Does Keen Make Work Boots And Are They Any Good? (Reviews & Examples)

Hey there, welcome to our Keen work boots reviews for 2022 (updated for 2023).

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Overall The Best Keen Work Boot

We’ve put together a list of the top 11 work boots from Keen footwear and our #1 recommendation based on what we’ve found in our research is the Keen Utility Lansing.

What's Inside?

To bring you this article we’ve researched 21 websites, looked at more than 20 Keen work boots models, read more than 200 reviews and customer feedback for a total amount of 47 hours.

Keen is already a household brand in the footwear industry, and it’s no wonder you’d want to have a pair for your work. It’s every worker’s desire to have lightweight comfortable protective boots.

But, does Keen make work boots? Yes, Keen has a wide selection of safety, steel toe, insulated and breathable light, and heavy-duty work boots.

In this post, you’ll find several Keen work boots, the brand overview, and how other workers rate the brand. So, read on for an objectively honest comprehensive review of the Keen work footwear.

You can jump straight into the Keen work boots reviews section or go to the buyer’s guide first (if you’re new to this type of boots)

Some of the best Keen work boots on the market

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which Keen work boots we’ve included in our round-up.

Comparison Table

1. Keen Lansing

  • EH rated
  • Leather + Textile
  • Steel toe

Best Keen Work Boots

2. Keen Vernon

  • EH rated
  • Leather
  • Soft toe

Keen’s Soft Toe Utility Boots

3. Keen Milwaukee

  • Removable insoles
  • Leather & textile
  • Steel toe

Best Keen Work Boots For Construction Workers

4. Keen San Jose

  • ASTM rated
  • 100% leather
  • Alloy toe

Keen Lightweight Alloy
Toe Cap Protection

5. Keen Philadelphia

  • Slip resistant
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe

Keen’s 10″ Pull-On
Work Boots

6. Keen Cincinnati

  • EH rated
  • Leather
  • Comnposite toe

Keen’s Composite Toe Lightweight Work Boots

7. Keen Pittsburgh

  • Ankle support
  • Nubuck leather
  • Steel toe

Keen’s Steel Toe Work Boots

8. Keen Coburg

  • Heel guard
  • Leather
  • Steel toe

American Made
Keen Work Boots

9. Keen Anchorage

  • Breathable lining
  • Leather
  • Soft toe

Keen’s Slip-On Work Boots

10. Keen Flint

  • EVA midsole
  • Leather & textile
  • Steel toe

Keen’s Slip-On Work Boots

11. Keen Braddock

  • Asymmetrical caps
  • Leather
  • Steel toe

Keen’s Slip-On Work Boots

All You Need To Know
About Keen Work Boots

The Brand: Never heard of Keen before?

Keen Footwear is the brand of work boots created by footwear manufacturer Keen Inc. The company was founded in 2003 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Keen Footwear makes all kinds of work boots, including steel toe boots and non-steel toe boots.

They are known for their interior designs that include sock fit technology to help keep your feet dry and blister-free. Keen also has the KEEN Women’s line which makes women’s specific toe-shape shoes.

Who Founded Keen Inc.?

KEEN is an American footwear brand based in Portland, Oregon cofounded by Rory Fuerst and Martin Keen in 2003.

History of Keen work boots

In 1999, Martin Keen invented the Newport Sandal. But it was until 2003 that Keen produced the first footwear for sale. 

Keen Inc. would then broaden its scope to other products, including safety work boots, weather clothing, bags, and other items.

In 2006, Keen moved headquarters from Alameda, California, to the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon.

Does Keen make work boots?

Yes, Keen makes many different types of work boots. They come in both men’s and women’s styles, in various quality levels, made from multiple materials.

The basic “starter” models are the Keen Utility boots, which have synthetic uppers and soles.

Some KEENs meet the ASTM International standard. But, many are mainly hiking boots, and few are work boots.

If you’re looking to buy steel-toe Keen boots jump to the reviews section. You’ll find a few examples there! Also, if you want to compare Keen to other brands check out this article:

Are Keen work boots comfortable?

Yes, Keen does make comfortable work boots. They’ve made a name for themselves by creating very slick and lightweight work boots.

