Top 8 Best Summer Work Boots (That Will Keep Your Feet Cool In Hot Summer Days)

Welcome to our best summer work boots review for 2022 (updated for 2023).

Editor’s Choice

The Best Summer Working Boots

We’ve put together a list of the top hot weather work boots that are great for various industries and situations during the hot summer months! Our #1 recommended product based on the extensive research that we have done is the KEEN Utility Lansing.

What's Inside?

To bring you this article we’ve researched 29 websites, looked at 42 work boots brands and models, read 181 reviews and customer feedback for a total amount of 53 hours.

We loved this boot not only because it has a great ventilation system. 

But also because it contains asymmetrical steel and aluminum toe caps, reflecting the contours of your feet. (that’s better than the toe caps offered in the toe boxes of other manufacturers.)

We have included other work boot brands that have great features too. 

So keep reading if you want to find out more details and which is the right one for you. 

Hot weather work boots for men and women

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which work boots we’ve included in our round-up.

1. Keen Utility

  • Waterproof
  • 100% textile
  • Steel toe

Best Ventilated For Summer

2. Wolverine Overpass

  • Waterproof
  • Leather + textile
  • Composite toe

Best Summer Boot
With Composite Toe

3. RockRooster 6″

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Best Summer Work Boots For Construction

4. Ariat Groundbreaker

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe

Best Summer Boot
For Farmers

5. Carhartt Wedge Sole

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Soft toe

Non-Safety Toe Work Boots For Warm Weather

6. Under Armour Valsetz

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% synthetic
  • Soft toe

Military Tactical Boot

7. Timberland Drivetrain

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% synthetic
  • Composite toe

Breathable And Comfortable

8. Red Wing Heritage

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Soft toe

Made In The US

Reviewing The Top 8 Best Work Boots For Summer

Alright, let’s jump into some detailed reviews of each one of these summer work botts we’ve included in today’s round up.

We’ll start with the best rated …

1. Keen Utility ventilated summer work boots

Editor’s Choice

Best Rated for Men & Women

Breathable and lightweight. The most desirable features you’d want to find in a work boot that you’ll use in summertime (whatever your industry is)

The KEEN Utility Lansing is our best-rated summer work boot which means that it has delighted the most customers and when we look through the product features this doesn’t surprise us at all. 

This is a steel toe cap boot that meets, or most likely exceeds the conventional ASTM F2412 standards. This means your toes will be protected from falling objects and shocks, allowing you to continue working, safely.

Furthermore, the steel toe-cap is asymmetrical, meaning each cap is designed especially for either the left foot or the right foot. 

This, according to numerous reviewers, makes it much more comfortable than standard toe caps, which are symmetrical and so can be very uncomfortable. 

These Keen boots also contain excellent Goretex waterproof technology which will allow sweaty vapor out without letting water in, keeping your feet dry and cool. 

The boots also contain CLEANSPORT NXT odor control to stop your feet from stinking, even after a busy day of work. 

Owners of this work boot have also been delighted by the durability of this product, with one customer noting how they were able to do long days of work every day for weeks on end without the boot taking any damage. 

These are some of the reasons we think this Keen boot is one of the best boots for hot weather you can find on the market!

Read the full review of these KEEN Lansing work boots here.


  • Customers delighted by the excellent durability offered by the durable, waterproof leather of the boot 
  • Meets all the high-quality anti-slip and toe protection standards
  • Asymmetrical steel toe caps for maximal feet and toe comfort 


  • Some users have expressed concern about the laces which they claim needed replacing owing to constant fraying and untying. 
  • Others have felt that the work boots have needed a long ‘breaking’ in period before they feel fully comfortable. 

2. Wolverine Overpass 6″ summer work boots

Best Composite Toe For Summer

This Wolverine boot features a breathable membrane to ensure your feet stay dry in all work conditions.

This sounds great, especially if you’re one of those persons with sweaty feet.

The WOLVERINE Overpass is the best composite toe boot on the market. 

Weighing in at just 1.75 pounds each, your feet will feel much lighter in these bad boys than in other brands, preventing you from exhausting yourself on the worksite. 

But don’t think the lightweightedness is a substitute for safety. The boots meet all the requisite safety standards that you would expect from other toe caps. 

And the slip-resistant soles also mean you won’t have to worry too much about falling over whilst on the worksite, even if you’re working in an environment with a lot of oil or slippery liquids. 

