Top 11 Best Work Boots Options For Wide Feet (From E To EE, 4EE & More)

Hey, Adam and Adrian here. Welcome to our round-up of the best work boots for wide feet.

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Overall, The Best Work Boot For Wide Feet

Built like a tank so it’s a bit on the heavy side but the boots are waterproof, have great traction, and grip on most floors we’ve tested the boots on. It’s extremely comfortable and it’s available in different colors. They are very wide and roomy plus it comes in 6″ and 8″ heights.

To bring you this article we’ve researched over 27 websites, looked at a countless number of different work boot brands and models and we have read dozens of customer reviews and feedback for each make of boot that made the cut, as well as a few that did not. Plus we’ve tested some of these boots ourselves!

Overall we’ve spent over 61 hours of our time (so you don’t have to) looking into all of these work boots for people with wide feet to bring you the most important information for each boot. 

In this article, you’ll learn about which are some of the newest and most-rated wide-fit work boots on the market, what features they have and who are they good for.

So keep reading. There’s a lot of good info in here…

You can jump straight into the work boots for wide feet reviews section or go to the Q&A section first (if you want to learn more about this)

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Our list of the top 11 most comfortable work boots for men and women with wide feet

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which work boots I’ve included in today’s round-up.

These wide work boots options were recommended to us by people we talked to on our sub-Reddit community and other places where people gather and talk about work boots that actually have wide feet.

1. Timberland PRO

  • Waterproof
  • 100% Leather
  • Composite toe
  • E or EE width


  • Waterproof
  • 100% Leather
  • Composite toe
  • E or EE width

3. Blundstone

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe
  • E width

4. Red Wing King Toe

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Composite toe
  • E to H widths

5. Twisted X Oblique

  • Not waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel & soft toe
  • E widths

6. Rockrooster AK232

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe
  • EE width
  • 15% Coupon Code: BEST

7. Carolina CA5520

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe
  • 2E to 4EE widths

8. Danner Arcadia

  • Waterproof
  • Leather + Gore-Tex
  • Plain toe
  • E & EE widths

9. Jim Green Razorback

  • Waterproof
  • 100% leather
  • Steel toe
  • E width

10. Wolverine Overpass

  • Waterproof
  • Leather + Synthetic
  • Composite toe
  • EE width

11. Irish Setter Mudtreck

  • Waterproof
  • Synthetic
  • Plain toe
  • E width

12. Bonus: Custom Boots

  • Costumazible
  • Leather
  • Plain & safety toe
  • E to FF+ widths
Custom Boot Makers

All You Need To Know About
Work Boots For Wide Feet

How do you know if you need wide-size work boots?

Thanks to my new friend Numerous_Program1060 for sharing his wide boots options

If you have trouble with most boots off the rack fitting poorly and you have to try on large amounts of boots and shoes that only feel good enough and your toes always feel cramped, you probably have wide feet.

Another way you can find out if you have wide feet is by having your feet measured on a Brannock device, either by a Podiatrist or at a shoe or boot store.

Other options are fancy foot scanners like the one at the Red Wing store or that many running shoe stores have. I used this recently when I went to check out some Red Wing boots in-store. This is what it looks like:

I strongly encourage you to get your feet properly measured. Poorly fitting footwear can lead to bunions and hammer toes.

You can also look at this excellent wikiHow article (which Adrian co-authored by the way) to help you determine if your feet are wide.

What are wide work boot sizes?

I know shoe sizing. Especially when it comes to width can be confusing.

You may have asked yourself before what size is considered wide and what all these width-related letters mean.

That’s what we are going to answer in this part of the article. The common width you will see in the US are as follows:

  • B (Women’s normal, Men’s narrow)
  • D (Women’s wide, Men’s normal)
  • E (Women’s extra wide Men’s wide)
  • EE, W, 2E (Women’s 4X wide Men’s 2xwide)
  • EEE 3W, 3E( Men’s 3x wide)
  • 4E (Men’s 4X wide)

The list goes up from there. I believe I’ve seen a chart that goes all the way up to 19E!

What are some good wide work boots for women?

The best work boots for women with wider feet happen to be the same work boots for men, just in men’s normal D width. As the above chart shows, a men’s normal width is a woman’s wide width.

Now you might be thinking how am I supposed to know my correct length in men’s shoes?

