Top 11 Best Zipper Work Boots For Men And Women (Most Popular Models)

Hey there. Welcome to our round-up review of the best zip-up work boots for 2022.

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Best Safety Work Boots With Side Zip

We’ve put together a list of top 11 work boots that come with a zipper and our #1 recommendation based on what we’ve found in our research is the Reebok Rapid Response boots.

To bring you this article we’ve researched over 40 websites, looked at 59 different work boot brands and models, and have read dozens of customer reviews and feedback for each make of boot that made the cut, as well as a few that did not.

Overall we’ve spent over 61 hours looking into all of these zipped work boots to bring you the most important information for each boot.

In this article, you’ll learn about which are some of the newest and most rated and most comfortable zip-up work boots, what features you should look for, and much more.

So keep reading. There’s a lot of good info in here…

You can jump straight into the zipped work boots reviews section or go to the Q&A section first (if you want to learn more about this).

Top 11 most comfortable work boots that come with a zipper

Here’s a quick comparison table if you’re curious about which work boots I’ve included in today’s round-up.

1. Reebok

  • Leather + nylon
  • 6″ tall
  • Composite toe

Desert Tactical Style Work Boots With Side Zip

2. Ariat

  • Waterproof
  • 8″ tall
  • Composite toe

Side Zip Work Boots With Square Toe Safety Cap

3. Thorogood

  • Leather
  • 8″ tall
  • Composite toe

Heavy-Duty YKK Side-Zip Wellington Work Boots

4. Georgia

  • Leather
  • 10″ tall
  • Soft toe

Pull On Style Work Boots With Side Zip

5. Timberland PRO

  • Leather
  • 6″ tall
  • Composite toe

Composite Safety Toe Work Boots With Side Zip

6. Bates

  • Leather + nylon
  • 8″ tall
  • Soft toe

Non-Safety Toe Military Style Zipped Work Boots

7. Under Armour

  • Textile
  • 6″ tall
  • Soft toe

Lightweight Tactical Boot With Side Zip

8. Danner

  • Leather + nylon
  • 6″ tall
  • Soft toe

Waterproof Side Zip Work Boots

9. Rocky

  • Leather
  • 10″ tall
  • Soft toe

Stylish Tall Zip-Up Work Boots

10. Oliver

  • Leather
  • 8″ tall
  • Steel toe

Heavy Duty Work Boots With Lace In Zipper

side zip work boots from Red Wing

11. Red Wing

  • Leather
  • 6″ tall
  • Composite toe

Non-Metalic Safety Toe Cap Boots With Side Zip

What do you need to about zipper work boots?

Pros and cons of work boots with zipper

Let’s start with the pros

  • Easy on the back.
  • Quick and easy to get on in emergencies.
  • Same fit each time. No having to readjust.
  • Can open to cool warm feet

Having a back problem myself, sometimes it’s difficult bending down and messing around with laces. So quickly using a zip can be so much easier, and kinder to the back.

This ties in with the above. Speed and efficiency. A lot of the boots in this review are tactical boots.

That means the job you’re in might need you to whip your boots on in an emergency. In theory, a good-quality zipper should save a lot of time.

Especially as they open the space up nicely. Sometimes laces take forever to loosen up enough to slide your foot in.

They should give you the same fit each time of wearing, especially at the top and around the ankles.

Sometimes when doing laces in a rush, we might tie them up too tight, then not have time to readjust them, so we have to walk around uncomfortably.

Then, on the other hand, we might tie them too loose, and not have that snugness we like.

Do your feet ever get so warm that you need to kick your boots off for a while to cool them down? Well, with zipped boots you can simply undo the zip a little to cool your feet down while still on the move.

Now the cons

  • Can be difficult with cold hands
  • Waterproofing can be an issue
  • Will likely eventually break

You know those times when it’s freezing out, and you have a bursting bladder that you’re dying to relieve?

You try to undo your zipper but your fingers are so cold that you can’t bend them, and the damn zipper is stiff and too small to hold on to properly.

You’re hopping around like crazy and about to embarrass yourself.

Well, boot zippers don’t quite give this drastic a problem (unless you need to get them off quickly to go inside to do the business), but it’s the same principle. They can be a nightmare to use with numb, freezing fingers.

