Top 10 Best Winter Work Boots (That Will Keep Your Feet Nice & Warm All Day)

Welcome to our best winter work boots review for 2022 (updated for 2023).

Editor’s Choice

The Best Insulated Winter Work Boot

We’ve put together a list of the warmest winter work boots that are great for the cold weather in various industries. And our #1 recommended product based on the extensive research that we have done is the Carhartt PAC.

To bring you this article we’ve researched 28 websites, looked at 38 work boots brands and models, read 143 reviews and customer feedback for a total amount of 46 hours. 

We’ve done all of this research so that you don’t have to. And we’re going to explain the important features for each winter boots that we are recommending and what makes these features useful for you.  

The article will conclude with a buyer’s guide explaining key things to look for when you’re buying winter work boots. 

You can’t put a price on warmth, comfort, or safety and this boot offers it all, at a competitive price and with high-quality workmanship. 

Let’s check out the ones who made the list!

You can jump straight into the winter work boots reviews section or go to the buyer’s guide first.

A quick list of the top 10 best cold weather work boots

Before we dive in, here’s a sneak peek at the boots we’ve included in our round-up…

1. Carhartt Work Boot

  • Composite toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best Overall For Heavy Winters

2. Carhartt Wellington

  • Steel toe
  • 60% Leather/40% Nylon
  • Waterproof

Best Pull On Boots For Men

3. Timberlando

  • Composite toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best For Sweaty Feet

4. Timberland
Direct Attach

  • Steel toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best For Women

5. Rocky BRN

  • Steel toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best For Extreme Cold

6. Ariat Workhog H20

  • Composite toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best For Cowboys

7. Keen Davenport

  • Composite toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best For UPS Drivers

8. Caterpillar Excavator

  • Composite toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best For Construction Workers

9. Caterpillar Stormers

  • Steel toe
  • Vulcanized rubber
  • Waterproof

Best For Oil Field

10. Wolverine Marauder

  • Soft toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best For Lawn Maintenance

Reviewing the 10 best insulated work boots for cold winters

These reviews are in no particular order.

We thought it’s best to just include as many as we possibly can with the intention to have an option for every single one of you looking for winter work boots.

Let’s hope we have achieved that!

1. Carhartt Insulated – Best Overall For Hard Winters

Carhartt boots are specially designed for you to work in hard winter conditions. They pride themselves on the highest standards of design and componentry to ensure that you’re able to do your work safely no matter the conditions in comfort and style. 

Safety for Carhartt is a top priority. Their composite (non-metallic) toe cap will protect you from dropped objects of up to 125 joules (or the equivalent of 22.7kg dropped from 56cm). 

Their toe protection also extends to electrical shocks, offering protection against incidental shocks of up to 18,000 joules under dry conditions. 

This makes these boots suitable for electricians and engineers as well as bricklayers and other construction professionals. 

But it’s not just your toes that the  Carhartt is designed to keep you safe. 

The TPU heel guard with Achilles flex joint will offer support to your arched feet, allowing you to work confidently without needing to worry about collapsed arches and other forms of long-term feet condition that might develop.

And the insulative LiteFire membrane keeps your feet dry and protects them from extreme weather conditions like rain or snow whilst also promoting airflow. 

So your feet will remain warm and dry, avoiding both frostbite and athlete’s foot. 

Overall, we strongly recommend that if you are working on worksites during extreme weather conditions, you invest in this pair of boots. 

Their design maximizes the comfort of your feet in every way whilst also ensuring they are safe.

Make sure you check out the Carhartt work boots reviews page if you want to see more models from this brand!


  • Protects your toes from heavy impacts and electric shocks
  • Keeps your feet dry whilst ensuring the good circulation of air
  • 100% leather, no cheaping out on materials with these guys 


  • A few concerns about durability among users, although the vast majority have been satisfied with the longevity of the product. 

2. Carhartt Wellington – Best For Men

The Carhartt Men’s 11″ Wellington Waterproof Steel Toe Leather Pull-On Work Boot is our top recommendation for men on a worksite. 

At 5 pounds each they are a bit on the heavy side, so you need to be a strong worker to wear them and move about the worksite with confidence. 