The answer: It’s 1.5 size down from your women’s size. If you wear a size 10 women’s, you are a size 8.5 in men’s shoes. Below is a conversion chart for reference.

Women’s SizeMen’s Size

If your feet are too small for the smallest men’s size boots you may need to go custom.

The boot makers in our previous custom section of this blog post should be able to accommodate your needs.

Our friend Mikala from MikalaEadeMetalWork has wide feet. She is testing and reviewing the Timberland Splitrock steel-toe boots and she says the boots fit like a glove.

By the way, these boots are great for those of you ladies out there with small feet. She wears 4UK/6US which is a work boot size that’s quite hard to find, unfortunately.

What work boots to avoid?

Personally, I’d avoid most moc toe-style work boots. These types of boots, by design, are not good for you if you have wide feet.

Additionally, I would avoid work boots with pointy-toe boxes as well. Again, by their design, they will have a narrow fit and your feet will suffer.

Do Thorogood boots make work boots for wide feet?

Unfortunately, if you’re a hard-core Thorogood boots lover, I have to tell you that Thorogood work boots fit narrow, therefore aren’t going to be a good fit for you if you have wide feet.

My fellow boots testers Adrian and Jeff had to buy their moc toe work boots in EE width even though both have a regular width foot, which is D.

Actually Adrian, could not wear his first pair of Thorogood boots, the 804-4200 American Heritage steel toe boots because they were too narrow. He tried to stretch them out as well and even though they did stretch out a bit, it wasn’t comfortable enough.

For his second pair of work boots, the 804-4375 Trail Crazy Horse American Heritage, he bought the usual size, which is 10 but instead of width D he went instead with EE. They fit perfectly.

Thorogood 1957 series Briar Pitstop work boots reviews, model 804 3600, boot width

It was a similar situation for Jeff buying his 1957 series Briar Pitstop wedge sole moc toe work boots. Instead of D, he went with EE and they fit like a glove.

Thorogood Emperor Toe Cap work boot used to be a good option for workers with wide feet but the boot was discontinued unfortunatelly.

if you're wondering whether Thorogood makes work boots for wide feet the answer is they use to but not anymore. At least not at the time I'm writing this review round up.

This is to say that Thorogood boots run narrow. So for most of you out there with regular foot width, you will have to go with EE when buying Thorogood work boots.

And those of you with wide feet will have to go with EEE instead of EE. But I could find only one safety boot that comes in this width on Thorogood’s website so the options are pretty limited.

Hopefully, Thorogood will address this in the next few years and make wider work boots.

What’s the best place to buy work boots for wide feet?

You can buy your favorite pair of work boots at your local store but I believe the best place to buy work boots is at online stores.

For the simple reason that you can access lots of brands and models from the comfort of your home. Plus the delivery, many times is free.

Here are a few stores you might be familiar with:

  • Amazon
  • Zappos
  • MidWestBoots
  • Walmart
  • Shoteria

What’s our selection process

We’re dedicating a lot of time to researching the products we’re adding to our round-ups and scouring the internet for information, in addition to our own personal experience wearing and testing work boots.

So the work boots we’re adding to our round-ups are selected based on our own experience with the boots and/or by talking to people that have first-hand experience with the boots.

Reviews of the 11 best-rated work boots for wide feet

Alright, let’s jump into some more detailed reviews of each one of these wide work boots we’ve included in today’s round-up.

1. Timberland PRO Boondock

Best Bumper Toe Boot
For Wide Feet

Coming in at our number 1 spot as being the best work boot for wider feet is the Timberland PRO Boondock. The PRO in Timberland PRO means exactly what it suggests.

The PRO line is built for professionals in construction, trade work, manufacturing, warehouse, etc. The PRO line is tailored to meet the demands of these industries.

The Boondock is tailored for construction and is definitely built like it. The best way to describe them is being built like a tank.

They are big, wide, and chunky and that is what makes them great for people with wide feet. If you check out our review on these Timberland PRO Boondocks you’ll see that after a short wear by our fellow boots tester Donny, the toe box on the boots was measuring in at 4.83 inches.

this is how wide Timberland PRO Boondock work boots are

That measurement was for a D (normal) width at that! I can only imagine how much wider the wide width would be.

Not only is the toe box wide, but it’s also tall, leaving plenty of space all around your toes so they can wiggle around freely.

