The Pink Stuff Paste Review (Is It Good For Cleaning Footwear?)

Hey, Jeff here. Welcome to my review of this Pink Stuff Paste cleaning product.

I bought this product initially to clean some stuff around the house but then I thought why not use it on footwear, since that’s what we’re talking about here most of the time, and see if it’s good for this purpose?

So in this review, we’ll focus mostly on whether this Pink Stuff cleaning product is good for cleaning our shoes and boots.

I’ve tested it on various surfaces and materials such as leather, canvas, polyurethane, and more, and below I’ll share with you what I’ve learned.

Here we go…

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What surfaces can I use The Pink Stuff on?

The Pink Stuff can be used on a multitude of surfaces. but as mentioned above, for the purposes of this article, we will specifically be focused on talking about the cleaning power of using The Pink Stuff on footwear.

Here are some other uses which include: 

  • Pots and pans
  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Paint cleanup
  • Glass
  • Tile & grout
  • Countertops
  • Floors
  • Baseboards
  • Rust

How do you use The Pink Stuff paste?

Using The Pink Stuff is a relatively easy four-step process. These steps were found directly on their website,

Step 1: Scoop out some of The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste from its container using a cleaning cloth or sponge.

Step 2: Apply the paste onto the area you wish to clean and scrub it gently in circular motions.

Step 3: Rinse it off with cold water and see the difference it makes.

Step 4: Use a clean, dry cloth to polish the surface and complete the cleaning process.

That’s it! As you can see, using The Pink Stuff Paste is in fact a very simple process, indeed. 

Is it safe to use on leather, canvas, or synthetic materials?

From my experience with this product, it has proven to work without any side effects on leather.

The testing was done on the leather of one Rockrooster AK227 boot and both Rockrooster Trinidad work boots.

As stated previously, this product is abrasive and should be treated as such. Cleaning of leather can be done with it, but care needs to be taken to not scrub too hard.

Scrubbing too hard could cause the leather to be scratched, and if you are damaging a three hundred dollar pair of Thorogood work boots, you would for sure be disappointed by this.

You can also see in the pictures taken during my testing, you will not want to use The Pink Stuff on suede.

The product took away the way the material is supposed to feel before cleaning. For this reason, I was sure to test this on a pair of shoes I did not care about.

For testing a canvas surface, I turned to an old pair of Carhartt bibs. As you can see from the pictures, the fabric of the treated area was in fact damaged by the use of this product.

The closeup picture shows the intact fabric structure of the untreated area along with the frayed fabric loops of the treated area.

For testing a synthetic surface, I turned to the heel counter of my Rockrooster VAP2303 boots. I made a mark with a pen on the heel counter.

I then followed the instructions for the use of The Pink Stuff Paste. The treatment removed the pen mark without a problem.

Can The Pink Stuff remove rust stains?

For this test, I again turned to my grill. The emitters on which the grates of my grill rest upon are rusty. I applied the paste to the emitter, and let it sit on the surface for a few minutes.

I followed the instructions from here and rubbed the paste in a circular motion.

I then rinsed the emitter off with a hose, because it was easier than wiping it down with a sponge. In this case, it did in fact remove the rust from the treated area.

Can The Pink Stuff remove permanent marker stains?

Based on my testing, permanent markers can be removed on some surfaces. Unfortunately, this did not work 100% on the leather or sole of my boot.

The black color of my boot makes it difficult to see this. After cleaning the leather surface with The Pink Stuff, the permanent marker was very faint, but still present.

The permanent marker writing I put on the sole of my boot during testing was mostly able to be removed by The Pink Stuff.

So maybe it’s a good idea not to leave the kids around your boots armed with a permanent marker lol.

Due to my uncertainty of the effectiveness of the product in this test, I’d chosen to use my Rockrooster VAP2303 boots, instead of my much closer-to-my-heart Thorogood 1957 series 804-3600s.

I also tested the product after using a permanent marker on a dry-erase board. In this case, it proved to clean the surface with no marks left.

Can The Pink Stuff remove dirt and mud stains from my shoes?

Based on the testing of my boots and shoes, The Pink Stuff Paste does a good job of removing dirt and mud stains.

This is especially true when it comes to the area of the sole. When I tested it on the sole of three different pairs of boots, The Pink Stuff Paste clearly worked very well.

The soles the product really showed off on were the wedges. The Pink Stuff Paste would be really useful in reconditioning your moc toe style boots, if you have some, too!

Can I use The Pink Stuff to clean my sneakers or sports shoes?

I used a pair of my Skechers slip-on sneakers for testing. Just as The Pink Stuff worked on my boots, it worked on the Skechers.

Based on testing of the leather material on my Rockrooster AK227s, I would believe sports shoes could be cleaned well with The Pink Stuff Paste.

