Should My Toes Fit All Under The Steel Toe Cap? (My Experience)

A fan of the BestForMyFeet YouTube Channel asked this question on the work boots subreddit and I thought I should write a few lines about this topic since it’s a question that comes up quite a lot.

This question is often asked by someone brand new to safety work boots. So if you just bought or you’re about to try your first pair of safety toe cap work boots you might ask yourself this question.

Steel toe Thorogoods question
by u/FixIt-Ben in WorkBoots

The answer to the question of whether all your toes should fit under the safety toe cap is no.

Most people will have at least the pinky toe hanging out (including myself, see pic below). Sometimes the last two toes will hang out.

In the picture above I’m wearing my Brunt Marin Toe work boots and the redditor asked about Thorogood work boots.

I own boots from both work boots brands (plus others) and I can tell you that I never had a boot where all my toes fit under the toe cap completely.

So if you’re buying online or you’re in a local boot store trying on some safety boots and you think it’s kinda weird for your pinky toe to hang outside the safety toe cap, let me tell you it’s normal.

Nothing wrong with the boot, nothing wrong with your feet.

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