This is a great feature especially if you have hammer toe going on or even if simply wear thick wool socks with your work boots.

You can watch the review on YouTube as well if you’d like to learn more about these boots.

Models available

Boot ModelAmazonZappos
6″ / Black / Composite toeSee In-StoreSee In-Store
6″ / Brown / Composite toeSee In-StoreSee In-Store
6″ / Brown / Soft toeSee In-StoreSee In-Store
8″ / Brown / Composite toeSee In-StoreSee In-Store
8″ / Brown / Comp toe/ Logger styleSee In-StoreSee In-Store
9″ / Brown / Comp toe/ Pull-on styleSee In-StoreSee In-Store
Timberland PRO Boondock WP 6 Comp Toe (Brown) Men's Work Boots


  • Rubber Toe guard
  • Tall and wide toe box
  • 270° welted construction
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • Very comfortable
  • Anti slippery


  • Very heavy which may cause you to have sore legs at the end of the day. Having said that, you’ll get used to the weight after a few days f wearing them.

2. KEEN Fort Wayne

Best Wedge Sole Work Boots
For Wide Feet

The Keen For Wayne takes the number 2 spot for good reason. Not only is it an innovative boot it’s also a Keen.

Why does it being a Keen matter? Well, that’s because Keen work boots are known for running wide and having plenty of toe space.

Some of the innovative features that can be found on the Keen Fort Wayne boots is, a wedge-like outsole that consists of an air-infused PU midsole for weightless comfort.

Also, an oil and slip-resistant rubber outsole with some aggressive treading to help you stay on your feet in slippery conditions or uneven terrain.

On top of that the PU midsole goes up and wraps over the toe box acting like a rubber toe guard.

The Keen Fort Wayne is electrical hazard rated which makes it a great work boot for electricians or people working around exposed live cables.

It comes with a carbon fiber safety toe, slip resistant, waterproof and has a very unique feature about its leather.

The leather is “barnyard resistant” meaning that it is resistant to the effects of oleic acid, urea, sodium chloride, and ammonium hydroxide.

These are some jobs these boots will excel at:
Farming, Carpentry, Roofing, Construction, Road Construction, Fabrication.

Our fellow boots tester Tim who’s working with HVAC is testing and reviewing these KEEN Fort Wayne work boots so make sure you check out his review if you want to learn more about these boots.

Models Available

Boot ModelAmazonZappos
6″ / Dark Earth, Gum / Composite toeSee In-StoreSee In-Store
6″ / Tortoise Shell, Gum / Composite toeSee In-StoreSee In-Store
6″ / Dark Earth, Gum / Soft toeSee In-StoreSee In-Store
KEEN Utility Fort Wayne 6 WP (Dark Earth/Gum) Men's Shoes


  • Quality leather
  • Washable insole
  • Good arch support
  • ASTM compliant
  • Asymmetrical toe caps
  • Lightweight
  • Good looking


  • Not necessarily a negative but since it’s a new style we don’t know much about their durability. Make sure to check Lucas’ review on these boots to learn more.

3. Blundstone 990 series

Best Steel Toe Slip On
Work Boots For Wide Feet

Blundstone snags the number 3 spot on our list for good reason. It’s essentially a luxury wide-toe box Chelsea work boot.

Blundstone has lots to offer as a work boot that’s good for wide feet. Let’s check out some of the things we like about them.

The Blundstone BL990 has plenty of safety features required by many construction jobs. It features a steel toe cap, it’s electric hazard rated and the outsole is heat resistant up to 572°F!

Not only that, the outsole is acid, oil, and organic fat resistant. It’s nice that the outsole has resistance to the aforementioned things because oil, fat, and acid can wreck a rubber outsole.

These features can make it a good option for those of you working in the food industry, or if you’re working at a garbage recycling center.

From a comfort standpoint, the Blundstone BL990 has a steel shank to prove arch support and ensure correct step flex points when walking.

Blundstone describes the removable insole as a “Luxury comfort arch support footbed” that is cushioned.

Another awesome feature about the insole is that it’s washable which will help keep your boots smelling fresh!

In terms of width and fit the toe box, as shown in our review for the Blundstone BL990 work boots, is 4.04 inches wide. By the way you can watch the review on YouTube as well if you prefer.

