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Welcome to the Best Timberland Pro Work Boots review for 2022 (updated for 2023)

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an image with the timberland pit boss which is the editor's choice when it comes to the best soft toe work boots

Best Overall
Timberland PRO Work Boots

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 work boots from Timberland PRO and our #1 recommendation based on what we’ve found in our research is the Timberland PRO Pit Boss Steel Toe Work Boot.

What's Inside?

To bring you this article we’ve researched over 32 websites, looked at over 25 different Timberland PRO work boots models, and have read dozens of customer reviews and feedback for each of the boots that made the cut, as well as a few that did not. 

Overall we’ve spent over 43 hours of our time looking into all of these ten Timberland work boots to bring you the most important information for each boot. 

Each boot has unique features, as well as some drawbacks, and we hope this article will guide you in deciding whether Timberland Pros is right for you.

You can jump straight into the Timberland work boots reviews section or go to the buyer’s guide first (if you’re new to this type of boots)

Top 10 Timberland PRO Work Boots List

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which work boots we’ve included in our round-up.

1. Pit Boss

  • Water resistant
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Best Overall Timberland PRO Work Boots

2. Boondock

  • Water resitant
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe

Best Composite Toe Work Boot From Timberland PRO

3. Drivetrain

  • Water resistant
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Composite toe

Anti Fatigue Tech From Timberland PRO

4. Endurance

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Puncture Resistant Work Boot From Timberland PRO

5. Rigmaster

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Timberland PRO Waterproof Work Boots

6. AG Boss

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Alloy toe

Timberland PRO Pull On Work Boots

7. Hyperion

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Light Steel Toe Work Boots For Timberland PRO

8. Titan

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Comfortable Timberland PRO Work Boots

9. Direct Attach

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Insulated Timberland PRO Work Boots

10. Wedge

  • Water resistant
  • 100% leather
  • Soft toe

Timberland PRO Soft Toe Work Boots

All You Need To Know About
Timberland PRO Work Boots?

Who makes the Timberland PRO work boots?

The Timberland Company was founded in 1952 and is one of the world’s leading designers, marketers, and distributors of branded footwear, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and children.

They have lots of sub-brands and Timberland PRO is a sub-brand of the Timberland Company. 

Where Timberland PRO work boots are made?

Timberland boots are manufactured in multiple factories, primarily located in the United States, Canada, and around Asia. 

Some models are made in the Dominican Republic (like the one our editor, Adrian uses for his day job in construction. See image below)

this is the internal lable of the timberland pro boot showing where the boot is made

The boot you’re seeing in the image is the Pit Boss. You can read the full Timberland PRO Pit Boss review here if you want more details.

Are Timberland PRO work boots better than regular Timberland?

Timberland started out as a manufacturer of rugged boots, designed mostly for people who just love walking in the great outdoors. 

However, they eventually developed a ‘Pro’ line, which is more specifically marketed at those in professions like construction, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, and hospitality. 

This means that Timberland Pro tends to have features unique to this line, such as safety steel toe, electrical hazard protection, waterproofing, slip resistance, and puncture-resistant plates. 

So, yes, in that sense, if you are a worker, Timberland PRO boots are much better boots than the regular Timberland boots.

Who sells Timberland PRO work boots?

You can buy Timberland PRO work boots from a variety of vendors:

  • Timberland’s website
  • Amazon
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Shoezone
  • Zappos

… just to name a few

Are Timberland work boots comfortable?

Timberland work boots are one of the most comfortable work boots in the world.

a construction worker wearing a pair of comfortable timberland pro work boots

They use technology to reduce foot fatigue, support the arch and assist with body balance while also providing moisture management throughout your working day so you’re always feeling good! 

Timberlands offer a variety of work boots ranging from styles that include anti-fatigue technology that absorbs shock and returns energy back into our feet every step we take…

… all the way up to high traction outsoles for those who need more stability on their job site or in other careers where grip is paramount. 

You can select any design depending on what’s right for your need. (here’s a list of the best work boots based on different scenarios and needs.)

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to Timberland PRO

Are Timberland PRO work boots waterproof?

Some Timberland boots , such as the Rigmaster ARE waterproof, whereas others such as the Pitboss are not. 

Generally, since Timberland appeals to a professional market, they will tailor each work boot in the PRO range to the needs of a specific industry/sector. 