We loved the Summer Brown colour and vermillion rubber soling that make this boot one of the better looking boots included in our round up. You don’t exactly buy work boots for style, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

And you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd in these boots that contain all the lovely summer colours we like. 

And of course, since we’re talking about wearing these boots in the summer, the boots contain the best in waterproofing and ventilative technologies, including construction from waterproof leather which will protect your feet from rainy weather- since it can rain in the summer after all. 

The boot also comes with an Ortholite cushioned footbed which delivers a combination of temperature regulation and comfort, perfect for summer wearing. 

This footbed is removable, so if it isn’t working for you you aren’t stuck with it. 


  • Very stylish, with bold colors that will stand out in the summer sun. 
  • Comes with an Ortholite cushioned footbed for comfort and temperature control
  • Composite toecap delivering you a lightweight feel 


  • Rubber toe caps can crack, and some workplace safety officers may insist on steel toe caps as they can often resist more extreme drops and shocks.

3. RockRooster breathable work boots for summer days

Hot Weather Steel Toe Boots

The best feature of this boot is the fabric that’s made with. On hot days, the CoolMax fabric transports moisture away from the body, keeping your feet cool and dry for the whole duration of your shift.

The ROCKROOSTER work boots are the “tough as nails boot” that looks more like a boot out of a gothic rock band than boots that belong on a worksite, but don’t be fooled. 

These boots are actually our top pick for safety. The steel toe cap conforms to all the safety features of a worksite you would expect. And the Static Dissipative, Non-slip Rubber Outsole enables you to traverse the worksite with confidence. 

The sole is made from a Thermoplastic Urethane sole, which has the benefits of being lightweight, temperature resistant, and possessing both a high tolerance for abrasion and good slip resistance. 


  • 100% oil full-grained leather- so you know that these boots will protect you from dangers and be very durable 
  • These boots are available in black- a much more stylish option than the dull brown and orange everyone else will be sporting on the worksite. 
  • Utilization of COOLMAX technology for the transportation of moisture away from the body. This technology will keep your feet cool on very hot days.  


  • Black colors are known to absorb heat from the sun and so these boots may feel marginally more uncomfortable than others 
  • Full-grained leather is thought to be harder to break into, and less breathable, than lighter boots. 
  • The steel toe cap unfortunately makes the boot heavier

4. Ariat pull on waterproof summer boots for farmers

Best Summer Work Boots
For Farm Work

It might be tough to find work boots to keep you cool around the farm since you’ll have to wear pull-on boots. But Ariat’s breathable mesh lining will help you stay safe and fresher than other pull-on boots on those hot days.

The ARIAT Groundbreaker is one of the best work boots for farmers. This is because of the additional rebound offered with the comfortable insole that will allow you to work on the uneven outdoor surfaces of an agricultural worksite. 

Primary sector workers are the ones who are keeping us fed every day and this boot would be the perfect gift for them. 

The full grain leather makes it really tough and durable. Perfectly for the variable conditions that can be thrown by the great outdoors, while the 90 degree heel offers excellent ankle support for the potential trips and twists of farming life. 

Finally, the fact the boots are pull-on makes them non-fiddly. You never have to worry about stray laces tripping you up or getting in the way of your work. 

And if you need a pair of waterproof summer boots, these Groundbreaker are perfect for that. Here’s a list of the best waterproof work boots for men and women if you want to know what other models are popular!


  • Easy to slip on and off. 
  • Reviewers have admired the durability and toughness of these boots 
  • The high shaft offers excellent ankle and heel support. 


  • These work boots weigh two pounds each so they are a little on the heavy side.

5. Carhartt 6 inch lightweight summer work boots

Best Non Safety Summer Boots

If you work in environments where safety toe protection it’s not required, this pair of boots is great for summer days. The sole wedge and for toe makes it a very light work boot (you’ll sweat less because of it).

The Carhartt Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot is the best boot we have included for non-safety boot wearers. 

The soft toe will still protect you against electric circuits of up to 18,000 volts but it will not offer as much protection against heavy objects being dropped on your toes. 

It is thus more suitable for certain kinds of worksites over others. 

This boot particularly specialises in keeping your feet dry from the treacherous weather conditions of the great outdoors. 

There’s no guaranteeing against rain- even in the summer. 