Waterproofing can be a problem. Zips let water through. If you need to wade through water up to your ankles, you might want to consider this.

However, some decent zipped boots do provide adequate waterproofing.

Just like laces can break, zips can also break. They can get stuck, come away at the seams, or fall apart. This can be much harder and more expensive to rectify than simply replacing broken laces.

Side zip or front zip? Does it make any difference?

  • Front-zip boots are easier to get on and off
  • Side-zip boots would generally be more water-repelling (but not necessarily more waterproof)
  • Side-zip boots are more likely to look attractive

talking a little bit about the difference between having a zipper at the front of the work boots or on the side.

I would say it’s about personal preference. Front-zip boots are probably easier to get on and off, because the zip opens up the area that the bulk of the foot is using.

If you think of the mechanics of a foot, it levers forwards and backwards quite a lot and quite easily, using the ankle as a pivot.

When you put your feet in a boot, you point your toes downwards to make the entry point smaller. A front-zip boot gives this action much more freedom.

Whereas, although a side-zip opens up the area, there is still leather or material at the front where the pivoting action takes place.

Water resistance can also be a factor. Water will likely seep into the boot more easily through a front-zip, whereas, the water can run off the boot more with a side-zip.

Then again if you want actual waterproofing for walking in water, the side-zip generally starts lower on the boot.

So a front-zip boot could essentially be waterproof up to near the top of the foot, unless exposed to rainfall of course.

Then there are the aesthetics. Side-zip boots are generally more pleasing to the eye than front-zips. There are some very stylish side-zip boots.

Plastic zip vs metal zip

Plastic zips are cheaper to make. The downside is they can sometimes look cheaper. But then, they can be dyed easier to match the colour of the boot.

They are easier to mold into perfect symmetrical sides. And are more flexible, therefore, making withstand horizontal stretches easier.

Metal zips are usually more durable than plastic, but are also heavier.
They are generally more pleasing to the eye, which is why they’re the preferred choice for fashionable products.

Particularly as there are various choices of metal to suit different looks, such as brass, nickel and antique nickel, aluminum, and gunmetal. Being tougher, the teeth very rarely break off.

talking about the importance and the difference between having a plastic zipper and metal zipper in a pair of work boots.


  • Cheaper. But can look cheaper.
  • Can be dyed or colored easier.
  • Easy to mold into perfect symmetry.
  • Flexible. Easier to stretch horizontally.
  • Fairly durable.


  • More durable.
  • Heavier.
  • More expensive.
  • Preferred choice for fashionable products.
  • Come in various metals.
  • Tough. Teeth rarely break.

Zip-up work boots vs lace-up work boots

  • Zip-ups are easier to access. Particularly for an injured foot.
  • Zip-ups can have a waterproofing issue.
  • Lace-ups can give more of a snug fit.
talking briefly about the differences between a pair of lace up work boots and a pair of zip up work boots.

As mentioned before, zip-up boots give much easier access to the boot than lace-up.

Particularly for the elderly, or people with back problems. They’re also great if you have a foot injury at work. If someone breaks their foot, it will swell up.

In this instance, lace-up boots might be difficult to untie, especially in a rush. That’s why some lacing is designed to cut right up the laces easier. Theoretically, zip-up boots eliminate this problem.

A downside is, unless there is a sufficient waterproofing system behind the zip, it can let water into the boot. It can also snag on things when zipping. Like the materials on the boot or threads of clothing.

Lace-up boots can give more of a snug fit. They can be adjusted to as tight as you want them for the required comfort and support.

Why do some work boots have laces and zips?

showing one of my work boots that come with a side zipper and with laces at the same time.

One reason some boots have both laces and zips is that they can get the best of both worlds. You can tie the laces to your required fit, for both comfort and support.

That then stays at that fit permanently, but then the boots can be easily taken on and off using the zip without affecting the fit of the boots.

The laces, in essence, act as a default setting that doesn’t need to be changed each time.

Also, some people like the look of lace-up boots, but prefer not to (or can’t) use the laces, so the zips give them another option.

Is it safe to wear zipper work boots when riding your motorcycle?

I can’t see why not. Lots of bikers wear them. The only worry would be if the zips undo while on the bike, but a decent pair of boots shouldn’t have that problem, especially if they have straps across the top.