For indoor workers, waterproof is less essential, so for indoor warehouse specialties, they may not be waterproof. 

If you’re curious, check out these best waterproof work boots we’ve put together on another page.

Do Timberland offer warranty on their work boots?

Yes. Timberland are committed to offering the highest quality assurances on their products. 

Since they want you to be confident in the durability of their products, they guarantee them for 12 months from their original date of purchase when purchased from the Timberland store or an approved vendor. 

Are Timberland PRO work boots true to size?

In short, yes. 

Timberland PRO boots are engineered for American sizing standards with an international chart of comparison here

Of course, some users will find the boots smaller than expected, or larger. On aggregate, based on reading customer reviews, we can say that in most cases Timberland boots are indeed true to size. 

A few users have expressed concern that the Pitboss runs slightly small. 

If it’s the first time buying work boots you might want to check first how work boots should fit? snug or loose?

What do the reviews say about these work boots?

Reviews for the Timberland Pro line of work boots are overwhelmingly positive across their extensive range of products.

People who have purchased Timberland Pros are overwhelmingly happy with the comfort of these work boots. So if you are in an industry in which you will be on your feet for long-shifts, you want work boots that feel like slippers.

And so these boots will be perfect for you!

Users also love the rugged outsole that gives these work boots excellent traction while standing outside, as well as the waterproofing available in some of these work boots. 

One downside some people who buy Timberland Pros have expressed with these work boots is the safety features can make them feel a bit heavy, weighing down users and tiring them out. 

This for other users is balanced out by the anti-fatigue technology Timberland is famous for. 

What colors do they come in?

The different boot heights made by Timberland

  • Ankle-height
  • 5.5 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 8 inch
  • 10 inches 

What industries are Timberland PRO work boots good for?

Timberland PRO work boots are good for any outdoor job involving extensive walking or standing. 

They will also be perfect for working in wet and muddy conditions, or heavy-duty jobs like construction.

They have very thick soles that can help you from slipping and keep your feet protected no matter what the job site. 

With deep lugs for mud and rain and oil slip resistance to keep you on your feet, the Timberland PRO Boot also features an air cushion heel that absorbs shock to protect your joints from impact injuries. 

Comfortable enough for all-day wear, the Timberland Pro was built with breathable moisture-wicking material to keep sweat from intruding on your performance while keeping you cool during high-tempo work periods or in hot summer weather conditions. 

Talking about summer, see these best summer work boots for sweaty feet if you want to compare them to other brands out there!

Can you resole Timberland PRO work boots?

The general consensus on the internet is that Timberland work boots can be resolved.

And that while Timberland does not have an in-house resolver like Red Wing, any reputable cobbler should be able to work with them for you owing to the ubiquity of Timberland work boots in the sector. 

This would be expensive, starting at $75. If the uppers are tearing, then it is likely not worth engaging in.  (unless you’re super in love with your favorite Timberland boots)

Timberland PRO vs Danner

The differences between Timberland Pros and Danners are primarily in the style of the boot. For example, Danners have a greater range in styles than Timberland. 

The PRO series is more attractive to those who do heavy-duty work, such as landscapers or construction workers. This is a market Danner is also in, but they do not demarcate their hiking line from their ‘pro’ line in the same way that Timberland does. 

Another crucial difference is the market appeal. Timberland boots are known for their rugged, outdoorsy look, and even the ‘pros’ look like hiking boots. 

In contrast, Danners are more elegant, the kind of work boots that look casual and you would wear to the office as well as the worksite. They appeal to professionals people who want something less rugged than traditional lumberjack boots. 

Find out more about Danner and if Danner work boots are any good here.

Where do you get the best price on Timberland PRO work boots?

Amazon is definitely one the best places to find competitive prices on Timberland Pro work boots. The pro is that you can find much many more models in one place than if you’d have to go your local store.

The only con in our opinion is that if the work boot doesn’t fit or you don’t like it for whatever reason, you’ll have to go through all the process of sending the back and wait for a new pair.

Reviews of the top best Timberland PRO work boots for men & women

a construction worker wearing a pair of timberland pro pit boss work boots at work

Alright, let’s jump into some detailed reviews of each one of these Timberland PRO work boots we’ve included in today’s round-up.