This makes them slightly more suitable for men to wear, not that women can’t wear them at all. 

These boots will keep your feet warm and dry in most conditions. 

The 3M Thinsulate is a world-leading brand of insulative material used by the US army, so you know it is going to do the job of insulation well. 

It works by trapping air molecules between your feet and the outside conditions ensuring maximal insulative protection. 

Another favorable feature for these great Wellington work boots is the TPU heel guard with an Achilles flex joint that provides excellent ankle stability.

Perfect for people with weaker joints or people who are worried about injuring their feet on the worksite. 

One small problem is that they only offer 400g of Thinsulate material which is generally on the lower end of what is considered sufficient in a pair of work boots. 

This thickness makes it ideal for sweaty feet, and for workers who have very active jobs, but it does mean it may not be as suitable for workers in colder climates.  We hope you liked this boot, but if you’re curious to know what other waterproof boots are out there, go here to find our best waterproof work boots suggestions!


  • 3M Thinsulate, a high-quality material
  • TPU Heel Guard offers excellent ankle stability
  • Storm Defender Waterproof Breathable Protection. A waterproof and breathable membrane that will keep your feet from sweating too much


  • Only 400 grams of Thinsulate, might not be enough in extreme weather conditions. 

3. Timberland PRO Boondock – Best For Sweaty Feet

The Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock is a durable practical work boot designed with utility and comfort in mind. 

This boot comes in the colour Brown Oiled Distressed and features two distinct shades of brown as well as orange stitching. 

Keeping your boots colourful on the worksite will make you stand out and ensure you remain visible, which is always important. 

Safety and comfort are at the heart of this boot’s design. The Composite Safety Toe combines new advancements in material science to provide a light-weight non metallic study toe cap. 

The advantages of a composite toe cap are that it doesn’t conduct electricity or the cold to your toes and that it allows for greater flexibility for a more comfortable boot on the worksite. 

This sense of comfort is why we have selected this boot as the best for naturally sweaty feet. The composite toe cap and the anti-fatigue technology means that you do not need to worry about the insulation provided by the boot leading to you having athlete’s foot as a result of the insulation. 

The rest of the boot is made from 100% waterproof leather giving your feet protection from weather and workplace hazards. The base of the boot is fitted with an underfoot layer proving defence against electrical risks in accordance with ASTM standards. 

The sole of the boot has deep grooves and grips to perfectly facilitate the hard work that you are doing. Finally the boot also provides a high quality of ankle support, which is crucial for preventing injuries. 


  • Very visible on the worksite
  • Provides high-quality ankle support
  • Conforms to ASTM standards


  • Only 400 grams of Thinsulate, might not be enough in extreme weather conditions. 

Check out our review of this boot on YouTube

4. Timberland PRO Direct Attach – Best For Women

This boot is designed for female workers and combines the classic durability of a classic timberland boot with a 24/7 comfort system that provides you with enhanced job performance day in and day out. 

The steel toe cap ensures that you are safe from the impact shocks of drops on the worksite, whilst also doing a good job of providing a lightweight feel at only 1.44 pounds. 

Customers who have bought this product have marveled at its durability and value for money. 

One small con is that the steel toe cap can conduct cold onto your toes, which are after all your most vital extremity. Look for composite toe caps when you can, especially if they offer the same level of impact resistance. 

As it is a steel toe cap boot it shouldn’t be too surprising that some users expressed frustration that the boot was not as comfortable as it could be. The steel toe means that it is very tight around the toe area, and the boots are not flexible enough to support the users natural arches. 

And one last con is that many users have expressed a concern that the sizing Timberland is using is off, with many needing to return their boots for a different size. So if you do choose to buy this brand, do be prepared to buy them in a different size to what you are used to. 


  • Lightweight
  • Provides a steel toe cap for extra protection from drops and accidents
  • A lot of users delighted with durability and value for money 


  • The sizing chart is considered a little bit off for some users. 

5. Rocky BRN – Best For Extreme Cold Weather

The Rocky BRN has 1200g of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, offering far more warmth and protection from the elements than rival brands. This makes them the best brand of boots to buy when you are out working in the brutal cold. 