There are so many different styles of motorcycle boots, all with specific safety features for riding, so if you choose to wear any type of work boots on your bike, try to use ones that have these:

An important note: Do your research, and please be careful.

  • Ankle protection, so that the ankle bones don’t get damaged if you fall.
  • Oil-and-slip resistant soles so that you keep your footing on oily or slippery surfaces.
  • Decent hardwearing outsoles, in case of friction on the ground if your feet do drag at all.
  • Torsion stiffness, to prevent foot or ankle flexing.

Zipper work boots are best for…

  • Fire officers
  • Police officers
  • Security guards
  • Prison guards
  • Some construction workers
  • A job where you have to take the boots off regularly

Good features I like to see in zip-up work boots

1. Durable construction

  • Quality zipper

The last thing you want is the zip breaking on you while you’re working.

  • Good upper materials

You want the upper to last you a long time, abrasion free. It needs to keep your feet warm (but not too warm), keep your feet dry, and preferably be resistant to oils and chemicals if you work near them.

2. Safety features (depending on the work you’re doing)

Safety toe cap metal or composite.

Metal is tougher but heavier. If you prefer lighter, then composite might be better. Also, composite won’t set off metal detecting alarms, in airports for example.

Met guard protection

The metatarsal is a crucial bone at the top of your foot. Many boots don’t offer this protection.

The boots might not look as nice, but if you’re in a job that has a high risk of heavy objects falling or even dealing with sparks if you’re a welder, then these are great.

Acid and oil-resistant soles

A crucial feature if you are working near chemical environments. You’d be surprised how much the soles can deteriorate.


Usually in layers. The outer material often offers some waterproofing, but an inner membrane is crucial. But make sure it is breathable because they can make your feet sweat.

3. Comfort features

Removable insole

Insoles can begin to smell, or even wear away, so being able to take them out to wash or replace them is very useful. I even wrote about how insoles can help you avoid stinky feet if you want to learn more.

Having a zip-up work boot with removable insoles is especially helpful if you like to swap them for specialized insoles for your arches.

Good ankle support if you have weak ankles

For someone who has had sprained ankles, I know that once it’s happened, the risk of it happening again is higher.

You really don’t want that. Not only is it very painful, but you might also lose money from having time off work.

Flexibility if you need to bend and flex a lot

Stiff boots can be a nightmare if you need to bend and flex a lot. They really restrict your movement, and can dig in your feet, making them uncomfortable.

Lightweight if you walk a lot

I like to walk to and from the train station on my commute. It’s a 20-25 minute walk. I used to walk in the work boots that I would wear on site, for convenience.

They were so heavy that I’d be knackered by the time I got to work, and my feet would ache before I even started my day.

Sometimes, if I have to go to a different job each day I still have to do this. That’s why I now make sure I use lightweight comfortable work boots.

What’s the best place to buy zip-up work boots?

You can buy your favorite pair of work boots at your local store but I believe the best place to buy work boots with zippers is at the online stores.

For the simple reason that you can access lots of brands and models from the comfort of your home. Plus the delivery, many times is free.

Here are a few stores you might be familiar with:

  • Amazon
  • Payless
  • Sears
  • Walmart
  • Red Wing
  • Boot Barn

Reviews of the 11 best-rated zipped work boots on the market

showing one of my side zip work boots

Alright, let’s jump into some detailed reviews of each one of these work boots with zippers we’ve included in today’s round-up.

The work boots are not listed in any particular order so the last one could be as good as the best one.

1. Reebok RB8678

Tactical Style Work Boots With Side Zip

Reeboks are well known for their sneakers, right? Well, if you want work boots that feel like sneakers, then these 6” Rapid Response Rb military tactical boots are a great choice.

They are deemed to be very lightweight and extremely comfortable. Now, the word ‘military’ might pique your interest, especially if you want hardwearing, tough boots.

But these are not waterproof. They may have water-resistant treatment, but any submergence above the nylon areas will get your feet wet.

They come in three colors: Black, desert tan, and tan. The latter two are of a suede material, which might not be as tough as other leathers.

However, the composite toe protection does give that element of safety. And being metal-free, you can access those areas where there are metal detectors, and be more protected from electrical hazards.