We’ll start with the best rated …

1. Timberland PRO Pit Boss

Best Rated Timberland PRO Work Boot

The Timberland PRO Pitboss is everything a steel toe boot should be: Safe, tough & comfortable. 

These leather work boots meet ANSI safety standards and feature slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant outsoles for traction & padded top collars for comfort. 

The upper is made of premium full-grain leather with a waterproof membrane to keep feet dry, while the PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology provides all-day comfort.

It also has an antimicrobial odor-resistant internal lining that will keep your feet free from horrible smells and help avoid developing athletes’ foot condition.

These work boots are also built with Goodyear welt construction for a durable mechanical bond. Goodyear welting is a method of outer boot construction where two pieces of leather are sewn together with a strip of rubber between them. 

This means that the upper and its sole will not fall apart.

One advantage to Goodyear welt construction is improved water resistance, as there’s nothing for water to get in through. 

With glued boots, the uppers and soles tend to separate after some wear-time, creating the potential for water damage on either side. 

Another advantage is durability; Goodyear welted work boots can be resoled up to four times because they’re just stitched and the thread doesn’t deteriorate over time. (as it does with glued seams which also loosens as it wears out over time)


  • Slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant outsoles for high-quality traction and outdoor wear. 
  • Padded collars for comfort and support
  • High-quality Goodyear welt construction, making these boots tougher than other Timberland PRO boots, and also allows you to resole them multiple times.


  • Some users have found that this work boot runs slightly small.

2. Timberland PRO Boondock

Best Composite Toe Work Boot

Sometimes a steel-toe cap boot is too heavy for the needs of you and your workers. There are now alternatives made from non-steel metals like titanium or kevlar. 

One such work boot is this Timberland PRO Boondock!

The toe cap in this work boot is made from non-metallic material that is lightweight, whilst still ensuring the cap conforms to ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 I/75 and C/75 impact and compression safety standards.

my colleague wearing a pair of great Timberland PRO Boondock work boots on a construction site.

This boot also contains a breathable membrane that helps protect from diseases caused by blood-borne pathogens.

The Boondock features a waterproof full-grain leather upper with Ever-Guard technology to repel liquids and protect against abrasions, scuffs and rips. 

The TPU outsole is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant for reliable durability on the job. Outsoles are often the first part of a work boot to begin to fall apart, but this will not be the case with the Timberland Pro Boondock. 

The anti-fatigue technology that comes with this work boot utilizes a comfort system designed with shock-absorbing, geometrical technology that returns energy back to the foot. 


  • Premium waterproof leather that will keep your feet dry and warm
  • Anti-fatigue technology that utilizes shock-absorbing, geometrical technology that returns energy back to the foot. 
  • TPU outsole features deep lugs for traction and is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant.


  • Not all worksites will accept composite toe caps and will ask for steel caps.

3. Timberland PRO Drivetrain

Anti Fatigue Technology

Manage moisture and keep your feet cool with the Timberland PRO Drivetrain composite safety toe work boot. The boot utilizes a polyurethane footbed for shock absorption and energy return that will make these work boots feel like they are slippers. 

The Ripstop nylon upper makes the work boot lightweight and offers you breathability and additional comfort.  

The composite safety toe powered by CarbonShield technology provides a lightweight alternative to steel toes without compromising on durability or safety. 

Finally, these boots also feature heat, oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant TPU all-weather outsoles. This means that no matter what kind of working environment you are operating in, you can stay upright, and the outsole will remain durable. 


  • Anti-fatigue polyurethane footbed
  • Composite toe-cap makes it more light-weight than steel toe
  • Heat, oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant outsole, for maximal under-foot protection. 


  • Short ankle-shaft, may not offer as much support as cowboy or ‘wellington’ work boots.

4. Timberland PRO Endurance

6 Inch Steel Toe Work Boots

If you need a tough pair of steelwork boots then the ‘Endurance’ from Timberland Pro is the pair for you. 

Firstly, these boots utilize a steel toe cap that meets the requisite ATSM standards and so can withstand an impact of 75lbs from 1m up. So these boots will keep you safe from the drops and shocks of a dangerous worksite. 

As well as protecting your toes, these boots will also protect the soles of your feet from punctures and sharp objects.