Safety is also important to the manufacturers of these Rocky work boots which is why they have invested in a steel toe cap that can withstand 75 pounds of impact resistance. 

So safety and temperature resistance are the major pros for this boot make? Are there any cons?

Well, this is a slightly more obscure make of boots than the Timberland and the Carhartt so the product does not have as many reviews on Amazon. 

It’s a bit of a risk, but if you’re working in extremely cold weather conditions then in the opinion of this author it’s worth it. 


  • 3M Thinsulate material, an excellent material that will keep your feet warm and dry. A material used by the US army to keep combat soldiers feet warm
  • Can withstand 75 pounds of impact resistance
  • 1200grams of Thinsulate material, providing much higher amounts of warmth than the other brands. Perfect for extremely cold conditions. 


  • Not as many delighted customers as the trusted/popular brands

6. Ariat Workhog H20 – Best For Cowboys

The Ariat Men’s Workhog H2O 400g Composite Toe Work Boot is a cowboy boot.

If you turn up to work in these bad boys not only are you providing yourself with excellent protection from the dangers of the worksite and the weather but you’re also making a bold fashion statement. 

These boots are no fakers; they’re made from 100% leather with a rubber sole and Thinsulate material.

The composite toe cap is ASTM F2413-11 Ml/75 C/75 EH Rated, meaning it should pass your construction safety standards and protect your toes from both electrical and impact shocks. 

If there was one con to these very stylish boots it would simply be that only 400g Thinsulate insulation is offered with this make of boots.  This may not be enough insulative material for very cold worksites. 


  • Very stylish
  • Conforms to widely recognized impact and electric safety standards
  • Thinsulate (3M) material for good warms. 


  • Only 400g of Thinsulate which may not be enough for colder worksites.

7. KEEN Davenport – Best For UPS Drivers

Hey, we’ve been focused a lot on work boots for construction and DIY professionals, in part because that’s where I come from professionally. But delivery drivers have been keeping this economy going in these trying times. 

The KEEN Utility Men’s Davenport 6″ Composite Toe Insulated Waterproof Work Shoe is right for delivery drivers because it’s got good traction control that keeps you steady on icy ground while you are walking around with parcels. 

Specifically it is designed micro-glass fibers technology to create ‘micro-cleats’ that keep you upright on even the most treacherous of surfaces. So no need to worry about slipping! 

And it offers 400g of Thinsulative material for an ideal level of comfort and warmth for winter workers. One potential downside is that this may not be enough protection for delivery drivers who are working in very cold temperatures. 

They might be running back to the warmth of the van a lot with this pair of boots, and it may be the case that they need to consider a warmer pair on the market if they’re working in more extreme climates.  

Another downside to this product is that it offers composite toe protection, not steel toe protection. This can be considered a disadvantage for delivery drivers if this compromises their safety hen they are carrying around very heavy parcels 

But it can also be seen as a pro because composite toe protection is easier to walk around in and more lightweight, perfect for delivery drivers who are spending a lot of the day on their feet. Just don’t drop those parcels!


  • Excellent traction control 
  • Composite toe protection makes it more flexible and lightweight for those long days on your feet 
  • Thinsulate material (3M), a high quality and widely respected material for insulative protection 


  • 400g of Thinsulate may not be enough

8. Caterpillar Excavator – Best For Construction Workers

Back to construction workers, my background! The Caterpillar Men’s Excavatorxl 8″ Wp Tx Ct Construction Boot is designed for construction professionals and so it puts safety as the top priority of this boot and its design. 

With a slip-Resistant rubber outsole, it is perfect for the worksite that sometimes gets a bit messy and you do not need to worry about falling over with these bad boys on. The molded squeegee tread provides further stability, as do the ergonomic ankle pods. 

The composite toe protection protects you against up to 600 volts of electric shock in dry conditions.

So this adds more to these boot’s credentials as the perfect pair of boots for construction workers who are working with electricity hazards around.

However, while safety matters, comfort is also key. This boot incorporates EaseHD heavy-duty comfort footbed technology into its design, giving your feet that extra support that can sometimes be lacking in other brands that are more focused on safety or insulation from the cold. 

