Top 10 Best Rated Pull-On Work Boots (Most Popular Slip On Brands & Models)

Welcome to our best pull-on work boots review for 2022 (updated for 2023).

Editor’s Choice

the editor's choice showing a timberland work boot as being the best pull on work boot on the market

The Best Pull On Work Boots

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 most popular slip-on work boots and our #1 recommendation based on what we’ve found in our research is the Timberland Powerwelt. 

What's Inside?

To bring you this article we’ve researched over 27 websites, looked at 38 different Pull-on work boot brands and models and we have read dozens of customer reviews and feedback for each make of boot that made the cut, as well as a few that did not. 

Overall we’ve spent over 30 hours of our time looking into all of these boots to bring you the most important information for each boot. 

This article will inform you as to which pull-on work boots work best for different kinds of workers, and some things to consider when buying pull-on work boots more generally. 

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Timberlands, and the Powerwelt, in particular, offers some of the best features for waterproofing,  safety, ankle support, and sole slip resistance. 

You can jump straight into the pull-on work boots reviews section or go to the buyer’s guide first (if you’re new to this type of boots).

By the way, this is where you can find ankle-high slip-on work boots if that’s what you’re after.

Top pull-on work boots for men and women

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which work boots we’ve included in our round-up.

Comparison Table

1. Timberland Powerwelt

  • Steel toe
  • 100% leather
  • Water resistant

Great Pull On Work
Boot For Welding

2. Wolverine Overpass

  • Composite toe
  • 100% leather
  • Water resitant

Best Slip On Boot
With Composite Toe

3. Ariat Groundbreaker

  • Soft toe
  • 100% full grain leather
  • Water resistant

Best Square Toe Pull On Western Work Boot

4. Caterpillar Revolver

  • Soft toe
  • 100% leather
  • Water resistant

Best Soft Toe
Slip On Work Boot

5. Thorogood Heritage

  • Steel toe
  • full grain leather
  • Water resistant

Best Pull On Work Boot Made In The US

6. Irish Setter

  • Steel toe
  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof

Best Leather Slip
On Work Boots

7. Dr Martens Icon

  • Steel toe
  • 100% leather
  • Water resistant

Best Heavy Duty
Pull On Work Boots

8. Dunlop Explorer

  • Steel toe
  • Purofort@
  • Waterproof

Best Pull On Work Boots
For Oil And Gas Workers

9. Servus MAX 15″

  • Soft toe
  • Rubber
  • Waterproof

Best For Concrete Workers And Farmers Too

10. Carhartt 11″

  • Steel toe
  • Leather + Nylon
  • Water resistant

Best Slip On Work Boots
For Flat Feet

Top 10 best quality slip-on work boots for wide & narrow feet reviewed

Alright, let’s jump into some detailed reviews of each one of these pull-on work boots we’ve included in today’s round-up.

We’ll start with the best rated by our editor …

1. Timberland PRO Powerwelt Wellington boot

Editor’s Choice

Best Steel Toe Pull-On Work
Boot For Construction

The Timberland Men’s Powerwelt is the tough but simple work boot that construction workers have been looking for for a long time. 

It combines 100% waterproof leather, keeping your feet dry during rainy days, with an aggressive tread design that guarantees stability on even the most uneven of surfaces. 

It also features a steel toe cap, ensuring your precious toes are protected from the drops and shocks of a dangerous worksite. 

But wait, there’s more!

Not only are these work boots awesomely protective, but people who have bought this product have also been amazed at its durability, with one user delighted in the fact the boots stood up to years of heavy use on a construction site. 

If you’re looking for a good pair of welding work boots these are a good option. Just keep in mind that these don’t have metatarsal guard protection. But they’ll be more than able to keep sparks and other hazards away from your skin.


  • People who have bought this product admire its comfort levels- offering excellent feet support for 10-12 hour working shifts
  • Owners also love the durability of these boots. 
  • Hundreds of consistent 4 or 5* ratings on leading consumer websites. 
  • Made by a trusted brand that has been in the work boot industry for nearly 70 years. 