These boots encompass Storm Defender waterproof breathable protection which are designed to be completely waterproof, and to prevent water getting to your feet in most types of wet conditions. 

Users who work on non-industrial sites (like farms or outdoors) love this boot as the leather stays strong against environmental pressures. Owners have also commented on how the boots provide excellent levels of comfort. 


  • Storm Defender waterproofing technology- keeps your feet dry in all conditions. 
  • Protects your feet from electric shocks 
  • Users love the strength of the leather 


  • Soft toe may compromise your safety- speak to your sites manager or safety officer to see if this is the right boot pair for you 

6. Under Armour Valsetz RTS military and tactical

Best Combat Work Boots
For Hot Days

They look good and they are so light they feel like tennis shoes. That’s one of the features you’d like to see in work boots. Especially if you work lots of hours in summer time.

The Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 looks more like the kind of boots you’d see a gothic punk band wear, however they’re actually designed for the toughest of the tough, those who join one of the branches of the military and protect our freedoms. 

At 15 ounces per boot, this is an incredibly lightweight boot, perfect for soldiers who are going on long running missions or hikes. 

The boot provides UA ClutchFit ankle support, preventing those on a mission from either rolling their ankles to cause a serious injury or develop a long-running strain. 

Users have delighted in this boots fast break-in, allowing wearers to get down to business straight away, and resistance to rain, snow and sleet. 


  • Lightweight– giving the user more energy to go that extra mile
  • Resistant to all temperature conditions through excellent synthetic leather
  • Provides excellent ankle support to prevent both serious injuries and long-term sprains. 


  • The side-zip, which would be a useful feature for helping you get these boots on and off quickly, does not always work according to some users.

7. Drivetrain – the best summer work boot from Timeberland

Most comfortable breathable
work boots

Not only looks amazing but it’s also very comfortable with lots of features such as the breathable and moisture-wicking lining with anti-microbial treatment that will help control odor. And much more …

The best pair of summer work boots from Timberland that we have to recommend for you is the Timberland PRO Drivetrain work boot. 

These boots are simply amazing, from tough toe materials to breathability, it has it all. 

This boot uses the toughest material there is, TPU, for the toe overlay, complimenting the  composite toe cap for a lightweight but still very protective experience. 

The outsole of the boot also uses polyurethane, which is a variant of TPU, one of the tougher materials companies are using to toughen up the soles of their boots. 

The Timberland Pro Drivetrain contains anti-microbial moisture-wicking lining, that prevents odours from lingering in the boot, keeping the feet of the users nice and fresh. It is an extremely breathable design. 

And users simply love the fact that it barely weighs anything, with so many of them comparing wearing these boots to wearing basketball or tennis shoes. 


  • Lightweight- so light you barely feel like you’re wearing boots
  • Anti-fatigue technology, with a polyurethane footbed for excellent shock absorption. Prevents strain on your ankles and joints from too much shock. 
  • Anti-odour wicking lining. This means the boots won’t stick out quickly. 


  • Some users have complained that these boots did not last very long. While this may be an unreflective user experience, it is a concern reflected quite a bit. 

8. Heritage Moc 6″ comfy work boots for hot summers

The Best Red Wing
Work Boot For Summer

These boots are made in the US. The smooth leather lining naturally wicks away moisture to keep your feet safe and comfortable all day.

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s Moc 6″ Boot is the best summer work boot product that we have to recommend from Red Wing. 

These boots are made from full-grain leather, giving them the tough veneer that top-grain leather of synthetics just does not have. 

They are not arched- which means they might not offer as much support as other boots- but they still are lovingly stitched and will stay together. 

Please note- Redwing recommends you buy their boots half a size smaller than your normal size. 


  • Boots made in the USA– buying Red Wings means you are supporting American jobs. 
  • Red Wing also runs their own in-house repair and resoling workshop- meaning that you can hand them over to an expert should you have any issues with your purchase. 
  • Full-grain leather means that these bad boys are the toughest in the business. 


  • According to many user reviews- it can take up to eight weeks for these boots to feel fully comfortable. It is a process- so to speak. 
  • And 2.14 pounds a boot- they’re a little heavy for a summer boot. 

Hot Summer Work Boots Buyer’s Guide

Whether this is the first time buying work boots in general or the first time looking to buy work boots specifically for summer time, we’ve put this little guide together to help you with some tips and information that we think you’ll find usefull. 

How to choose the best summer work boots for you?