Their comfortable boots stand out from the competition with features like dual-density midsoles and rubber outsoles.

Keen boots have two main midsole layers: a lightweight compression-molded EVA midsole and an internal TPU shank for torsional stability. 

The combination provides both roll control while walking while maintaining forefoot flexibility, so your feet don’t ache after long hours on the trail or at work.

The rubber outsoles are durable and more comfortable than the synthetic fibers in other brands.  Rubber offers a rugged grip on various surfaces and doesn’t get slick when wet.

If you want boosted comfort from your work boots, choose:

  • Memory Foam insoles
  • Fleece-lined uppers
  • Over-the-ankle design

All these features make Keen boots extremely comfortable on the inside while maintaining toughness on the outside.

To avoid sore feet while breaking in your new pair of Keen work boots:

  • Consider using insoles
  • Wear thick socks
  • Wear wide boot sizes (instead of regular)
  • Avoid high-heels during this period
  • Use moleskin pads on any blisters until calluses form

Are Keen work boots waterproof?

Yes, Keen has some waterproof work boots, but not all of them are 100% waterproof. KEEN footwear offers an extensive range of water-resistant work boots (which is not the same as waterproof).

Such boots will hold up against unexpected rain showers, stream crossing while hiking, and overly wet working conditions.

Featuring KEEN’s internal waterproofing technology (Dry-Plus), some of Keen’s boots also expand and contract with your feet to make each step feel comfortable.

Unlike other brands, KEEN’s proprietary KEEN DRY waterproof membrane provides the ultimate protection from rain and wet weather. This technology also keeps your feet dry, and well ventilated.


A three-layer system includes a WeatherAware™ stretch upper, waterproof external shield, and internal moisture barrier that keeps water out. So, your feet stay dry while allowing sweat vapor to escape.

Are Keen work boots CSA and OSHA approved?

Most Keen safety boots and shoes meet all applicable standards issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Also, Keen’s work boots are up to date with standards set forth by other authoritative organizations such as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

Here are some of the standards Keen work boots meet:

  • ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75,
  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S1 and SRC,
  • the EH rating of electric shock per ASTM F2412-11 for Type 1
  • NFPA 1999 Classification R [C] [6],
  • HB 214-2003 Classification A electricity,
  • NFPA 70E-2004 electrical protective equipment.

You should always check with the seller to make sure that you’re buying a boot that’s adequate for your job. 

Are Keen work boots true to size?

From what we know based on customer feedback Keen work boots tend to be true to size.

Here’s a quick example. If you take one of their most sold models with over 3100 reviews on Amazon alone, the Keen Utility Lansing, you’ll see that the vast majority of people said the boots fit perfectly.

So around 770 left a comment or feedback related to how their boots fit them and 674 of them said their boots were true to size.

This is the breakdown of people’s feedback on that particular work boot size and how it fits.

Too Small22
Somewhat small35
True To Size674
Somewhat large30
Too large15

The hard truth is that you have no way of knowing how the pair of Keen boots you like will fit you until you buy them and put them on.

The good thing about buying boots on Amazon for example is that they have the Amazon Prime Wardrobe where you can try on the work boots and you won’t pay for them until you’re happy with the product.

It’s worth checking it out before buying your boots. It’s quite handy and it’s free if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Keen Utility Boots are sized according to American Sizing Standards

If you already have a pair of boots from another brand, their sizing can be converted as follows:

  • Women’s shoe sizes usually convert one-half size smaller than men’s shoes. For example, if you wear a men’s 9, a women’s size 10 should fit well.
  • Men typically order one full size smaller than the usual US/Canadian shoe size for equivalent European sizes. For instance, if your regular dress shoe or running shoe is a Men’s 8 (US), you would need a Men’s 7 (Euro) in Keen Utility Boots.
  • Women typically order true to size for European equivalent sizes. If your regular dress shoe or running shoe is a Women’s 8 (US), you would need a Women’s 8 (Europe) in Keen Utility boots.

Are Keen work boots durable?

Live with no ceiling, with unique boots that last.”  This is a motto of Keen, who designs and creates work boots for all occasions.