According to Blundstone, their half sizes are the wider size. They also describe the steel toe cap as broad fitting which is one of many reasons they made the list for best work boots for wide feet.

Blundstone BL990 Work Chelsea Boot (Black) Work Boots


  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Quality leather
  • Washable insole
  • Good arch support
  • ASTM compliant


  • Expensive when compared to similar a Chelsea-style work boots.

4. Red Wing King Toe

Best USA-made safety toe
work boots for wide feet

The Red Wing King Toe is no slouch in the work boots game offering a toe box that is 44% wider than other Red Wing work boots.

What makes the Red Wing King Toe so great? Well, it’s a Red Wing for starters!

Now don’t go and get me confused for a fan boy that’s just saying Red Wing is great for no reason.

The reason that it’s a Red Wing matters is because of their 30 day comfort guarantee for their work boots.

That means you have 30 days to try the boots and if it’s uncomfortable in any way you can return them no questions asked!

They also come in a myriad of options. You can choose from a soft toe, safety toe, waterproof, non waterproof, 6in, 8in, CSA compliant and metatarsal guard options.

Not only that but they have pretty much every ASTM rating, depending on style, you’ll need for almost any job.

They also come in a variety of widths from B (narrow) all the way up to H width (extra wide) depending on the style you choose.

Please note that your Red Wing store may not have every width in stock so pay them a visit a have a chat with them.

Check out our in-depth Red Wing King Toe work boots if you want to learn more about these boots.

where are Red Wing work boots made.


  • USA-made Red Wing Leather
  • Large variety of styles and options
  • Flexible direct bonded construction
  • Spacious toe cap


  • Direct bond construction means they can’t be easily resoled by a cobbler.
  • Boots are not available online

5. Twisted X Oblique

Moc Toe Work Boots
For Wide Feet

The Twisted X boots made the list as our moc toe option for wide feet due to their generous toe space.

Not only do they have good toe space, but they are also built with Twisted X’s CellStretch technology.

This means that they have a full-length molded rubber outsole, a full-length compression-molded EVA midsole, and Twisted X’s CellStretch material infused into it, which reacts with 100 pressure points in your foot delivering a cloud-like feel.

It also has a full grain oiled leather upper, is slip-resistant, and features Twisted X’s removable, moisture-wicking insole that also happens to be machine washable.

The boot featured above is not a safety toe boot rated but if you need a safety version of these boots here’s the model that comes with a steel toe cap.


  • Light Weight
  • Machine washable insoles
  • Good comfort
  • Good leather
  • Flexible
  • Self-cleaning soles


6. Rockrooster AK232

Side Zipper Work Boots
For People With Wide feet

RockRooster is definitely going to be on any list for best work boots for wide feet without a doubt.

RockRooster boots are known for running big and wide. From my own experience with them, they will definitely accommodate wide feet.

Jeff, one of our boot testers recently wrote a review on the Rockrooster AK227 slip-on boots if you’re looking for a cheaper slip-on boot that’s good for wide feet.

So besides running wide, why do we like them? The reasons are many but here are just a few we think you’ll want to know about.

Let’s say you don’t like slip-on work boots or you can’t wear them at work for safety reasons but you still want some boots that are easy to put on and take off.

Well, these work boots come with a side zip which is the next best thing to slip on boots.

They come with very high quality, for the price, full grain, tumbled leather.

They come with a quick dry moisture-wicking liner inside the boots and feature a very comfortable memory foam PU insole.

They also look very high quality for boots that cost between $100-$130. Just the other day I was unloading a truck and the driver pointed at my RockRooster Moc Toe boots and said they looked really good and asked if they were Red Wings.

It’s impressive they can make boots for such a cheap price that can easily be confused for boots that cost $300+! Talking about cheap, check out these other affordable work boots if you’re looking for inspiration.


  • Comfortable insole
  • Great price (especially with the coupon code: BEST)
  • Moisture wicking liner
  • Fast & easy slip on and off thanks to the side zipper


  • Sometimes the zippers on side zip boots can make noise while walking which can drive some people crazy.

7. Carolina Bruno CA5520

Best Hiking Style
Work Boot For Wide Feet

No list would be complete without a hiking-style work boot. While not my personal preference I know lots of guys like boots like this because of their comfort level.