The rugged full-grain leather uppers with cement construction give you the maximal comfort, flexibility, and a reduced break-in time, so you will be ready to go in these bad boys in no time. 

These work boots also offer electrical hazard protection to the important ATSM standards, meaning this work boot is also ideal for electricians or mechanics. 

The boot also features an anti-fatigue technology comfort system that absorbs shock and returns energy back to the foot. 

Customers who bought this product love the durability of these bad boys, with one user, albeit only a weekend worker, managing to make them last for 19 years!!!


  • Excellent durability- you will get loads of traction out of these work boots
  • Steel toe and puncture-resistant outsole for maximal protection
  • Full-grain uppers, offering maximum flexibility and minimum break-in time.


  • Steel toe cap will make these work boots heavier than other models.

5. Timberland PRO Rigmaster

Waterproof Timberland PRO Boots

The Timberland PRO Rigmaster XT is designed with the most demanding jobs in mind and is perfect for workers in the oil and gas industries who are looking for work boots with exceptional slip resistance. 

These pair of waterproof work boots are built for industrial traction, with anti-fatigue and shock-diffusion technologies for added performance. 

Waterproofing technology will keep your feet warm and dry, with an additional mesh membrane that wicks away sweat and other internal moistures. 

The Rigmaster provides secondary underfoot protection against live electrical circuits, electrically energized conductors, parts or apparatus.

So if you are working on a site with live wires or just a site with electricity generally, this pair of work boots will offer you the safety you need. 

The comfort system features a geometrical technology that returns energy back to the foot, delivering all-day support and comfort. 


  • Waterproof meaning you can work no matter the weather or conditions of the worksite
  • High-quality workwear from an established company will allow you to buy these boots confident that they will last. 
  • Comfort system that will return energy back to the foot.


  • At 2.2 pounds per boot, these boots are on the heavy side, even for a steel toe.

6. Timberland AG Boss

Pull On Timberland PRO Work Boots

The Timberland PRO AG Boss pull work boot t is a rugged boot crafted with full-grain leather upper, cement construction for reduced break-in time.

This Western-style boot features pull-on loops and steel safety toe shaped on TiTAN last for a roomy fit.

What are pull on-loops?

Pull-on-loops in work boots are loops attached to the back of the boot on either side of where you think your heel would go.

They’re designed so that a person can pull their toes up and stretch the loop over their instep, pulling it through to create an ideal fit for themselves without even having to lace anything.

It’s easy because there isn’t any lacing involved, which is great if you have arthritic hands or other mobility issues

Why do companies put them on pull-on work boots?

There are a number of reasons why companies opt for pull-on loops instead of lace hooks. The simplest explanation is that laces require more labor as there are two holes for one string on the side of your boots and this doubles the work. 

Pull-on loops, however, only have one hole, meaning workers take less time to put their shoes on and get back to work. 

Check out these best pull on work boots for more great boots just like this one.


  • Pull-on loops that make these pull-on work boots easy to put on and take off
  • Waterproof- will keep your feet dry in all conditions 
  • Rugged full-grain upper materials for excellent strength and durability.
  • Cement construction for reduced break-in time


  • 10-inch shaft, while offering a lot of support, will reduce your flexibility a great deal

7. Timberland PRO Hyperion

Lightweight Work Boots
With Alloy Toe Protection

Tough on the outside. Soft on the inside. The Hyperion 6″ work boot is built with a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. 

A lightweight midsole provides all-day comfort, while an anti-fatigue footbed helps reduce leg fatigue for more comfortable standing and walking. 

These boots also feature Vibram outsoles, which are a popular choice for people with flat feet as they provide more arch support than the stitching in many work boots.

Vibram outsoles also help take pressure off of joints and ligaments during hiking or walking which can often lead to an injury. 

People who use Vibrams find they have better balance and improved proprioception (awareness of their body position in space) which is most helpful for workers looking to prevent falls or injuries. 

One additional feature of these boots is the alloy safety toe. Alloy safety toes are made from more lightweight materials such as titanium and aluminum. This generally makes the boot lighter, but more expensive. 

Both offer the same degree of protection. 

Best of all, at just 1.94 pounds a boot, these work boots are incredibly lightweight.