The two most common materials used in Keen’s work boot construction are leather and synthetic materials like polyester or nylon.

Leather is the ideal material for work boots because it can be patchworked to increase the life expectancy of the boot. But, leather requires more maintenance than synthetic fibers for protective finishes, waterproofing treatments, and replacing worn soles.

Keen uses a combination of both leather and synthetic materials to make their boots durable for almost any working environment.

The boot construction allows moisture from rain or snow to evaporate quickly rather than soak the leather, making it stiff.

Additionally, Keen offers other uppers made of ballistic mesh or nylon fabric for work sites where water isn’t a concern.

All this to say that Keen makes their boots with durable materials.

So, how long do Keen work boots last? 

Your leather and rubber-soled Keen work boot should last somewhere between 8 months and 12-16 months. If you put it through a harsh beating every day, it should hit about 8 to 12 months.

Especially, a boot that suffers lots of pressure and harsh weather may last for about four months. But, for most work environments, the boot should easily last between eight and sixteen months.

What type of work boots does Keen make?

Here are some of the most common work boots styles from Keen footwear. If you want to see any of the models, just click on their names and you’ll be taken to the store to see more details!

Type of Keen BootName of Keen Boot
Wedge sole work bootsKEEN Utility Glendale Wedge 
Pull-on work bootsKEEN Utility Dallas Wellington 
Slip-on work bootsKEEN Utility Detroit 
Lace-up work bootsKEEN Utility Milwaukee 6″ 
Moc toe bootsKEEN The 59 Moc 
Composite toe bootsKEEN Utility Dover 6″ 
Soft toe bootsKEEN Utility Pittsburgh 6″ 
Steel toe bootsKEEN Utility Braddock 

What industries are Keen boots good for?

Keen designs their footwear for light and heavy-duty work and comes equipped with an oil-resistant and slip-resistant sole.

Workers often wear them in construction or other industrial jobs where they must protect their feet while standing on ladders or walking over wet surfaces.

Some of the work settings that require you to use the Keen work boots include:

  • Oil rigs
  • Construction sites
  • Firefighting locations
  • In the military, they are used for field training on terrains such as sand and dirt.
  • Farms and ranches
  • Warehouses
  • Public works locations, such as parks and landscaping services
  • Factories with chemicals used in manufacturing processes; can include paint manufacturing (paint fumes), metalworking (metal dust), food processing (food particles), and pharmaceutical production (product residues).
  • Places where there is oil or grease
  • Outdoor sports trails (such as hiking, running trails; these can include bike trails)
  • Police officers on duty
  • You will need Keen boots when you work in a workplace that has outdoor variations such as ice, snow, and extreme heat conditions
  • Keen work boot’s lightweight design and comfortable fit make them ideal for carpenters

Price: Are Keen work boots expensive?

The price of a pair of Keen work boots starts at around $100. But, the cost can go up to as high as $255. So, if you’re on a low budget you can find Keen boots to buy boots for less than $100 on Amazon and other online retails stores.

The higher-end models often have features that make them more desirable for industrial applications. Such additional features include:

  • Thicker rubber soles for extra durability
  • Insulation from electrical hazards
  • Steel-toe cap protection
  • Waterproof materials

What do the reviews say about Keen work boot brand?

After going through dozens of verified customer reviews, we can solidly say that customers are happy with the Keen work boot brand.

Some customers liked how comfortable the Keen boots were for mountain hiking and walking through rough terrain. Others believe that these boots live up to the hype. Some pointed out how they used the boots for up to 435 days.

Notably, customers are excited by the breathable yet waterproof nature of the Keen Utility boots. They give a thumbs up for the purchase that survived through wet terrains and damp work environments. 

Comfort enthusiasts love the breathable featherweight nature of the Keen work boots. Vibram soles, for instance, take a significant toll on the weight of the boots. Some wearers say Keen boots come with less calf fatigue as well as muscle toning.

If you look at what customers are saying about Keen work boots on major online shops, you realize they’re happy with their boots but not with the customer care service.

Customers don’t necessarily complain about the boots they get but rather how customer care handles them. Most reviews on BBB and Trustpilot show this.

Are Keen work boots made in the USA?