  • Steel toe makes it heavy
  • Steel toe conducts cold temperatures, meaning your toes may get a bit chilly.

2. Wolverine Overpass 10″ lightweight pull on work boot

Best Composite Toe
Slip-On Work Boot

Don’t want to be weighed down by a steel toe cap? Then, the WOLVERINE Overpass is the perfect Composite Toe Cap boot for you. 

The composite toe cap meets ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH standards, so it will protect your toes from a 50lb drop at 1.5 feet. Serious stuff! 

And this protection comes with a lightweight design- at just 1.75 pounds per boot, you do not have to worry about your feet becoming weighed down or exhausted while you are rocking these boots. 

We also don’t mind admitting that we find these boots very stylish, and we simply adore the Summer Brown color and vermillion rubber soling that make this boot one of the better-looking pull-on work boots included in our round-up. 

You don’t buy work boots for style, but it sure doesn’t hurt to look good. 

Finally, in terms of comfort, the boots contain a shaft measuring approximately 10″ from the arch, which ensures your legs will get all of the support they need in these work boots, at just a fraction of the weight of much of the competition.


  • Lightweight at just 1.75 pounds per boot 
  • Stylish, summery colors that will make you stand out on the work site from more mundane choices
  • 10” shaft, providing awesome foot support for you working long shifts


  • Rubber toe caps can crack, and some workplace safety officers may insist on steel toe caps as they can be more protective. 

3. Ariat Groundbreaker western slip on work boot

Best Square Toe Pull On Work Boot

The Ariat Groundbreaker combines style with safety, with a full-grain leather base and suede upper section. 

This means that the vulnerable part of your feet, the base, can be protected from all of the hazards present on a worksite while the top comes across as stylish and classy. 

With an 11 inch shaft, this boot thus offers you even more premium ankle and leg support than that offered by shorter work boot brands like the Overpass or the 

However, a taller shaft also compromises freedom of movement and breathability, and so this boot may come to feel a little bit less comfortable over time than a 10 or 8 inch shaft

Finally, these boots have a square toe, a new style in cowboy work boots that promote flexibility, and durability, and best of all you’ll have more room inside the toe box.

As well as offering all the traditional ATSM ratings that are important for work boots to have on the modern work site. 


  • Very stylish full leather-suede combination 
  • Square toe, promoting strength and long-lasting boots. Safety toe is ATSM rated
  • 4LR (Four Layer Rebound) mesh lining for added air flow and comfort, with maximal cushioning and support 
  • 90 degree heels offer additional ankle support


  • Some owners of this boot have found them a bit tight at the top which means they are harder to get on and off than others included here

4. Caterpillar Revolver slip resistant pull on work boot

Best Soft Toe Slip On Work Boot

A completely “hardcore” protective work boot that will keep your feet safe from extreme dangers could be unnecessary depending on the worksite you are working on.

That’s where the Caterpillar Revolver Pull on boot comes in. 

With a soft toe and weighing in at just 1.9 pounds per boot, this pair of pull-on work boots come in at one of the more lightweight boot options presented to you in this round-up. 

We also love the oil and slip-resistant out sole which keeps you secure from slips and trips. 

This boot thus brilliantly combines safety with comfort, and a light, breathable feel.


  • Lightweight at just 1.9 pounds per boot. 
  • Oil and Slip resistance, ensuring that even if you use these boots for dangerous work they can still keep you safe
  • Users have generally found it easy to adapt to these boots quickly; there is a minimal ‘breaking in’ time. 


  • The soft toe may be unsafe on some of the more dangerous worksites. (can’t wear them in construction for example)

5. Thorogood MAXwear pull on work boot

Best American Made
Pull On Work Boot

Most of the boots in this roundup are imported, which means they are made somewhere outside of the USA. 

However the Thorogood MAXwear is the best pull on work boot in this roundup that is made in the United States of America, by a unionized factory run by the Weinbrenner Shoe Company. 