That is one downside is that not much for these boots is mentioned in the way of degree of insulative material. One can imagine that though it’s better than wearing normal work boots, these boots may still not be ideal for construction workers working in very very cold temperatures. 


  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Composite toe protection providing you with toe protection of up to 600 volts of electric shock
  • EaseHD heavy-duty comfort footbed technology 


  • Could do with a bit more insulation. It’s great for construction workers though.

9. Caterpillar Stormers – Best For Oilfield

The Caterpillar Men’s Stormers 11″ Steel Toe Work Boot are the best boots for workers on an oilfield. 

This is because they are in the ‘rigger design’ that allow you to easily slip them off like a wellington should you fall into water. 

However do not think that these ‘rigger’ boots are less safe. They incorporate shock absorption technology that makes them easier to walk in and can protect your feet both from uneven terrain and from moderate object drops. 

They also offer protection against electrical shocks of up to 600 volts in dry conditions, which is important when working with all of the technological instruments that come with an oil field. 

One small con for this product is that it is a ‘rigger boot’ and thus while suitable for oilfields it may be banned by some companies on more mainstream construction sites as too likely to slip off.

 Having boots that can slip off easy is good in some situations but in others can pose a major safety risk as exposing your feet to danger. 

So make sure you check with your manager if you are a construction or other worksite professional before buying the The Caterpillar Men’s Stormers 11″ Steel Toe Work Boot. 


  • Shock absorption technology making them easy to walk in. 
  • Provides protection against electric shocks
  • Good for oilfield workers. 


  • Rigger boots are not allowed on some work sites. 

10. Wolverine Marauder – Best For Lawn Maintenance

The Wolverine Men’s Marauder Rubber Insulated Wellington Work Boot is best for lawn maintenance because it’s built to withstand the toughness of all environments. We in particular recommend them for lawn maintenance professionals.  

If you approach clients with this stylish boot on they will be impressed with you and know what you are talking about. 

The boot is made from Full grain leather upper and so it looks very stylish. It is also waterproof and so will protect your feet from the elements. 

It comes with both composite and steel toe cap makes, so perfect for whether comfort or safety is your higher priority (see buyer’s guide for more details on whether to go for steel or composite toe caps in different situations). 

The one downside to these boots is that some reviewers have expressed concerns about durability. 

If you’re using these in a garden they may be slightly more suitable in this environment than construction. This boot is not as tough as some of the competing products. 

If you’re still on the fence about Wolverine brand, check out this in-depth research we’ve done on whether Wolverine work boots are good or not!


  • Stylish
  • Comes with both steel and composite toe caps option. So it’s adaptable to the kind of worksite you are working on and your comfort and safety priorities. 
  • Waterproof will protect your feet from extreme elements. 


  • Only 400 grams of Thinsulate, might not be enough in extreme weather conditions. 

Winter Work Boots Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide will show you some of the features to look out for when shopping for winter work boots and recommend some additional steps for you to take when wearing your boots to secure your comfort, safety, and warmth. 

How to choose the best work boots for winter time?

To choose boots that keep your feet safe from the dangers of the work site, and warm during the cold winter months, and, most importantly of all, comfortable for the long daily grind, is very difficult. 

Features to look for in a good winter work boot?

Here are a few very important features you would like to see in any pair of winter work boots.


The first thing to consider when buying work boots is that not all insulation is the same. Different materials in different quantities will be suitable for different jobs, and the colder it gets on your work site, the more that a material called thinsulate is essential. 

Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic fiber thermal insulation has been used in winter work boots and other types of winter clothing since the 1970s and has been in use by the US army since the 1980s. If soldiers in combat use it, you know it’s a high quality material. 

If your work boots have Thinsulate in them then this is a sign that they will keep your feet warm whilst also being relatively lightweight. 

walking in the snow in a pair of insulated work boots that are great for winter

Thinsulate fibers are thinner than polyester fibers used in other insulating materials, and this increased density of fibers results in a more effective insulative product.

But how much Thinsulate should your boots contain?? 

As a general rule, colder weather calls for a higher amount of thinsulate in your boots. But more thinsulate means your boots will be heavy and hard to move around in.