Will The Pink Stuff affect the color or texture of my shoes?

As mentioned previously, I would not recommend the use of The Pink Stuff on shoes with certain materials. Specifically, in my case, suede.

Do not use the product on suede, as it will remove the feel, and make it smooth instead. I would also not recommend using it on canvas material footwear.

I am glad I tested out the canvas treatment. I say this because I have a canvas pair of Croc shoes, and now I know not to use The Pink Stuff Paste on them.

Depending on the material being cleaned, The Pink Stuff may alter the color. If you are worried about the color of the item being cleaned, be sure to test on a hidden area when possible.

How long should I leave The Pink Stuff on a surface before rinsing?

The answer to this question is ultimately up to you. There are no set instructions on how long to let the product set on the surface you are cleaning.

The level of how bad the condition of the surface you are cleaning could determine how long you choose to let the product set.

I’ve watched several videos of people using The Pink Stuff, and many will say fifteen minutes is the time they used.

Then again, several others have said five or ten minutes. Like I said at the beginning of this section, how long you let The Pink Stuff set is up to you!

How often should I use The Pink Stuff for maintenance cleaning?

In my estimation, you can use The Pink Stuff for maintenance cleaning as often as you find it necessary.

As long as the item you are cleaning is able to be treated with no unpleasant side effects, this should be okay.

If you are an absolute clean freak who has to have clean boots all the time, you can use it for maintenance cleaning weekly if you want!

Does The Pink Stuff have a strong smell?

One of the ingredients, as mentioned in an upcoming section, is Parfum. I had to look this one up myself.

Parfum is a type of perfume. Parfum is often considered the best of the best of fragrances.

This is because it sits at the top of the perfume concentration list, with twenty to thirty percent concentrated oils.

Some people are more sensitive to smells than others, so thoughts on the strength of the smell of The Pink Stuff may vary.

I personally find the smell pleasant, and not overpowering, by any means. The scent was hard for me to pick up on and recognize specifically, but the website mentions it is rhubarb scented.

Is The Pink Stuff safe to use around pets and children?

Star Drops prides themselves on the fact this product is made with ninety-nine percent all-natural ingredients.

While this may be true, The Pink Stuff should still be handled just like any other cleaning product.

Does The Pink Stuff Paste contain any harsh chemicals?

To answer this question, I will first start by reiterating that the company that makes this prides itself in stating The Pink Stuff Paste is made only from all-natural ingredients.

The ingredients of the product are not all on the side of the container. However, I was able to find them by following the link provided there, which is

Here is the list of ingredients and a brief word on each:

  • Quartz -a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silica (silicon dioxide).
  • Aqua- water
  • Soap
  • Sodium Carbonate-also known as soda or soda ash, is an industrial chemical with multiple uses
  • Sodium Silicate-colorless glassy or crystalline solids, or white powders.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate-commonly known as baking soda
  • Glycerin-colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic
  • Parfum-perfume for pleasant scent- it’s hard for me to place but described as rhubarb by the company
  • Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine-anti-microbial agent and corrosion inhibitor 
  • Acid Red 52- gives The Pink Stuff the pink color

Does The Pink Stuff leave scratches or residue?

This product is a mild abrasive. Any use of this product should be tested in a small, inconspicuous area of whatever is being worked on when possible.

Care must be taken to prevent possible scratching with use of this product in certain situations.

You are advised to not use this product on your stainless steel kitchen appliances, plated metals, enamel, or finished flooring.

I tested this product on the hood of my grill. As I had suspected, the use of The Pink Stuff Paste did indeed leave scratches.

Thankfully, my grill is on its way out the door. I did not mind sacrificing the surface of my grill in the name of science to save you from getting scratches on yours.

The Pink Stuff could potentially leave a residue on whatever you’re cleaning. The only time this happens, based on my testing, is when the product is applied and not fully rinsed or wiped off. 

You must make sure to fully remove the product so this doesn’t happen to you.

Where can you purchase The Pink Stuff?

The popularity of The Pink Stuff Paste has led to it being available for purchase at several places. 

Here is a list of a few of those places:

  • Wal-mart
  • Amazon
  • The Home Depot
  • eBay
  • CVS
  • Target

Final Thoughts on The Pink Stuff Paste

Overall, in my opinion, The Pink Stuff Paste has proven itself to be useful, but not necessarily one hundred percent of the time. 

It is not the wonder cleaner you can use for everything. I did find the product to definitely excel in the area of cleaning boots, which is the important takeaway for this article.  

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Test areas when possible.
  • Do not use it on surfaces like stainless steel.
  • Take care if using it on walls, as it will remove paint if you scrub too hard.
  • Do not scrub too hard in general, as you could leave scratches.

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