Some side-zipper boots can at times slightly open, especially where there is lots of bending and squatting which flexes the boots, but these have hook-and-loop straps to help secure the zips in place and for extra ankle support.

The nylon mesh lining provides breathability, especially in warm weather.

And Reebok has gone to extra lengths to make the soles comfy, with removable cushion shock-eliminating inserts and cushion Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles. They also provide extra wide toe room to prevent pinching or rubbing.

At the time of writing this article, these boots have an impressive 4.4 star rating out of 3,457 Amazon reviews, so they are hugely popular, and it is plain to see why.


  • Very lightweight
  • Toe protection
  • Strap to secure zipper
  • Shock absorbing
  • Airport friendly: Metal-free, so avoids metal detectors


  • Not waterproof

2. Ariat Workhog XT

8inch Carbon Square Toe
Work Boot With Side Zip

Sometimes, relatively high boots can be difficult to get on and off. I’m sure we’ve all had that nightmare of trying to open the laces enough, then pulling like mad at the boot.

The beauty of side zips is that side zips eliminate this problem. Being 8 inches from the arch to the top, these Workhog Xt carbon-toe boots aren’t excessively high for me, but they definitely benefit from having the zip.

As with the Timberlands previously reviewed, these also have the dips in the back of the openings, which is a real plus on this type of boot.

They are reviewed to be very tough and durable, but this comes at a price. Weighing 5 pounds they are quite heavy, and some reviews claim they are stiff, and at times, quite uncomfortable.

So one question to ask yourself is if you want to sacrifice comfort for longevity. But as with most things, the opinions are subjective. Sometimes it’s best to see for yourself.

One feature I like about these boots is the covers over the toe box and heel for added protection and abrasion prevention.


  • Waterproof
  • Tough and durable
  • ATS Max technology provides stability and reduces foot fatigue
  • Smart looking
  • Dipped back on opening


  • Heavier than other models in this list

3. Thorogood

Steel Toe Boots For Hot Weather

Another tough lookin, tough doing boot. These GEN-Flex2 8” Wellington work boots are made with water-resistant full grain leather, with deep-lugged slip-resistant outer soles for the toughest jobs.

They sport composite protection for your toes and a composite shank for extra strength and support for your arches.

Being heavy-duty, (heavy being the operative word) they could be quite weighty and tiring to wear during long shifts.

Many reviews say to go for at least half a size bigger than your true size, which is unusual for work boots as they usually come up big to allow for movement and thick socks.

The toes and heels have that extra protective covering that puts extra miles on the boots because it prevents abrasion in those key areas.

These are not insulated, so bear this in mind if you want to wear them in cold seasons. Quite often, thick socks are enough.

They host a single-density Polyurethane footbed, which can be removed if you want to install your own. Here are some of the best insoles you can replace it with.

If you prefer laced boots, Thorogood also does a lace-up work boot with zipped sides and you can find it here.


  • Toe protection
  • Composite shank
  • Slip-resistant
  • Electrical hazard resistant


  • A bit on the heavy side

4. Georgia G4124

Best Summer Work Boots For Farm

Are you on the lookout for a pair of pull-on work boots that you can work for both light-duty work and going for a nice stroll across fields or the beach with your dogs?

Then these boots should be on your list.

The lack of a toe protection means doing hardcore work could be a bit dangerous, but the loafer style that’s in its place makes this a smart-looking boot.

The removable Polyurethane insert gives the advantage of warmth and comfort, or a more freer breathable option when removed.

One thing we noted was that they tend to come up quite big, particularly in the heel area, which can make them slide up and down a little, even with the trendy-looking fastenable buckle being tightened.

The zipper should be tough being solid brass, and the steel shank gives that bit of extra arch support. But these metal parts don’t add too much weight as these boots are quite light.

The outsole is oil resistant and attached using Goodyear Welt Construction for strength and durability.

As with all Georgia work boots, these come with a one-year limited warranty, which covers things like leakage in the liners, but no holes, abrasions, or cuts due to negligence.

I believe these stylish 10” boots wouldn’t look out of place on women as well as men, so guys, if you have small feet, hide them from the women in your lives.