Having an extra pair of boots designed for summer conditions will not only help keep your feet cool and prevent the buildup of athlete’s foot, which is a condition that can develop if your feet get too sweaty but it’ll provide you general comfort and increase your work performance as well.

Everyone has different needs, different features that they will give priority to, and different things that are best for their feet. 

So let’s talk about features… 

Features to look for in a good work boot for hot summers?

Here are the most important ones. 

1. Good materials for ventilation

Ventilation is probably one of the top things you are looking for in a summer work boot. Especially if you’re prone to an athlete’s foot, having a boot that is breathable and will allow the heat produced from your feet to leave your boot is essential. 

But what do you need to look for to make sure a boot is well-ventilated? They will all claim to be, but what features will stand out?

If you can make the upper section of your boot from either nylon or top-grain leather, you will be doing well. Both are flexible materials that will make sure the feet can breathe and will gradually contour to the shapes of your feet. 

It is also worth investing in an insole or padded cushion for your wook boots. As well as being good for absorbing the shock caused by your movements, they are perforated which allows for increased airflow, keeping your feet nice and cool. 

2. Good materials for general protection 

While you want work boots to be well-ventilated, you also want them to be tough. 

They are, after all, meant to protect you from objects that might fall on your feet, shocks, and other hazards at work.

The quality of construction material, from the upper to the soles and midsoles, is almost always the difference between a $50 and $250 pair of work boots. 

So it is worth looking at different types of material and what they can do for you, both in terms of toughness and breathability. 

Different parts of the boot may be made of different material – afterall the outsole (bottom) of the shoe is going to be on the ground at all times and so needs to be tougher than the uppers, the bit of the shoe above your ankle that merely protects your lower calves from weather. 

For upper materials, leather is the most popular choice, owing to its durability. 

Full grain leather is generally the toughest kind of material on the market.

3. Sole Protection

Just as toe protection is crucial for summer work boots, so too must the soles of your feet be protected. 

The soles need to be thick enough to resist puncture by sharp objects you might find on a worksite, like nails, glass or non-activated power tools, or really anything that you could tread on really. 

But boot outsoles (the outer bit) are generally made of three different kinds of material

  • TPU
  • Nitrile
  • Rubber 

The most common material you will see for work boot soles is rubber. 

It’s abrasive, and possesses good traction to prevent oil or wet floor spills. It has a lengthy storage resistance, meaning that even if the boots you buy stay in the shop for a long time they will not lose any of their strength. 

Rubber outsoles 

Rubber also possesses a superior water resistance, which makes them easy to clean, and a extreme heat tolerance, meaning that you can work in these bad boys whilst you are in a boiler room or smelting plant. 

The downside to rubber soles, is that they are heavier than the next two kinds of sole material we will discuss: TPU and Nitrile.

Outsoles made of TPU

TPU- or Thermoplastic Urethane, is another excellent material for outsoles, which is lightweight compared to rubber while still being extremely temperature, slip and abrasion-resistant. 

The main downside to TPU is that it is expensive compared to rubber and it is not as temperature resistant as regular rubber. 

Finally there is Nitrile

The main benefit to Nitrile over TPU is that it is extremely temperature resistant- again resisting temperatures of up to 572°F. Another benefit to Nitrile over regular rubber is that it is lightweight and has superior resistance to abrasions and punctures.

The downside?

Nitrile is expensive and it’s harder to find in outsoles on the market. (particularly in a brand/style of work boot that you like) 

As well as investigating the outsole material, you should also find out whether your summer work boots have steel midsoles. 

Steel midsoles are sheets of steel usually 0.5mm thick that will offer the bottom of your feet extra protection from shocks and sharp objects on a worksite. 

Also the steel midsoles should be made from stainless steel as this will not break down unlike cheaper forms of material. 

4. Toe Protection

Again – just because you want your boots to be comfortable to wear in the summer months doesn’t also mean they shouldn’t conform to safety requirements of a dangerous worksite. 

Those dangers don’t go away in the summer months afterall. 

Protecting your toes from falling objects usually involves purchasing either steel toe caps or composite toes. The former is made of steel, the latter are made from strong non-metallic substances such as kevlar that are lighter in weight 

By regulation, both kinds of boots will protect your toes from shocks of at least 200 Joules, that is a 20kg object dropped from 10m. 