According to Keen, their boots are assembled in the Southern United States by KEEN Footwear Inc., based out of Portland, Oregon.

However, assembling the boots may not be done entirely in the US. Some parts of each boot are built within US borders. Yet, some components of every pair of boots sold by KEEN are made overseas and simply assembled in America before being sold to customers.

The majority of people who bought a pair of Keen work boots at an online store say the boots are made in China. If this is something important to you, make sure you ask the seller where the boots are made before you buy.

Where can you buy good Keen work boots?

Keen work boots are available at your nearest store. But, it’d be best if you order your pair online because of the convenience.

If, for instance, you order from Amazon, you get a wide selection of brands and models from the comfort of your couch.

There, you can use our guide to pick the best pair of footwear for your work. And you can also order for your loved ones and friends.

Some of the best online stores to buy keen work boots include:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Zappos
  • The Keen website
  • Sears

an industrial worker wearing a pair of keen work boots

Keen Work Boots Reviews: 11 Most Popular Work Boots From Keen

Alright, let’s jump into some detailed reviews of each one of these Keen work boots we’ve included in today’s round-up.

We’ll start with the best rated …

1. Keen Utility Lansing

Keen’s Most Rated
Steel Toe Work Boots

If all-day comfort and stability are some of your must-have features for your dream work boot, check out this Keen mid work boot. It’s on the list of the most rated steel toe boots today, and plenty of buyers are impressed!  

The Lansing work boot is made from a durable leather material that’s pretty easy to maintain. Its rubber sole is also designed to last.

This top-ranked work boot comes with a moisture-wicking lining, allowing you to work in wet areas confidently. It prevents sweaty feet during a warm climate. Also, the asymmetrical steel toes enable these boots to fit better, maximizing your comfort.

Slippage should not be on the list of your worries whenever you’re wearing this Lansing work boot. Its rubber sole is oil & slip resistant, offering the traction you need to be productive all day.

I’ve personally had this work boot for my day job and I made a review of the Lansing work boot here if you want to learn more about it.


  • Steel toe cap
  • Anti slippery sole
  • Moisture wicking
  • Electrichal Hazard rated


  • Not really waterproof (water resistant)

2. Keen Utility Vernon

Keen’s Lightweight
Soft Toe Work Boots

Do you fancy a classy work boot to wear when handling some of the most demanding construction tasks? The Keen soft toe work boot, available in an attractive cascade brown color, unquestionably deserves your consideration.

This Mt Vernon 6″ soft toe boot boasts several comfort features, including a spacious toe box, a heel cushion, and a waterproof membrane to ensure your feet remain dry. It also has a shank to provide maximum support.

This Keen waterproof work boot features a lasting textile material. Rest assured that it will serve you for several years, as long as you maintain it properly.

This popular soft toe work boot comes with KEEN Patented Toe Protection which keeps your toes safe while on the job. In addition, this boot’s outsoles are slip and oil resistant, preventing dangerous slippage.


  • Made In The US (according to the label)
  • Lightweight
  • Heel cushion and shank for stability and comfort


  • Not as safe as using a safety toe work boot

3. Keen Utility Milwaukee

Keen Work Boots
For Construction Workers

The Milwaukee work boot is designed for workers in various fields, including masonry/construction, transportation, heavy metal fabrication, and energy.

This dark earthwork boot makes use of long-lasting full-grain leather material.

The Milwaukee Keen waterproof boot has a steel toe that offers excellent toe protection. Its outsole is also slip-resistant to prevent you from falling.

The Milwaukee 6″ work boot promises ultimate comfort, thanks to its moisture-wicking lining. Also, its insoles are removable and replaceable, in case you need comfier ones.


  • Steel toe protection
  • Heavy duty
  • Removable insoles
  • Ankle support
  • Goodyear welt construction


4. Keen Utility San jose

Keen’s Wedge Sole Work Boots

Are you a sucker for light, durable soft-toe work boots? Make sure the Utility Men’s San Jose 6″ boot is your first pick when you’re looking for a new pair of boots.

The Utility San Jose work boot’s 100% leather material enables it to last long when well-maintained.