  • Steel shank
  • Strong solid brass zipper
  • One year warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Removable Polyurethane sleeve


  • No toe protection

5. Timberland PRO Hypercharge

Great 6″ Composite Toe
Work Boots With Side Zip

Timberland Pros come as standard with slip-and-oil resistant soles, and built-in electrical hazard protection, so these 6” Hyperchange boots look like a good bargain, being at the lower end of the price range.

Of course, you want to know if the price reflects the quality. Well, a 4.3 star Amazon rating seems to suggest so. Keep in mind the ratings of a product always fluctuate

The odd reviews do say the boots might not be quite as durable as hoped, and one bugbear is that the lining tends to move and scrunch up when putting the boots on and off because it’s not fixed to the structure as much as others.

But then on the flip side, they do have features that put them up against some of the premium boots. They are waterproof and have puncture-resistant side zips.

The shock-absorbing technology returns energy back to the feet, which aims to give all-day comfort.

An added benefit, particularly if you work with power lines or other electrical industries, is that there are no metal parts on the boots that can conduct the electricity.

The toe protection is composite rather than steel, and there are no metallic lace eyelets. Something to think about if you need to go through metal detectors.

Another plus with these boots is that they look like a casual boots, so you could get away with wearing them to walk your dog or in general non-work use.

And if you don’t like the tops of boots rubbing on the backs of your legs, the dips at the back of the boot openings help solve this problem.

More Timberland related pages:


  • Waterproof
  • Puncture-resistant side zip
  • Shock absorbing, anti-fatigue technology
  • The opening lowers at the back, which prevents rubbing
  • Lightweight toe protection


  • Inner lining tends to be loose

6. Bates Ultralite

8Inch Zip Up Tactical Style Work Boots

With a name like Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot, these pretty much do what it says on the tin.

At 1.42 pounds, they’re super light. They’re built for comfort and agility.

They are not suitable for working on sites with strict regulations but are great if you’re on your feet grafting all day, or even in your everyday life, from your biking to your to your hiking, or even on the school run.

Unfortunately, the nylon areas let water through, but they also allow for breathability.

A waterproof membrane could be beneficial, but that might affect the comfort and weight, so that would be something to think about when you know what you’re going to use them for.

Again, the zipper strap adds ankle support. The slip-resistant soles give an extra bit of grip. And let’s not forget you can replace the cushioned insert for one suited best for you.

They come in a black leather style, and a coyote, which is suede. Both seem popular, and good value for money at the more affordable end of the price range.

With a very impressive 4.5 star Amazon rating out of a whopping 9,575 global reviews, at the time of writing, these boots are way up there amongst the favorites.


  • Breathable lining
  • Slip resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Zip cover strap


  • Not waterproof
  • No toe protection

7. Under Armour Valsetz

Lightweight Sneaker Style
Zipper Work Boot

One of the most popular hybrid boot out there. A sneaker/boot that can be worn for both casual and as part of your work uniform.

At 1.13 pounds they are one of the lightest boots available, and common opinion is that they are very comfortable once broken in, which doesn’t take long.

Also, the sole lugs have good traction but are not deep and don’t pick up much mud.

One bugbear apparently, is that they can be difficult to get on, even with the zip open, which for a side-zipped boot is quite a drawback.

But that doesn’t seem to bother too many people. These have the highest Amazon rating so far out of this top 11 round-up. That should mean something!

All in all, being light enough for running in, let’s say, the police academy or fire training, and practical enough for ankle support and durability, they are great value for money.


  • Thermo-polyurethane (TPU) shank for extra arch support
  • Removable insoles
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Slip resistant. Don’t pick up mud
  • Water repellant


  • No toe protection
  • Not waterproof

8. Danner Striker Torrent

The Best Red Wing
Work Boot For Summer

These men’s Striker 6” Torrent boots are very affordable. They’re not the type of boots to last on a construction site though.

Although these work boots have no toe protection, they do have a waterproof GORE-TEX breathable lining.

This, the comfort, and the uniform style make them more of a duty boot. Ideal for security guards, ,fire brigade, police patrol etc.

Bear in mind, when polished, the full grain leather doesn’t get the proper gleam that some people in these types of professions like.

Apparently, they are quite stiff out of the box, and can take a while to break in, but are comfortable once they have been broken in. Here’s how I break in my work boots if you want to learn more about that.