But steel toe protection is generally more protective than composite toe caps, coming with the downside that they are heavier and less flexible to the pronation of your feet.  

Speak to your work supervisor or safety officer to judge whether steel or composite toe caps are the right fit for your work site. 

5. Good materials for a waterproofing system

In short: Gore Tex fabric is the superior material for this. The fabric both ensures water keeps out, and allows water vapor, such as sweat, to pass through, making it an ideal fabric for both summer work boots and running shoes. 

If a pair of summer work boots that you buy contain gore tex waterproofing technology, either on the uppers or the sole, then you know you have made a good purchasing decision. 

6. Good Materials for Durability

As well as general toughness for soles and upper material, you want to make sure the material you have the boots made from is durable as well as protective. 

After all, you don’t want to be buying new boots every six months, or sending them for repairs all of the time. 

Ostrich leather

The most durable leather for boots is ostrich leather, which gets its durability from natural oils.

Oils which also provide long-lasting protection against the effects of damage from heat and sun exposure. 

Crocodile leather

There is also crocodile leather which is popular among construction workers for its strength however it has the downside of being quite expensive and unaffordable for many workers. 

Kangaroo leather

Finally, Kangaroo hide is also a very tough material from which to make your boots, up to ten times stronger than traditional cowhide. 

The durability in kangaroo hide comes from its relative density and the top layers of a kangaroo boot don’t dry out quickly like traditional cowhide.

Within specific kinds of leathers it is worth knowing whether your boots are full grain or top grain. 

Both are the same kinds of leather, but with top grain leather you’ve essentially taken a full grain boot and sanded away the imperfections, giving you a much more uniform finish but less durability than the unvarnished ‘full grain’ boot. 

So if you can have full-grain boots these will be much more durable than top-grain. 

Other considerations 

If the above wasn’t enough, here are some extra things that we liked to look at whilst during our research and that we recommend you to consider too…

1. Boot weight 

The lighter your boot, the less strain will be placed on your feet while you are moving around the worksite doing tasks. 

This reduced strain on your feet will reduce risk of injury or long-term strain, as well as improving your general comfort and wellbeing. 

You don’t want to choose as light a boot as possible just for the sake of it,as this may cause you to compromise on safety or other features. But all else being equal, the lighter the better. 

Also remember generally a boot weight, unless stated otherwise will be for a single boot. E.g. a 3 pound four ounce boot will be 3 pounds and four ounces on just one foot, six pounds and eight ounces across both. Bear this in mind. 

2. Comfort Considerations 

If you are going to be working in your summer work boots all day then you want them to be comfortable, right? 

But what specifically makes a work boot comfortable? 

Well here are some specific features to consider. 

Cushioned Footbeds or Insoles 

Cushioned footbeds, or insoles will make your feet feel way more comfortable while you are working in work boots. 

As well as having ventilative qualities that we have already discussed, they can provide shock absorption and heel support for a more comfortable working experience. 

If you’re going to buy insoles, you should buy ones for the specific needs of your own feet. For example if you are experiencing a lot of heel pain, you should look for an insole with extra padding in that specific area. 

Antimicrobial insoles

If you’re concerned about the smell, many insoles also have antimicrobial qualities. 

Compared to regular leather or other internal materials, cushioned insole materials absorb the sweat at a more rapid pace, preventing lingering odours. 

Finally if you’re trying to improve the fit of an existing work boot that is just a little bit too big, you can use insoles to add a layer of foam cushioning to create a snugger fit by reducing the extra space. 

On the other side to that, if you do plan on buying some cushioned footbeds or insoles for ventilation and support, make sure you then buy a pair of work boots that give you a little bit extra room so that the boots still fit. 

One particularly effective product we would recommend is Kaps. Kaps are constructed from three unique layers consisting of 

  • a soft fabric on top 
  • and a latex bottom cushion. 

Kaps also comes with a size pad so you can cut the sole down to the custom size of your feet. 

3. How much room is inside the toe box

Having enough room at the toe section is vital to feet health. Having your toes squeezed together too tight can cause bunions or athlete’s foot, as well as strains and pains. 

Insufficient toe room can also cause diminished mobility, lack of support for arches, poor posture, and limited range of motion. 

Remember, the toes should have enough space at the sides as well as at the point. 

As a general rule of thumb you should aim for boots that are 1cm longer than your feets length with socks and 1cm wider than your feets width with socks. 