  1. Soft toe version

The Utility San Jose wedge sole work boot has durable rubber outsoles that are slip-resistant to enable you to walk on slick terrain without falling.

This wedge sole work boot features a water-resistant leather material with a quality moisture-licking lining.

Hence, when your job requires you to work in wet areas, water cannot get into your boots. In hot environments, your feet will not get sweaty, increasing your comfort. 

  1. Alloy toe version

With its excellent set of features, expect nothing short of comfort and safety while you complete various tasks.

This work boot features a siped outsole that provides traction on slippery surfaces. The rubber outsoles are also oil and slip-resistant to stop you from tripping.

The Keen Men’s Alloy Toe work boot’s low-maintenance quality leather material makes it incredibly durable.

This work boot is one of the lightest options available today. Its PU midsoles are designed for comfort. You’re also free to remove its insoles and replace them with those you deem most comfortable, based on your preferences.


  • Soft toe and safety toe available
  • Wedge sole and rubber sole available
  • Electrical hazard rated


  • Not for heavy duty jobs

5. Keen Utility Philadelphia

Keen’s Wellington Work Boots

The Philadelphia Wellington High composite work boot is a versatile option suitable for the most demanding worksites. Its primary selling points include comfort, high quality, and safety.

This top-tier work boot boasts a barnyard-resistant leather material that increases its durability. You can rely on it when doing heavy-duty work in areas such as masonry and transportation.

With the Philadelphia Keen pull-on work boots, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort. It has a water-resistant, breathable membrane lining that keeps your feet dry at all times. Then, its opening is about 12″ around, making wearing and removing it effortlessly.

This boot comes with a slip, plus oil-resistant rubber outsoles with lug patterns to deliver reliable traction on all terrains.


  • Easy to take the off and put them on
  • CSA & OSHA approved
  • Puncture resistant
  • Composite toe cap
  • Oil resistant

6. Keen Utility Cincinnati

Keen’s Composite Toe Work Boots

The Keen Cincinnati 6″ Composite Toe work boots are ideal for the most active outdoor workers. With these in your arsenal, rest assured that your feet will be safe and comfortable, no matter how harsh your work environment becomes.

This Keen work boot is made from high-quality leather material. There is no doubt that it can last a long time if you take the best care of it.

The Keen Cincinnati work boots are crafted in a comfy, roomy design to make it easier for you to focus on your daily tasks. Expect them to keep your feet dry all day, owing to their waterproof breathable lining. There’s also an infused Luftcell midsole to add to your comfort.

For safety, this work boot leverages a slip and abrasion-resistant non-marking rubber outsole.


  • Composite toe
  • Lightweight
  • Electrical hazard rated
  • Asymmetrical toe caps


  • Not very durable if used for heavy duty jobs

7. Keen Utility Pittsburgh

Keen Steel Toe Work Boots
For Light Duty Jobs

In the Utility Pittsburgh 6″ Steel Toe work boot, Keen combines fashion and quality to deliver a high-performance boot for those in construction, masonry, landscaping, and other fields.

The Pittsburgh steel toe work boot is made from full-grain waterproof leather material that can withstand all types of harsh environments.

For safety, Keen designed this long-lasting work boot with a slip-resistant sole to maintain a firm grip on oily, wet or slippery surfaces.

This work boot features asymmetrical steel toes to offer the perfect fit. In addition, there’s a stability plate to support you and, consequently, enhance your comfort.


  • Great looking boot
  • Steel toe cap
  • Asymmetrical toe caps
  • Removable insoles
  • EH rated


  • Users loved these boots for all the features but also some complaint that the break in period was too long

8. Keen Utility Coburg

Keen Work Boots Made In The USA

Consider the KEEN Coburg 8″ Steel Toe work boot that delivers everything anyone could ever look for in a work boot.

Keen made the Coburg work boot in a lasting 100% textile material. The boot perfectly molds to your foot within a short time.

The Coburg boot comes with an integrated heel guard to protect you from dangers such as bumps. It also features a steel toe cap to keep your toes safe while you’re on the ground.

When it comes to comfort, the Keen Coburg Steel Toe work boot doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a breathable, water-resistant membrane that wicks sweat away and prevents moisture from getting inside.