So why do we like the Carolina 5520? Well, to quote Carolina it’s “A tough boot with extra room for comfort in the toe – our men’s 6″ waterproof broad toe composite toe work boot.”

And believe me, they come wide! The width ranges from D all the way up to 4E!

Another reason we like it is because it comes with Carolina’s Pillow Cushion insole which is described as a layer of memory foam that wraps the foot in comfort. 

It also has Carolina’s AG7 removable footbed which is a PU comfort footbed with enhanced arch support.

Since these are composite toe cap work boots and also come with a composite shank not only helps with keeping the weight of the boot down but also makes them “airport friendly”.

So if you’re working at the airport as a mechanic or you simply have to go through metal detectors in order to get to your job these Carolina 5520 are great.

Editor Note

Imagine taking off your work boots every time you go through the metal detectors. So annoying. Or at least that’s how it felt for me as I use to work in an airport.

These Carolina CA5520 work boots come with a full-grain Copper Crazy Horse leather upper.


  • Lots of width options
  • Very comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Airport friendly
  • Flexible


8. Danner Arcadia

Best Tactical Style
Work Boot For Wide Feet

Coming in at number 9 on the list is the Danner Arcadia. Why? Because cops and security guards have wide feet too! Or maybe you just prefer a tactical-style boot for work.

No matter the reason you need this style of boot the Arcadia has your wide feet covered.

With its stitch-down construction that lends itself to roomier toe boxes, the Arcadia comes in multiple widths to fit your feet. The widths range from B (narrow) all the way up to 4EE (xxwide).

There are plenty of other reasons we like the Arcadia beyond just its width options. Below are a few of those reasons one of them being that these work boots are made in America.

As I mentioned it’s a stitch-down construction, which means that it can be resoled by a cobbler.

It’s 100% waterproof and breathable thanks to its Gore-Tex waterproof liner.

It also features a Vibram Kletterlift outsole which is specifically designed for shock absorption, comfort and durability.



9. Jim Green Razorback

Most Versatile Work Boot
For Wide Feet

Jim Green is a South African boot maker that has recently entered the US boot market. They are known for their very roomy toe boxes and a stitch-down construction that lends itself to wider-fitting boots.

The Razorback is inspired by Africa and is designed to take on daily outdoor life and work challenges that come from living in a harsh environment.

The Razorback has long been a choice of safari lodges and construction workers in South Africa.

The Razorback is made from double-layered leather. The upper is 2.2mm thick full grain leather and the inside is lined with 1.6mm thick calfskin leather.

Beyond that, it is electrical hazard rated and has an ASTM-compliant steel toe cap and steel shank.


  • Good price point
  • Double layer leather
  • Stitch down construction
  • Great grip and traction
  • Comfortable


  • Have seen some complaints that the removable insole is very uncomfortable.

10. Wolverine Overpass

Most Flexible Work Boot
For Wide Feet

Why is the Wolverine Overpass the most flexible work boot for wide feet? Because they have Wolverine’s ContourWelt technology.

Wolverine’s ContourWelt has been designed for maximum flexibility and allows the outsole on the boots to bend at your foot’s natural flex points. On top of that they are ultra-durable and rugged.

The carbon max safety toe uses nano technology which means a thinner, lighter safety toe that still meets ASTM standards. That also means a lighter more comfortable work boot for you!

Some of the other things that make the Wolverine Overpass an excellent choice are the abrasion-resistant, premium waterproof leather, and the generous space inside the boot.

where Wolverine work boots are made.

Adrian tested these boots before gifting them to his colleague and he says the boots almost feel like wearing pull-on work boots in terms of how much room you have inside the boots.

You can read his full review of these Wolverine Overpass boots here or watch the review on YouTube.

The midsole is Wolverine’s advanced comfort PU midsole and they have a nylon shank for extra strength and support while keeping the boot weight down.

They also feature Wolverine’s removable Ortholite cushioned footbed that molds to the shape of your foot.

Wolverine Overpass Mid Composite (Summer Brown) Men's Work Boots


  • Good price point
  • Double layer leather
  • Stitch down construction
  • Great grip and traction
  • Comfortable


  • Have seen some complaints that the removable insole is very uncomfortable.

11. Irish Setter Mudtrek Snake

Best Rubber Work Boots
For Wide Feet

Maybe you pour concrete all day, do pressure washing for a living, spend lots of time outdoors in swampy areas, and need rubber boots for wide feet.