4. Consider which work brand you’re buying

Buying from a trusted brand is, next to construction material itself, one of the biggest cost determinants for a pair of work boots. 

Particularly when it comes to your safety, buying from a brand which has thousands of positive reviews and millions of loyal customers demonstrates that a make or brand is to be trusted. 

This is an advantage ‘brands’ will always have over independent makes of boots. 

That is not to say that good independent makes can’t be found, but you can never be sure. 

These smaller independent companies won’t also have the $millions to pour into research and development to maximise the comfort and safety of your feet. 

However, Brand is not king. 

You should not buy a pair of work boots just because they are a Timberland, Keen Utility, or a Wolverine if there is a superior made by a smaller company- some of the boots we have listed for you today are likely by companies you have never heard of. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Still have questions? Let’s see if we can address some of those in here

Is 400g Thinsulate too warm for summer?

That would feel like a little bit too much Thinsulate yes.

400g of Thinsulate is designed for mildly cooler days, October to March let’s say. When it comes to the summer months, it is inadvisable to go above 200g of Thinsulate, if that. 

Does Thinsulate keep your feet cool in summer?

Unfortunately it does the opposite! 

It makes it really difficult for the feet that are inside the boots to breathe, with the unfortunate result that they will produce sweat, causing irritations and possible athlete’s foot. 

So the insulation is only really suitable for work boots that are going to be used in the winter months, unfortunately. 

Is it better to have composite toe protection than steel toe in summer?

Again, it depends on the level of protection needed for your worksite. That aside, yes it is better for you to wear composite toe protection compared to steel just because it is lighter and will probably be of a more flexible design. 

Plus the steel in your toe will get hot working under the sun (much hotter than a composite toe work boot)

High boots or low boots for hot weather? What’s better?

There is no correlation we can deduce between internal temperature during the summer and the height of your boots. 

Height differences in boots generally refer to the amount of foot support you need- with individuals who are working in more treacherous conditions needing higher boots for more support. 

However, it is worth making sure that there is a gap at the top of your boots to ensure air can flow in and out of the boot. 

Personally, I like to wear low-cut work boots like these in summer because I feel like my feet sweat less.

Is it better to wear work boots with laces or without laces in summer?

You want a boot that has a nice loose feel to it in the summer to enable breathability and ventilation. 

If you select a boot with laces, and tie the laces up too tight, this will make the boot too tight and the boot will become humid and sweaty. Not ideal! 

Slip on boots, if the right fit, therefore can be a cooler and more comfortable fit for the summer months. 

But the difference is marginal, and you should not select a slip on a pair of work boots that compromise on things like protection if it will put you in danger. 

What socks are good when wearing the best hot weather work boots?

The best socks to wear in hot weather working are either the Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew or the Icebreaker Hike+ Light Crew. 

Both of these pairs of socks contain a large amount of Merino Wool which is a material that is highly hydrophobic (water resistant), anti-microbial (odour-resistant) and lightweight. 

The downside to Merino is that it is not quite as durable as more synthetically constructed forms of socks. 

What are the general benefits of buying summer work boots? 

They keep your feet cooler than regular work boots. This is because generally they are lighter in weight, and are more breathable than work boots designed for winter. 

This will make your feet sweat less as the sweat odours transpire (move) off your feet more quickly, preventing lingering odours.  

Final Verdict On The Best Work Boots For Hot Weather

Top Choice

The Best Ventilated Work Boot
To Wear On Warm Weather

Overall- the balance you need to strike in purchasing a summer pair of work boots between comfort, safety, and breathability is dependent on your occupation, your toughness, and your individual medical needs. (if any)

If you need a pair of work boots that offer you extra ankle support owing to a condition that you have, then consider the ARIAT Men’s Groundbreaker Pull-on Steel Toe Work Boot or the Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5

If temperature control is the top issue you can do a little better than the Timberland Pro. And if you want to support domestic manufacturing then Red Wing seems like a good company to support in these trying times. 

However, overall we would recommend the KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing Mid Steel Toe waterproof work boot.

These boots are made with safety in mind, offering you comprehensive protection against drops, shocks, slips and spills, whilst conforming to the highest safety standards for modern western workplaces. 

For those summer months, they also utilize Moisture-wicking textiles to keep feet dry and prevent the buildup of odors using probiotics. So you will not have to worry about sweaty feet stinking out the worksite or destroying your socks with the smell.  

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