The following quantities of Thinsulate are suitable for different situations. 

  • 200 grams- Suitable for a cool spring or autumn day with high levels of activity. . 
  • 400-600 grams– This is for colder days, maybe 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit with a moderate level of activity. 
  • 800 grams- This quantity is for even colder temperatures, 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit, with a low level of activity.
  • 1200 Grams– This quantity of insulation is for winter month weather, where temperatures can typically go below 30 degree Fahrenheit. The boots at this point are getting very heavy so they wouldn’t be recommended for an intense worksite. 
  • 2000 grams- These boots are for temperatures below 0, but will make any amount of activity beyond gentle walking very difficult. 

Depending on the demands of your workplace, how much activity you need to do while working and the variable temperature that can be reached on your worksite, a 200 gram and 2000 gram insulated boot may be the way to go. 

Other insulative material

Though Thinsulate is a good material, there are alternatives that may be incorporated into work boots. Primaloft insulation, like Thinsulate, offers warmth without bulk, excellent water resistance, and is also used by the US army. 

The main thing that sets Primaloft aside from competitors is dealing with horrendous weather. Primaloft provides greater protection against water and snow than competing insulative products. 

So if the winter weather in your area is especially awful, then it may be worth investing in some Primaloft boots. 

Built Material

As well as which insulative material you choose to use, the make of the leather is incredibly important both for feet warmth and for comfort. 

Having your winter work boots be made out of a rigid material can limit your feet’ natural movement whilst working or walking, and this can lead to discomfort and long-term foot issues. 

It is also important to make sure that the built material of your work boots is flexible enough to gradually adapt to the contours of your feet, in the same way, any normal pair of shoes will gradually fit better. 

Buying cheap leather that is too rigid means that this won’t happen. On the other hand, you still need a leather brand that is tough enough to protect you from the dangers of a worksite. 

NUBUCK LEATHER: is a particularly good choice given that is lightly sanded in preparation leather that’s been lightly sanded on the grain side and therefore been given a satiny character. 

But it is still a tough material that can protect you from dropped materials and knocks. Because it both feels soft but maintains a tough exterior, it is often used for safety boots. 

Waterproof system

If you’re working in the rain or the snow then waterproofing is key. As we’ve already mentioned, Primaloft interior insulative system is an excellent choice if you want to keep your socks as dry as possible whilst working.

But there are other alternatives waterproofing systems for winter work boots including the Goretex membrane offered in many work boots and winter clothing. 

Goretex is considered one of the best waterproofing membranes on the market owing to the nine-billion pores per square inch which ensure no water gets through. 

Traction control

Being warm, dry and comfortable on the worksite is very important, and this is largely what we have been talking about so far. But safety is key.

All of these features will mean absolutely nothing if you slip whilst working and twist an ankle, or drop something sharp or heavy on you. 

How important traction control and what kind of boots to consider for this purpose will vary considerably depending on what kind of surfaces you expect to be working on. 

For good traction control, you need to make sure the sole of your work boots is made out of non-slip rubber. You should also make sure you invest in boots with larger treads for a strong grip. And finally, consider buying boots with an irregular 

As well as looking for high-quality soles for good traction control, you ought to consider buying additional products such as traction spray. Traction sprays work by adding a thin coat of resin to your shoes. 

You might also consider buying an elastic band to add to your shoes, this will add more traction to your tread. 

Injury Protection

It is of course vital that you protect your feet from dropped objects and floor hazards when wearing winter work boots. Two of the most important areas to look at when buying protective boots are the toes and the soles. 

When it comes to toes there are steel toes and composite toes.

– Composite Toe

Composite toe boots are made from strong materials that are not metallic such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar.

The advantage of these is that these materials are less conducive to cold weather, and so you are less likely to freeze your toes off when wearing composite toe boots in extreme weather. 

The other advantage of composite toe boots is that they offer better resistance to electrical shocks, which makes them the preferred boot of choice for engineers and electricians. And they are generally lighter, meaning they are less effort for you to drag around the work-site. 