Why is the Mudtrek good for people that pour concrete? Traditional leather work boots can be absolutely wrecked by wet concrete.

Not only is it not good for your leather boots to constantly get wet, but the dust from the concrete is also abrasive and can work its way into the pores of your leather and cause it to wear out prematurely.

You won’t have those problems with rubber boots.

Why is it good for someone who spends lots of time outdoors in swampy areas or the woods?

The Irish Setter Mudtrek features SnakeGuard. This SnakeGuard construction features a non-woven material that is combined with leather or nylon to impede fangs, thorns, and other nasty elements from penetrating the boot upper.

They also have something called TempSens technology which reacts to your body temperature and sweat level to keep you dry and comfortable.

When you’re hot, this innovative Swiss technology cools you down by vaporizing moisture and removing body heat.

And if you’re chilly it retains your body heat to keep you from getting too cold. It’s like your personal thermometer.

Irish Setter Mudtrek Snake 17 Side-Zip Waterproof (Brown) Men's Shoes


  • Waterproof
  • Snake bite resistant 
  • Zipper for easy on/off
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Comes in EE width sizes


  • May not accommodate people with large calves.
  • It doesn’t come with a safety toe cap

12. Bonus: Custom-made work boots for wide feet

Best Work Boots Option
For Extremely Wide Feet

There comes a point that the standard manufactured boots readily available just won’t fit some people’s feet.

We’ve seen a lot of interesting foot shapes since we got started in the boot world and in some cases, the only solution is to go custom.

So if that’s you, the best place to find custom-made work boots is from the Pacific Northwest Boot makers who still hand-make all their work boots.

They can truly accommodate any size and width. Nicks for example can make F+ wide work boots.

There are some of the most recommended custom work boots makers

Boot MakerMore details
Frank’s BootsSee In-Store
JK BootsSee In-Store
Nicks BootsSee In-Store
White’s BootsSee In-Store
Wesco BootsSee In-Store

The downside is they are very expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from $600-$1000 for a pair of custom-made boots and also the waiting time can put some of you off.

In most cases, you’ll have to wait for months and months before you get your work boots but if that’s your only option … you kinda have to go this route.

At the end of the day, you’ll get some badass, hand-made work boots that are built like tanks and should last you for years and years.


  • Hand crafted
  • Can accommodate any foot size
  • Will last a very long time
  • Can be resoled
  • Boots come in FF+ width sizes


  • Very, very expensive for most blue-collar workers
  • Long long lead times

Choosing good work boots for wide feet: The Takeaway

Hopefully after reading through the information we provided you will be empowered with the correct knowledge to make your wide work boot search easy.

Ultimately the best way to go about finding and choosing the best work boot for wide feet is to have your foot measured.

As previously mentioned on a Brannock device preferably or scanned. If you don’t have access to either of those I strongly encourage you to use the method outlined in the linked wikiHow article.

We understand it may be hard to get a good measurement of your feet which is why we selected the Timberland Pro Boondock as our number 1 work boot for wide feet.

The Timberland Pro Boondock’s generous toe box space and naturally wide width construction make it an excellent fit for most people with wide feet.

And with all its features it will serve the largest portion of blue collar workers very well. Also it’s easy to find it at most major online retailers which is always a plus.

Get Yours!

Overall, The Best Work Boot For Wide Feet

Built like a tank so it’s a bit on the heavy side but the boots are waterproof, have great traction, and grip on most floors we’ve tested the boots on. It’s extremely comfortable and it’s available in different colors. They are very wide and roomy plus it comes in 6″ and 8″ heights.

Team Members Working On This Page

Adam Rich – Boots Tester & Reviewer

Hey, I’m Adam. I’m a welder and metal fabricator. Primarily doing aluminum tig and sheet metal fabrication. Spend most of the day on my feet on concrete floors in the shop with the occasional job site visit.

Victor Adrian – Editor And Webmaster

Construction Professional, driver, crane operator, cleaner, head chef … these are just some of the jobs I did in the past. Working in all these different environments taught me that having good footwear to protect your feet from different dangers at work IS PARAMOUNT for any worker! On this website, I aim to share all my knowledge and personal experience in dealing with different footwear and foot care issues, and hopefully, you can get something out of it. Enjoy!

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