if you have poor blood circulation or bad veins it’s good to use this massager to help with your blood circulation.

This Comfier shiatsu foot massager also makes a perfect gift for everybody that enjoys a foot massage, even your grandma since this massager it’s more gentle than a massage gun like the Bob and Brad T2 massage gun we’ve tested.

Having said that, keep in mind that you or someone else might have to move the massager if needed for the elderly or people with physical restrictions.

Despite the massager only weighing 22lbs it is a bit cumbersome to move around due to its lack of carry handle and inability to lock the top of it shut.

How large of a calve can fit in this massager?

The massager should accommodate almost any calf size. The calf area measures 7in across. So unless you have massive calves you should be fine

Does this machine massage the sides of the ankle?

No, it does not, and in all honesty, I don’t think any other feet and calf massagers in this price range does this either.

Does the air compress the top of the foot and ankle?

Yes, it does but only at the forefoot area where your toes are.

Will this Comfier massager fit wide feet?

I wouldn’t advise buying this massager if have very wide feet like EEE and higher. The width of the foot slot at the top is only 4in wide.

What are other people saying about this Comfier massager?

So my father-in-law and wife both tried it. My father-in-law said it definitely hit all the spots and he kinda liked it.

Small feet will slide inside the machine

My wife said that she really liked the heat function, however, she felt like her feet were too small for the massager and that her feet kept sliding forward while using the massager.

For reference, she’s a size 8 women’s which would be a size 7 men’s for the guys out there reading this that have smaller feet.

Remember that adjustable support bar mentioned earlier?

This is one of the reasons you’d like to use it because this bar will tilt the machine about 20 degrees, therefore, will keep your feet close to the heel end of the massager if that makes sense keeping your heels and feet in place during the massage.

Other things that she noted are: She would prefer if it did a better massage of the calves. She would also prefer not to have to turn up the intensity to get a good massage.

Great for sore feet and calves

People on Amazon: one user said that they work great on sore feet and calves.

Another user said that it may not be great for large feet. He stated that he had larger feet and it was uncomfortable for him. However, he said his wife loves it and it worked great for her smaller feet.

Another Amazon user said his wife uses it every day after work.

While another said her legs are short and she has to sit at an angle to get her feet all they inside the foot slots but the result is her calves aren’t positioned where they need to be to get the full benefit of the calf massaging function.

Easy to use

This foot massager it’s easier to use than a microwave!

Put your feet inside, switch it on, and select the functions you want to use, and the intensity of each one of the functions.

And boom … you’re ready to enjoy a relaxing foot massage!

Poor power adapter design

Unfortunately, the power adapter and its location are poorly designed. I actually broke the power adapter stem after a couple of days of use.

The power port is on the side the massager and the adapter uses a flimsy stem type of design that sticks out of the side of the massager when plugged in.

When I went to move the massager the stem got caught on one of my bar chairs and ripped out of the massager. Unfortunately this cracked the stem of the power adapter.

The second unfortunate thing is that Comfier doesn’t have the replacement power adapter in stock on their website.

I may email customer support and find out if I can use another adapter for one of their other massagers. We’ll update this review when the situation is resolved.

Where is this product made?

This Comfier 2 in 1 foot and calf massager is made in China.

Comfier foot and calf massager warranty

Comfier offers a 30 day money back guarantee meaning that if you are unsatisfied within 30 days you can return the product for a full refund.

If the product breaks within 90 days you can return the product for a replacement.

I would like to note that if you purchased this via Amazon then it may just be easier to process the return through Amazon.

They have a very detailed page about their product warranty and you can read more about it here.

PeriodReturn for refundReturn for replacementWho pays for the shipping
Within 30 DaysYesYes if undamagedComfier
31- 90 DaysYes after being justifiedYes after being justifiedComfier
91 Days – 1 Year
NoYes after being justifiedBuyer
1 Year – 3 YearsNoOnly to buyers who have received an extended warrantyBuyer

Where can you buy your own Comfier Foot & Calf Massager? 

Don’t take chances. If you want to buy your Comfier foot and calf massager safely simply follow this secure link which will take you to the correct page on Amazon.

Buying on Amazon is safe and also you have a guarantee that if you don’t like the product or if doesn’t work you can get in touch with both, the seller and Amazon to help you out by either giving you another device or getting your money back.

5 Alternatives to Comfier foot massager

I think I’ve done an excellent job sharing as much information as possible about this Comfier foot and calf massager machine with heat and kneading functions, but if you want to keep digging…

… here are some other brands that are competing with Comfier massager that you might want to look into.

Brand ModelPrice & More Info
Human TouchHuman Touch Reflex SOL Foot & Calf MassagerSee In Store
Snailax2 in 1 Foot Massager & Ottoman Foot RestSee in Store
GiantexGiantex Shiatsu Foot and Calf MassagerSee In Store
HomedicsTherapist Select 2.0 Foot and Calf MassagerSee In Store

Final thoughts

The massage sequence seems to be heavy on the ball of the foot but I would prefer more intense/pressure in the arch and heel area of the foot.

Now compound what I just said with the fact that my toes feel a bit squished together in the foot slots and it’s easy to see why I’m not the biggest fan of it.

Obviously, there are plenty of people that like it and that it works very well. After all, it does have 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon and it passes my Amazon rating test.

What’s my Amazon rating test?

I have this rule that I won’t buy anything on Amazon that has a 1-star review percentage of 10% or more. The Comfier 2-in-1-foot massager comes in at 8% 1-star reviews and 58% 5-star reviews.

With more than half of the reviews being 5 stars I can’t say it’s a bad massager, it just isn’t what’s best for my feet but it could be the best for your feet.

I look forward to testing more foot massagers in the future to see if anything compares to the foot massage I get when I get a pedicure.

All in all, if you cannot afford a full chair massager that cost north of 800 bucks like this Bosscare massager this Comfier massager is a good place to start if you want to have a relaxing massage at the end of of your long shift!

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Overall, Good Multipurpose Massager

Every hard-working person needs to own a foot and calf massager and this Comfier massager is an excellent choice for the price.

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