So if supporting American, unionized jobs and American families during these trying times is important to you, then the Thorogood MAXwear Pull-on Work Boots should be your choice. 

However, as well as an act of ethical consumerism, these boots also give you excellent value for money as well. 

They are tough, durable and comfortable. 

The upper material is made from full grain leather- the bit of the hide just below the hair that the shoemakers do not sand-down or make more supple. 

So it’s stronger than other forms of leather- and can stand up to impacts of up to 75 pounds. 

The outsoles are also manufactured to be resistant to electric shocks of up to 18,000 volts. 

Want to see more from this brand? I got you. Here is the Thorogood work boots reviews page where you can learn and compare the 12 most popular works from this brand.

Additionally, if you’re interested in this brand’s pull-on boots, you might want to check out this article: Are Thorogood Wellington boots good for work?

I mean they’re quite famous for their moc toe boots, but are their Wellington boots any good? Read that article to learn more.


  • Made in the USA, and so it is supporting American manufacturing and jobs 
  • Full-grain leather- so it is strong 
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron comfort cushion insole


  • Might be less flexible and less comfortable than boots made from more supple leather

6. Irish Setter Marshall 11″ steel toe pull on boot

Best Leather Slip On Work Boots

The Irish Setter Marshall is a Work Boot designed with fit, function and flair in mind.

These stylish work boots are made from 100% full-grain waterproof leather, offering your feet excellent protection from both the dangers of the worksite and the harsh elements. 

It also possesses a heat and electric resistant outsole that can withstand external temperatures of 475 degrees Fareinheit and 18,000 volt shocks respectively. 

And it contains a 12 inch shaft measuring from the arch, giving you maximal support while you take on the day. 

Finally, it features groundbreaking RPM technology, a breakthrough material that significantly reduces the weight of the boot, without compromising on safety

This is the best pair of leather slip-on boots precisely because it offers comfortable support, protection from dangers, and a lightweight feel. 


  • 12-inch shaft for maximal support and comfort during the long tough workday
  • Resistant to high external temperatures- perfect for professionals who work in foundries or factories 
  • Waterproof- so wearing these boots will make you a master of the elements 


  • While most people who have bought these boots have loved them, some users have had experiences of them falling apart early.

7. Dr Martens Icone water resistant slip on boot

Best Heavy Duty Pull On Work Boots

Dr. Martens, Icon are boots for heavy-duty workers who don’t want to mess around. 

The upper leather is made from water-resistant tumbled leather that is exceptionally durable. 

The iconic Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole is resistant to oil, fat, petrol and alkali. So no matter what substance has been spilled on your worksite, you can navigate the issue in these bad boys with ease. 

However, as well as being tough these boots are also exceptionally comfortable. 

They feature an air-cushioned PVC sole that offers padded ankle support. 

One user said that they walked around for days in these boots without feeling any blisters or sores. 

So if you are a heavy-duty worker, these boots will protect you from both the hazards of a modern worksite and keep your feet comfortable to avoid pains and sprains. 


  • Made by a trusted, well-established brand 
  • Matches or exceeds the standard impact and electric-shock resistant standards for American worksites
  • Durable and comfortable


  • The Dr Marten boots come in even sizes only which may be problematic for size 10.5 or size 11.5 workers. To get the exact right fit you may need to pay for adjustments. 

8. Dunlop Explorer waterproof pull on boot

Best Pull On Work Boot For Oilfield

The Dunlop Explorer is the ideal pair of pull on work boots for oilfield workers. 

While looking like a slightly more punk version of children’s wellies, these boots contain the usual steel toe caps and slip resistant soles that will keep you safe on any worksite. 

It meets or exceeds all of the ASTM certification safety requirements for a boot of this kind, meaning you don’t have to worry about drops, shocks or treading on glass.  

And with a Purofort upper Material, this boot is considered to be 40% more flexible than regular rubber, causing less strain on your feet while you are walking about. 

Cold day outside? This boot is insulative for temperatures up to -58F. So even if you are contracted to work an oil rig in the Arctic tundra, these boots will protect you from the elements. 