  • Made in the US
  • Steel toe cap
  • Great ankle support
  • Breathable
  • Anti slippery soles


  • They are a bit pricey (but the quality is there since it’s made in the US)

9. Keen Anchorage

Keen’s Slip-On Work Boots

Do you need safe, versatile ankle-high work boots that are easy to get in and get out quickly? Look no further than the KEEN slip-on Anchorage boots.

Durability is one of the features that make the Anchorage work boot worth your cash. Its 100% leather material enables you to wear it for an extended duration.

This highly sought-after Keen boot has a breathable leather lining that conforms to your foot’s shape to enhance your comfort. It also maximizes airflow and allows sweat to evaporate so that your feet are always dry.

Anchorage’s rugged rubber outsole enhances grip to prevent falls even when you’re on slippery outdoor terrain.

Then, this boot comes with a strong rubber toe cap for a little bit of toe protection. There’s also a reinforced heel to offer the stability required to guarantee maximum ankle protection.


  • Soft toe box
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Anti slippety outsole


  • Not enough room in the toe box some users have mentioned

10. Keen Utility Flint

Keen’s Breathable
Steel Toe Cap Work Boots

The Keen Flint work boot boasts all the safety and comfort features you need in reliable work footwear, especially if you’re working in warm weather.

Considering that Flint Mid Steel Toe Work Boot meets Keen’s high standards, longevity is guaranteed.

The Keen Flint work boots are designed to ensure your feet don’t soak in sweat when you’re out there handling that significant construction, landscaping, or manufacturing job.

You’ll undoubtedly treasure the dual-density midsole that provides much-needed cushioning. This boot also comes with a stability shank to increase support, enabling you to stay on your feet for many hours.

This breathable work boot utilizes a steel toe that is comfortable, thanks to its asymmetrical cut. In addition, there are contoured locks that minimize heel slippage.


  • Super lightweight
  • Asymmetrical toe caps
  • Breathable material
  • Steel toe protection
  • Non marking soles


  • Not waterproof

11. Keen Utility Braddock

Keen’s Steel Toe
Industrial Work Boots

The Braddock steel toe industrial boot made it on our list of Keen’s popular work boots. Most people like it because it has a sturdy construction, and it promises necessities such as comfort and safety.

This boot is made from durable leather material. Its rubber outsoles are heat resistant; hence you don’t have to be concerned about heat damage.

Oil & slip-resistant rubber outsoles make the Braddock boot safe to wear on various terrains, including extremely smooth ones.

The Keen Braddock work boot is comfy. One of the features that contribute to this is its durable waterproof, breathable membrane that lets moisture out and prevents it from getting inside the boot.

It also features a roomy toe box and a heel cushion to add to your comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Steel toe protection
  • Asymmetrical toe caps
  • EH rated


  • Not waterproof

Alternatives to Keen Work Boots

Still not convinced that Keen boots are good enough? Well, the good thing is that we have dozens of other brands from which you can choose.

Here, I list a few more brands for you to look at and get a pair that fits your feet, work, and preferences.

Note: I’ve not arranged the Keen alternatives in any order- the last is just as good as the first. Instead, I’ve researched brands with features similar to Keen and shuffled them into my list.

The price and quality of most of these boots and brands range just at the meniscus of the Keen boots. Some may be a few bucks more expensive, while others are lower.

So, here are the best alternatives to Keen work boots:

Ever BootsSee models here
SkechersSee models here
CaterpillarSee models here
Timberland PROSee models here
RockroosterSee models here

Conclusion: Are Keen Work Boots Worth The Money?

Keen work boots are comfortable, durable, lightweight, and true to size. And, compared to other cheap brands, Keen cement its name on the list of the best budget work boots on the market today.

Although Keen’s brand is mainly associated with hiking shoes, they also make tough work boots that are waterproof and sturdy incorporating the last technologies in footwear.

The Keen Utility work boots offer an affordable way to protect and support your feet. Their breathability also lets you work for long without suffering sweaty feet.

So, yes, Keen work boots are worth your money for sure. Just make sure you buy the right boots for the type of work you’re doing!

Top Choice

Keen’s Most Rated Safety Work Boot

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