– Steel Toe

Steel toe boots also do not breathe as easily as composite toe boots as they are less flexible. So as well as being heavier they are also less comfortable to wear, which can kill your feet during a long day on the worksite. 

BUT steel toe cap boots also have significant advantages for toe protection. They can handle a bigger impact mass as they are stronger than the composite options. They are also usually cheaper and

So if you are on a budget then you may just have to take the aforementioned disadvantages.


– Sole Protection

Sole protection is also really important when you are working on a worksite. You do not want to seriously injure your feet by treading on something sharp or hazardous and most countries around the world now have a certain standard of protection that work boot midsoles have to offer your feet in order to be allowed onto a work site. 

Most of these standards require a boot to be able to resist a penetration force of 1100N. To put that in English that’s a 100KG man stomping down hard on a nail and the boot still standing strong (obviously if you do this repeatedly the boot will wear down so don’t go tempting fate out there). 

Ankle Support

If you have weak ankles then finding a pair of boots that offer you adequate support can be very difficult. 

You can also buy additional accessories with your boots from ankle supports to ankle braces.

These products, in addition to a well-designed pair of boots, can provide excellent ankle support by preventing drastic movements, including twists and falls.

They are also very useful if you’re just recovering from an injury. 


The best way of finding out how durable a pair of work boots are is simple: look at the reviews. If customers are overwhelmingly praising how they have managed to keep these boots for years and that they have survived through thick and thin, then this speaks well to their durability. 

But if there are a lot of reviews complaining that they fell apart within a few weeks of use 

Remember a review doesn’t give the full story, perhaps this was a one-off defective product from the factory or perhaps the user was subjecting the boot to an unusual degree of strain.

Perhaps even the review is fake and the user has a gripe with the company. 

This is why you look at many reviews, and maybe the other products that a user who has given a product either 5* or 1*. 

This article has, where relevant, flagged concerns that some users have had about the durability of some of the winter work boots makes that this article is recommending to you. 

As well as judging durability from review another tool which you can use to judge how much confidence a manufacturer puts into their product is how long of a warranty they offer on them. 

If they are willing to give you a warranty of longer than a year then this should communicate to you the confidence they have in the durability of their product.

If they don’t then you should maybe pause before buying this new pair of boots. 

What makes winter work boots better than regular boots?

And why is it absolutely paramount to use winter work boots vs regular snow boots in cold weather?

Winter work boots are adapted both for the winter conditions that you will be facing on the worksite and the dangers from the worksite itself.m 

Just because the temperature goes below 30 degrees or the snow starts to fall doesn’t mean that the other dangers you face on a regular work site, electric currents, heavy objects, and sharp things on the floor. 

You still need the toe caps, the midsole protection, the ankle support, and the traction control offered to you by a proper pair of winter work boots, as well as the insulative qualities offered by recreational snow boots. 

So keep the casual pair of regular snow boots for a fun weekend in the park with snowball fights and sledding. Make sure you are wearing your winter work boots on the site, and make sure you are buying smart for this eventuality. 

Final Verdict: Best Pair Of Insulated Work Boots For Winter Is

This website gives as its number one recommendation based on our extensive research the Carhartt Men’s 10″ Waterproof Insulated PAC Composite Toe Boot.

You can’t put a price on warmth, comfort, or safety and this boot offers it all, at a good price and with high-quality workmanship. 

Customer reviews have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the componentry and design of these boots, and have marveled at how it is ankle to keep feet consistently warm in freezing cold temperatures. 

As we demonstrated in our buyer’s guide, there are numerous advantages to a composite toe boot over a steel toe boot, including protecting against electrical threats and a greater degree of flexibility and worn comfort.

This is one of the main advantages that the Carhartt Men’s 10″ Waterproof Insulated PAC Composite Toe Boot has over the steel toe boot competitors. 

However, this article has also detailed a large number of alternative options for winter work boots to suit your comfort priorities, budget and worksite conditions.

We’re confident this article has given YOU the information you need to make an informed consumer decision about how to protect your feet from icy and cold winters by getting a good pair of safety work boots.

Editor’s Choice

The Best Winter Work Boot

This work boot is the one that our editor recommends based on the research we’ve done!

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