Carhartt Versus Timberland Work Boots: Which One Is Better?

If you’re looking for your next pair of durable and comfortable work boots I’m sure you’ve considered any of these two quite famous work boots brands. 

But which one should you go for? Timberland PRO work boots or Carhart work boots?

Quick answer: I couldn’t find huge differences between the two brands so I could say that choosing Timberland or Carhartt as the brand for your work boots will simply come down to your personal preference and affinity with the brand, their message, etc.

two work boots from two different brands going head to head to find out the differences between them. So we have one boot from Timberland vs another work boot from Carhartt.

In this article, you’ll find some helpful information I’ve put together to help you out a little bit. I’ve done a lot of research. It took me and the Best For My Feet team somewhere north of 38 hours of hard work to put all this information together.

We’ll talk about the different types of boots Carhartt and Timberland produce, the differences in price, fit, size and so much more!

So make sure you keep reading to learn more about the differences between Timberland and Carhart work boots.

Let’s get into it…

What type of boots do they produce?

Both Timberland and Carhartt have an extensive range of great-looking work boots for every taste and style out there.

Here’s a table with the type of work boots each brand produces:

Type of BootCarharttTimberland
Classic Moc toeStyle CMW6095GridWorks
Round soft toe bootStyle CMW6174Pit Boss
Composite toe work bootsStyle CMF6366 Boondock
Pull-on soft toe work bootsStyle CMP1100
Pull-on safety toe bootsStyle CMP1200Powerwelt
8” Lace-up safety toe bootStyle CMF8720Rigmaster
6” Lace-up steel toe bootStyle CMW6220 Pit Boss
Metaguard work bootStyle CMF1721 – 11 inchMet Guard
Wedge sole work bootsStyle CMW6191PRO 24/7 Wedge Sole
Hiker safety bootsStyle CMH4251White ledge
Logger work bootsStyle CML8369Evergreen
BOA System
Cowboy style work bootsAG Boss
Rubber work bootsCMV1451 – 15 inch high
Insulated work bootsStyle CMF8058Helix
Side zip work bootsValor
Slip-on work bootsFW5033

I’m sure there might be more and we might have missed one or two but don’t worry, we’re always updating these pages. If you think there’s a boot we should include here please leave a comment below and we’ll look into it! (TIA)

Do Carhartt and Timberland work boots fit the same?

Now that we’ve seen a few examples of what type of work boots Carhartt and Timberland make, let’s quickly check out how they fit.

As always, this is the hardest part when it comes to buying work boots online. 

It’s not going to be easy to purchase a work boot that’s comfortable from day one, especially online. 

But this section should give you an idea of what action should be taken when purchasing Timberland PRO or Carhartt work boots.

Both brands have too many boots to go through individually. What I did instead was I picked some of the most sold boots from Carhartt and Timberland and looked at what people have said about how they fit.

How do Carhartt work boots fit?

Carhartt Wedge Sole

For Carhartt, I’ve chosen the CMW6191 model. These work boots come with a soft-toe box. 

And I mention this because if you work in an industry where safety steel toe work boots are required, you won’t be able to wear this model.

This model has over 5000 reviews on Amazon alone plus another few hundred on other online stores altogether.

Not everybody left feedback about how their boots fit, but around 1150 awesome people did leave a comment about the size and fit of their new boots.

Out of those 1150 buyers, 936 of them said the boot fit them perfectly. So their Carhartt boots were true to size.

A very small number of people said the boots were small and about a third said the boots were a bit big for their feet.

This is the breakdown of people’s feedback on that particular work boot size and how it fits.

Too Small16
Somewhat small30
True To Size936
Somewhat large120
Too large48

How do Timberland PRO work boots fit?

Timberland PRO Direct Attach

For the Timberland PRO work boots, it’s kind of the opposite.

Most of the time they fit perfectly. Sometimes they run a bit small and a very small amount of customers said the boots run big . That’s what I’ve seen on their website and other online stores after reading hundreds of customer feedback.

It’s the same on Amazon. If we look at one of their most famous work boot, the Timberland PRO Pit Boss (reviewed here), out of almost 8000 buyers who left feedback about the size and fit…

6390 of them have said the boots fit them perfectly. So they were true to size.