  • Oil and fuel resistance- perfect for workers in the oil or gas industry
  • Material 40% more flexible than rubber alternatives
  • Very highly rated on Amazon, with very few negative reviews
  • Charcoal black design means it will be very hard to stain these boots


  • At 7.95 pounds per boot, these boots are very heavy. We recommend purchasing a lighter pair of work boots unless these are necessary
  • They may be a bit too hot for the summer months 

9. Servus MAX 15″ PVC chemical-resistant work boot

Best For Concrete And Outdoor
Muddy Farm Work

The Servus MAX 15″ PVC work boots are the work boots that offer the best value for money of any of the work boots offered in our range. 

They are much cheaper than the boots offered in the rest of this roundup but don’t think this makes them inferior or of worse quality.

The boot still offers a steel toe impact protection, and this steel toe is reinforced at crucial points for durability and long-term support.  

It’s also perfect for outdoor muddy farm work because the open pattern outsole self-cleans liquid and debris with every step. Not to mention that are great boots for those of you pouring concrete due to their chemical resistance and waterproof features.

And finally the contour cushion insole provides arch and heel support , with a thick, wide steel shank that will support the natural movement of your feet, 

So if you’re walking on concrete, the shock absorption will avoid any long-term strain on your knees.   


  • Excellent value for money 
  • The pattern of the outsole is open, allowing it to self-clean debris with every step
  • A Counter cushion insole tat provides heel and arch support


  • The 15” shaft may limit your maneuverability and create a slightly less breathable work boot

10. Carhartt 11″ Wellington leather pull on work boot

Best Slip-On Work Boot For Flat Feet

The Carhartt Men’s 11″ Wellington is the best pull on work boot for workers with flat feet or workers who need additional support in their work boots. 

The TPU heel guard with the achilles flex joint provides excellent ankle stability. 

So it is perfect for people with flat feet, weaker joints or people who are worried about injuring their feet on the work site. 

It contains 400g of Thinsulate, a world leading brand of insulative material that utilizes microfibres that keep your feet warm in the cold winter months. 

However, this isn’t so much Thinsulate that you also couldn’t wear these work boots during moderate conditions in the summer months. 

So we reckon it’s the ultimate ‘goldilocks’ boot, not too hot or not too cold, just right. 

FACT: Thinsulate is used by the US army, so you know it is going to do the insulative job very well.

If you’re looking for more models from this brand check out our Carhartt steel toe boots reviews for more information.


  • The boot uses 3M Thinsulate material, a world-leading type of material in the sector 
  • Completely waterproof and will keep your feet dry under most conditions 
  • Incorporates FastDry Technology Lining, that wicks away sweat quickly for maximal comfort 
  • TPU heel guard offers excellent support for workers with flat feet or ankle issues


A Buyer’s Guide To Pull On Work Boots

If you’re brand new to using pull on work boots we’ve put this little guide together to give you an idea of what to expect from your work boots.

What are the PROS & CONS of wearing pull-on work boots?

Like with every product, there are always some benefits and disadvantages of using these type of work boots.

Let’s check out some of them…


  • You can put them on and take them off quickly. No wasting valuable time with shoelaces.
  • Pull-on work boots may be a safer choice for working environments when laces could get caught in machinery or have dangerous chemicals spilled on them. 
  • Pull-on work boots come in very tall varieties which thus offer additional leg protection for construction professionals on long-standing shifts.


  • Unlike lace-up boots, pull-on workboots do not completely encompass your feet, and they are thus less protective against the dangers of worksites such as metal fragments and shattered glass. 
  • Pull-on Work Boots generally are worse for foot stability than lace-ups, which means workers with shifts involving a lot of standing up may develop knee pains quickly. 
  • There are wide-gaping collars at the top of many work boot designs which means they do not offer as much warmth in the winter months. 
  • As we will detail in a moment, you may need to buy extra products to assist with the fit. 

Are pull-on work boots more comfortable than regular work boots?

