10 Work Boots Made In America That You Should Know About

You see, as a hardworking man, nothing irks me more than a pair of lousy work boots with low-quality materials that can’t keep up with my pace.

Many companies have moved their production overseas over the last years since it’s cheaper to mass produce and keep up with the demand for work boots.

Nothing beats the quality of a good work boot made in the US though.

Since it’s so hard to find genuine made in USA work boots, I’ve decided to dedicate this article to gather some of the top American-made work boots in one place.

a pair of old work boots and an American flag meaning that these work boots have been manufactured in the USA.

Here are some brands that still make work boots in the USA

  • White’s
  • Nicks
  • Red Wing
  • Chippewa
  • Kamik Shelter
  • Thorogood
  • Carolina
  • Carhartt
  • Danner
  • KEEN

We’ll add to the list as we discover more brands. Now, hold on to your seatbelt, because we’re about to explore some boots from each of these brands and what they have to offer.

Top 10 Made in USA work boots

In my experience, there are two types of American work boots:

  • the ones partially assembled in the USA
  • and the ones made in the USA (with the often-necessary imported parts)

To make it clear and be fully transparent, while there are many brands I’d love to add and models I want to talk about, I’ll be focusing only on brands known to make work boots in America.

Now let’s get this show on the road and get to the list! By the way, the boots are listed in no particular order.

1. White’s Work Boots

Fire Hybrid By White’s

White’s is one of those brands you only hear about when you’re on the hunt for something that will last and is designed for rugged jobs, and I have to admit that their Fire Hybrid is a perfect example of that.

These boots aren’t just made for showing off; they’re handmade for wildfires and easier break-in periods so that your foot doesn’t have to struggle while you get things done on the line of duty.

Features of the Fire Hybrid

Toe capSoft toe
Height8-inch tall
UpperHeavy-duty leather
OutsoleFire & Ice White Dot Hybrid Sole by Vibram

Are White’s boots made in the USA?

White’s history goes all the way back to before the US Civil War when Edward White established a one-person shoe shop in Connecticut.

Ever since, it’s kept all its facilities in the US using American-made materials while continuing to produce hand-sewn boots out of its facility in Spokane, Washington.

2. Nicks Work Boots

BuilderPRO By Nicks

I tend to be on my feet anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day, and even more, so making sure my feet have the support and safety they need is right there at the top of the list of my priorities. 

The leather on the BuilderPro on its own makes you realize just how durable they are for any job. And thanks to its arch support and rugged build you can be sure these bad boys are going to keep you comfortable and safe for many years.

Features of the Nicks’ BuilderPRO

Toe capSteel toe
Height10-inch tall
UpperHeavy-duty leather
OutsoleVibram® Red X Fire lug
Arch supportYes

Are Nick’s work boots made in the USA?

Just like White’s, Nick’s is also based in Spokane, Washington. The similarities between the North West companies don’t end there, though.

Nick’s work boots are handmade in the US, making them one of the few remaining work boot manufacturers that still build work boots in their hometown while prioritizing quality and keeping up the legacy of American-made reliability.

Nicks and White’s are the most expensive work boots on this list and not everyone would like to spend that kind of money on a pair of work boots. I know many linemen like these types of work boots.

Below you can find more affordable work boots options though.

3. Red Wing Work Boots

a pair of work boots from Red Wing that are made in America

Red Wing Supersole

Red Wing’s Supersole is one of Red Wing’s toughest boots out there that blends in premium and rugged durability with a classic Red Wing touch.

Features of the Red Wing Supersole

Toe capSteel toe
Height8-inch tall
UpperFull-grain leather
Electrical HazardYes
Shank Fibergalss

Are Red Wing boots made in the USA?

Red Wing is a pretty iconic name when it comes to working boots, but after some digging, it turns out only their Heritage lineup and a few other models are entirely made in the USA.

Another interesting fact about Red Wing is that they have their own tannery, allowing them to have greater control over the quality of their leather.

Red Wing has also partnered with the US military for generations to supply leather for soldiers’ boots since WW1.

4. Chippewa

a pair of work boots from Chippewa that are made in the USA

Chippewa Modoc

Packing in rugged protection on the inside and out, the Chippewa Madoc does one heck of a good job at keeping your feet dry while providing traction on various terrains with the added benefit of comfort throughout a shift thanks to its Ortholite® insoles.

Features of the Chippewa Modoc

Toe capComposite toe
Height6-inch tall
Upper100% leather
OutsoleVibram outsole
Shank Steel

Are Chippewa work boots made in the USA?

Chippewa is one of the oldest American work boot brands that’s been around since 1901, and right up until today, a good deal of their work boots are made in their factory in Carthage, Missouri, in the good ol’ USA.

Along with other brands I’m a fan of when it comes to their craftsmanship, Chippewa work boots are well known for their premium American quality and reliable build.

They even come with a distinctive metallic American flag on their laces.

5. Kamika Work Boots

Kamika Shelter

Designed for the extreme terrains of North America and the blistering cold, Kamrik’s ShelterV boots are made using neoprene, a synthetic rubber that’s famous for its durability and resistance to temperatures, not to mention being lightweight.

Features of the Kakika Shelter

Toe capSoft toe
Height12-inch tall
OutsoleVibram outsole
Oil & Acid Resistant Yes

Are Kamik boots made in the USA?