  • Lightweight alloy steel toe cap 
  • Waterproof 
  • Supportive vibram soles


  • One of the more expensive pairs of work boots in this roundup

8. Timberland PRO Titan

Comfortable Timberland PRO
Work Boots

If comfort is important to you, then the Timberland PRO Titan is an ideal choice.  The work boot features alloy steel toe caps which are less pinching and more lightweight than steel. 

And it also features cement construction, and low-profile outsoles designed for superior traction, ensuring you can remain upright and active all day long. 

The Titan is an excellent choice for those who work in the most demanding environments.

Designed to provide you with enhanced job performance, this safety-toe boot is made of full-grain leather and features a removable antimicrobial footbed that keeps your feet cool and dry, as well as preventing the build-up of odors. 

The PowerFit Comfort System uses ergonomically designed elements to supply movement and provide critical support for long-lasting comfort.


  • Heat, oil, and slip-resistant outsole
  • Steel toe cap which will protect your feet from drops on the worksite
  • Powerfit comfort system


  • A few users have found these to be a bit too tight for comfort

9. Timberland PRO Direct Attach

Insulated Timberland PRO
Work Boots

If you’re looking for an ideal work boot that will keep you warm in the cold winter months, the Direct Attach is the work boot for you. 

This product features 200g of Thinsulate technology. Thinsulate is a market-leading brand of insulative material used by the American army (so you know it is going to do the job of insulation well)

And it works by trapping air molecules between your feet and the outside conditions ensuring maximal insulative protection.

Want more great winter work boots from Timberland and other manufacturers? As well as more information on insulation and traction for ice? Check out our best work boots for winter page here

As well as being great for winter, these work boots also utilize SR Max MaxTrax slip-resistant tread design, which makes them ideal for navigating on ice, slippery surfaces, or uneven flooring. 

This work boot utilizes a thermoplastic urethane outsole which is less flexible than traditional rubber but still provides good grip on slippery surfaces whilst also being substantially more durable than traditional rubber.  

One final advantage of these work boots is the seam-sealed waterproof construction that makes them ideal for working in water or snow

And while these boots have a steel toe, they also meet electrical hazard protection EH safety standards. 


  • Steel toe that meets requisite ATSM standards and will protect your feet from heavy drops. Also 
  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction 
  • SR Max MaxTrax slip-resistant tread design, which makes traversing ice or uneven surfaces easier.


  • While a great work boot for winter, 200g may not be enough Thinsulate for colder worksites or snowy days- 400g or 600g is recommended.

10. Timberland PRO Wedge

Soft Toe Timberland PRO
Work Boots

If your worksite does not require steel, composite or alloy toe caps, then the work boot for you is the Wedge Soft toe work boot. 

This work boot comes with a wedge sole, a type of sole that offers many advantages both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The foremost advantage is the higher level of traction offered by boots with this design.

Wedge soles also offer more versatility in terms of grips. 

The moccasin-toe stitching or ‘moc toe’ is a stronger form of stitching than more traditional types.

Moc toe stitching is a technique in which the top of the shoe’s leather folds back into itself, like seaming together two pieces of fabric. The many variations of this stitching work to mold and refine different parts of the shoe as protection against possible wear or tear. 

Moc toe work boots are often used for construction, but they can just as easily be made for fashion too. This type of boot has a light look about it, without sacrificing functionality- great if you need something breathable and durable at the same time. 

One thing to keep in mind is that soft toe boots are not considered as PPE and you might not be able to write off your work boots as a business expense.


  • Heat, oil, and slip-resistant outsole
  • Steel toe cap which will protect your feet from drops on the worksite
  • Powerfit comfort system


  • A few users have found these to be a bit too tight for comfort

Bottom line: Are Timberland PRO good work boots to buy or not?

While many of their products are good for hiking or exploring the great outdoors, Timberland PRO boots are great for work. 

If you’re looking for a sturdy and durable boot, we highly recommend products in this line to you. 

One feature common to all their products is the anti-fatigue technology, nicknamed “DuraShocks”which absorbs shock from impact during walking or running on hard surfaces such as concrete floors or pavement. 

They also are a specialist in alloy and composite toe-caps, in case you are looking for something more comfortable and lightweight than steel toe. 

Buying from Timberland Pro means investing in a company constantly innovating and producing boots that are comfortable for the millions who have trusted Timberland. 

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