Generally tying up a pair of boots with laces creates a snugger fit than can be achieved with a pull-on work boot.

This means, with some looser pairs of a pull-on work boot, there will be a lot of feet sliding in and around within the boot, causing blisters.

So, generally, if tied properly, laced boots should feel more comfortable. But comfort will depend on a lot of other factors, like ventilation, ankle support, and toe cap which will vary a lot within the ‘slip on’ or ‘lace up’ book category.

How should pull on work boots fit?

As with any other pair of work boots, slip on work boots should be neither too tight nor too loose. 

If the boot is too loose, especially without laces to tighten them, there is a risk that it could fall off during work, compromising your feet’s safety. 

And there is also a risk that you will fall over, which is not only very unsafe but also embarrassing. 

If the boot is too tight, this will cause long-term foot conditions from corn to athlete’s foot. 

As a general rule of thumb there should be 1cm of room at the toes in any new Pull On Work Boot, giving your feet some room for pronation without leaving too much room to slide around. 

And there should be 0.5cm on either side of the boot to give your toes some width. Find out more about how work boots should fit here.

How to make pull on work boots fit better without any wiggle

If you feel like your Pull-on Work Boots, it’s hard to make them fit tighter than you can with laces on a regular boot.

So if you want to reduce the amount of wiggle room in your boots, adding an insole is your best bet.

This padding will reduce the amount of room your feet have to slide in, reducing the risk of blisters or instability that can come with a loose pair of work boots.

How to stop outside ankle rubbing with pull on work boots

There are a number of ways of preventing the nuisance of rubbing heels.

The first is to break them in before you go to work in them, and this will soften them over time.

The second is to wear liner socks. Liner socks will shield your socks and thus your feet from the heel, ameliorating the pains that can come from the rubbing. The Fox River Men’s Sock Liner is a particularly strong product in this category.

One final tip is to heat the problematic area of the slip-on work boots with a dryer. This will make the material more supple and thus less abrasive towards your feet.

What are the main differences between pull-on work boots and lace-up work boots. 

Pull on work boots are secured through a tight fit to the heel, which can sometimes cause the rubbing problems we have discussed. 

Lace-up boots are secured with… well… laces. This allows you to generate a more custom fit with your boots, making them slightly looser or slightly tighter as suits you. 

It is for this reason that lace-up boots are often considered to be slightly safer than pull-on work boots, although the laces if loose can cause hazards of their own

And there is sometimes a big safety advantage in being able to remove your boots quickly, for example, if you work near large bodies of water where excess weight can risk drowning. 

Are Slip On Boots the same thing as Pull On work boots?

Yes. They’re basically the same thing! Ankle-high work boots are usually called slip on and the taller ones are called pull-on.

Throughout this article, I have used both terms interchangeably, as is the case on many other websites. 

Where to find 10″ pull on wedge sole work boots

Golden Fox Wedge Pull On Boot

You can find an excellent pair of 10″ pull-on wedge sole work boots here

There are many options on Amazon and other online retailers where you’ll find brands such as Ariat, Golden Fox, or Cebu…

The Cebu 10” Pull-On Work Boots is a lightweight, wellington boot that has been specially constructed for the worker spending long hours on their feet. 

The advantage of this boot is that the 10” height offers extra ankle and leg support, and the wedge outsole also offers the reliability that workers need for shock absorption. 

Final Verdict On The Best Pull On Work Boots

Overall, the best pull-on work boots are the ones that match the comfort and ease with which you can slip them on and off with the support and protection offered by the more traditional lace-up work boots. 

We think the best boot for this is the Timberland Powerwelt. With a mid-high shaft and aggressive tread design, combined with a steel toe cap, this boot may look like a wellington but it means serious business. 

Top Choice

The Best Pair Of Slip On Work Boots

It’s perfect for whatever worksite you are going for. 

Remember though, that it is more difficult to make slip on work boots fit snugly than lace-up boots. 

So consider buying additional insoles or heel guards just to close up any gaps. 

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