There’s no insulation, so thick socks might need to be worn during winter. Although, saying that, a lot of reviews show they’re fairly warm anyway.

But they do come up quite small, so it might be worth ordering half a size up. Maybe a full size if you are going to wear thick socks.


  • Breathable waterproof lining
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • (PU) Polyurethane midsole gives extra cushioning


  • No toe protection (if you need safety toe for work)
  • No insulation (if you wear them in winter)

9. Rocky Paraboot

Stylish Tall Work Boots With Side Zip

I think you ladies would get a lot of attention in these women’s Paraboot Military and Tactical boots.

In fact, a lot of reviews say that the owners get many people compliment on them. I can see why.

They are stylish, they have a cool popper flap at the top to keep the zipper closed, and the full leather helps you keep them looking crisp, with toe and heel areas that polish up to a sheen, which gives a nice touch.

The toe isn’t protected though if you need to wear them in strictly ruled areas. And they are not waterproof or insulated if you want to wear them in the cold, wet months.

But who needs all that when you can walk around like a goddess?

Don’t be jealous gents, Rocky makes this boot for men as well. You can find it here.


  • Water-resistant
  • Full ankle support
  • Stylish


  • No toe protection
  • Not waterproof

10. Oliver 65

Rugged Lace-In Zipper Work Boots

Rammed with technology, these 65-series 8” boots are made for the toughest jobs.

Not only do they have steel toe caps to protect the toes, but they also have XRD metatarsal impact guarding that absorbs up to 90% force from a falling object.

For those who don’t know, the metatarsal is the bone at the top of your foot. I’m sure you’ve all dropped something on there.

Very painful, right? That’s why these boots are special because there aren’t that many that offer that protection.

The rubber outsole has (TPU) Thermo-polyurethane cell reinforcement, which is oil-and-slip-resistant, and also resistant to heat up to 575°F (300°C).

The insole is a dual density Poron based NANOlite insole for extra cushion and comfort. They have a convenient lace-in zipper, with a velcro strap across the top to secure it.

Personally, I see these not looking out of place on an oil rig or such.
But having said all this, there are reviews that say after a while they are not waterproof and start falling apart.

This could be that those people haven’t looked after them properly. They certainly look the part, but I guess you’d have to find out for yourselves to truly know. But make sure you do your research first.


  • Heat resistant outsole. (Up to 575°F/300°C)
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Steel toe protection and metatarsal protection
  • Waterproof
  • Tough and durable


  • No shank

11. Red Wing Tradesman

side zip work boots from Red Wing

Side Zip Work Boots For Medium-Duty Work

These Tradesmen’s 6”men’s boots are practical for a number of professions. They bring biker-style attributes to the workplace.

Some reviews say they take a while to break in and can be quite uncomfortable. But most say they are indeed comfortable.

They do offer lots in the way of protection:

  • Electrical hazard protection for all you electricians or linesmen.
  • Non-metallic toe protection, that allows you to work in areas like building sites that require this under health and safety regulations.
  • The three-layer waterproof system is a positive, especially seeing as they have the side zips (with overlaying straps at the tops).
  • The outsoles are heat resistant up to 475°F (246°C), and are also resistant to chemicals.

Not as tough as some, but tough enough for medium-duty construction or warehouse work.


  • Waterproof
  • Non-metallic safety toe
  • Comfortable
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Oil, gas, and chemical resistant


  • Take a while to break in

Are zipper work boots worth it? The takeaway

It depends on what you want them for. They’re great if you need to take them off regularly throughout the day, or if you struggle with laces. They’re also great in emergencies.

They might not offer as much of a snug fit or support as lace-up boots, so if that’s what you want, dual lace and zip boots might be a good option.

That way you can tie the laces to the most comfortable fit, then leave them like that and just use the zipper.

If you need optimum waterproofing, I would suggest doing your research on the boot to see how they hold up.

Hopefully, this article has helped in your research. Deciding on these things can be daunting and tiresome. Best of luck finding the perfect boots. I hope they’re magical.

Let’s go to the ball.

the reebok military style work boot with a safety toe cap that has been features in this article as the best side zip work boot.

The Most Comfortable Side Zip Work Boots (With Safety Toe Cap)

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