Kamik is a Canadian family-owned company that’s been around since 1898, with about 70% of their boots made in North America.

Although it’s a Canadian brand, several of their boots clearly state where they’re made, with many of them proudly made in the USA. 

Kamik’s boots use rubber sourced from Japan, one of the key differentiators of this brand’s offerings.

You can visit their store here to find out more about these and other work boots they have in store.

6. Thorogood Work Boots

Thorogood Logger Series 9

I’ve written about Thorogood extensively on Best For My Feet, and when it comes to their Made in the USA boots, they do not disappoint, especially the Logger Series that grind through the day without breaking a sweat.

Features of the Kakika Shelter

Toe capSteel toe
Height9-inch tall
UpperCrazy horse leather
OutsoleVibram outsole

Are Thorogood work boots made in the USA?

Thorogood’s been in the work boot business for more than 125 years from their company-owned headquarters in Wisconsin. The brand even made the US Army’s boots worn in WW1.

Many of Thorogood’s work boots are Union-made, meaning skilled workers make them in labor unions in the US.

7. Carolina Work Boots

Carolina Marlboro

Created to provide uncompromising quality on the job, Carolina’s CA8588 is one of my favorite USA-made work boots out there. It’s not only beautifully made but it’s a comfortable and rugged pair of work boots that I can always count on.

These bad boys sure do take a punch, and with the insulation in them along with the steel safety toe cap, your foot won’t feel a thing from the threats of the outside world.

Features of the Kakika Shelter

Toe capSteel toe
Insulated400g of Thinsulate
Height8-inch tall
UpperOld Town Folklore Leather
OutsoleNon-marking rubber outsole

Are Carolina work boots made in the USA?

I know you might be thinking that with a name like Carolina, every work boot would be made in the US, but that’s not the case. They do outsource some of their work boots so make sure you read the product description before you buy.

Based on my experience and research though there are many Carolina work boots like the Ferric, Elm, and other lineups that are union-made in the company’s facility in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, made with materials from around the world.

You can find out more about the boot either on Amazon or if you prefer, Carolina online store.

8. Carhartt Work Boots

Carhartt CMZ6340

Made in the USA with US and imported parts, Carhartt’s oil-tanned leather work boots are the complete package for a worker.

It comes with everything you need from composite toe caps that meet ASTM 2413-17 impact hazard and compression standards, along with comfortable direct-attached (cemented) polyurethane outsoles. 

Features of the Kakika Shelter

Toe capComposite toe
Height6-inch tall
UpperOld Town Folklore Leather
OutsolePolyurethane outsoles

Are Carhartt work boots made in the USA?

Carhartt work boots are made in two primary locations, the first being in the United States with their Made in USA lineup and Mexico.

The company also sources materials for their USA-made work boots from various US suppliers in states, including Georgia and Kentucky.

9. Danner Work Boots

Danner Quarry

The Men’s Quarry by Danner is one of this brand’s most popular work boots, and I’ll tell you why: It’s comfortable, snug, badass, and has excellent craftsmanship with top-of-the-line materials.

This boot comes with a ton of features and a lot of models you can choose from. Check out Danner’s website for more or see what Amazon has to offer you prefer that.

Features of the Kakika Shelter

Toe capSoft toe
Height8-inch tall
UpperFull-grain leather
OutsoleVibram® Quarry
Resole-ableYes (Stitchdown Construction)

Are Danner work boots made in the USA?

Founded back in 1932, Danner’s work boots are Berry Compliant, a certification that meets or exceeds the strictest US Federal Trade Commission’s standards, which Danner proudly mentions on their website.

However, not all their work boots are completely made in the US. Only the ones labeled as Made in the USA are crafted from top to bottom in their factory in Portland, Oregon. So if this is important to you, make sure to read the description properly before buying.

10. KEEN Work Boots

KEEN Manchester

Don’t let the name fool you; these work boots by KEEN are as born and bred in the US as they come, with a focus on lightweight construction work inspired by the design of hiking shoes to have maximum flexibility.

Features of the Kakika Shelter

Toe capAluminum toe
Height5.5-inch tall
OutsoleNon-marking rubber outsole
Resole-ableNo (cemented construction)
ShankNylon shank

Are KEEN work boots made in the USA?

KEEN’s footwear can be divided into two parts:

  1. work boots assembled in their factory in Portland, Oregon
  2. and work boots assembled abroad

While the material used to make their work boots come from several places, in 2010, the company brought back a chunk of its manufacturing to the US and produces several models labeled as “American Built” to distinguish them from the rest.

Are work boots made in the USA worth it?

Most people go for American work boots due to their superior materials and reliable build quality, which is a valid point that I have to agree with.

However, a work boot’s safety, comfort, durability, and overall reliability aren’t limited to one factor at all. 

I know a lot of you will point out that not every work boot can be counted on, but that’s where knowing which brands to go for comes in handy to filter out the junk from the treasures, which I’ve been on a mission to find out in my reviews.

Finally, I should mention that while many work boots are not made in the US, their companies are American.

Why’s that important?

Because it means that with brands like Ariat, Thorogood, Irish Setter, and countless others that I’ve written about, you get American quality, with the occasional lower price tag.

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