This is the breakdown of people’s feedback on that particular work boot size and how it fits.

Too Small481
Somewhat small677
True To Size6390
Somewhat large333
Too large94

When you buy work boots at any online store getting the right size and fit is the most challenging part of the buying process. You never know what you’re going to get.

Personally, I had Timberland PRO work boots and they fit well for me every time. And I always like to buy one size up from what I buy for my regular shoes and boots.

The good thing about buying work boots on Amazon is that they have the Amazon Prime Wardrobe (they’ve changed the name now to Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy) where you can try on the work boots and you won’t pay for them until you’re happy with the product.

OF COURSE … keep in mind that there’s a limited time for this. You can’t wear them for 2 months and then say: “Hey, these boots are no good” 🙂

It’s worth checking it out before buying your work boots. It’s quite handy and it’s free if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Anyway, it seems that Timberland PRO and Carhartt’s work boots fit a bit differently if we look at the numbers. For example:

  • Most people said the work boots were true to size. Both brands are the same here. The vast majority said their work boots fit them right.
  • Some people said the boots were a bit large in the case of Carhartt work boots and very few said the boots are small.
  • The boots run small contraty to Carhartt, Timberland’s work boots seem to fit a bit small in some cases and very few users mentioned the boot being big for them.

Timberland PRO VS Carhartt work boots: Where are they made?

Where work boots are manufactured is not an easy piece of information to find nowadays. I’ve searched the web for the most sold models from each brand and looked at where those boots were made.

Here’s what I found…

Timberland PRO work boots

ModelSpecific featureWhere it’s made
Pit BossGoodyear welted bootsDominican Republic
BoondockComposite toe capVietnam
EnduranceSteel toe capChina
Direct AttachNon-marking solesDominican Republic
TitanSlip-resistantDominican Republic

As you can see there are no Timberland PRO work boots made in the US at the time I’m writing this article.

Let’s see if Carhartt is any different.

Carhartt work boots

ModelSpecific featureWhere it’s made
CMW6095Soft toeOverseas
CMF6371Composite toeChina
CMP1200Wellington bootsBangladesh
CMF6356Electric Hazard ratedChina
Traditional WeltSquare steel toeChina

As you can see, based on customer feedback I’ve gathered from the reviews online, Carhartt work boots are made overseas. So there’s no difference there between Carhartt and Timberland.

Some old reviews were saying some of Carhartt’s work boots were made in America. But it seems like that’s not the case anymore. 

If you find an online store that sells Carhartt work boots made in the US, make sure you ask them to send you pictures of the inside label of the boot.

That’s where it should say where it’s made. Also, look for the American flag on the tongue or on the side of the boot.

Those should be indicators that the boots are made in the US.

I might be wrong but at the time of writing this article, I couldn’t find any work boots, from both brands, Carhartt and Timberland, that are made in the US.

If anything changes or if you know of a boot from any of these two brands that are made in the USA, please leave a comment below so we can dig into it and maybe add it to the list.

Carhartt vs Timberland work boots: Differences in price

Carhartt boots are not the cheapest work boots out there but they’re not much more expensive than Timberland work boots are.

For example, you can buy a pair of Carhartt work boots for around $100 on the low end and the most expensive work boots from Carhart are not going too much over the $200 mark.

This model for example cost $199.99 on the Carhartt website. Here’s how much costs on Amazon.

When we look at Timberland work boots, we see they’re within the same range.

That means that the cheapest Timberland PRO work boots you can buy go for around $80. The lowest price I found is this hiker boot model (Norwood).

Keep in mind that depending on the size of the boots the prices will go up or down. Many times the smaller the size, the lower the price.

The most expensive Timberland PRO work boots go for around $200 with models such as this Boondock model leather work boot.

So you could safely say that Carhartt and Timberland work boots are within the same price range.

What industries are they good for?

Both Timberland and Carhartt have a wide range of work boots you can choose from.

I’m sure that no matter what industry you’re in you will find a boot that you like from either of them. It will come down to your taste and budget.

Carhartt and Timberland work boots are good for:

Carhartt VS Timberland: What do the reviews say about them?

Both brands have a ridiculous amount of reviews online. It was very hard to go through both brands since they don’t do just work boots. They also do clothing and other apparel items.

But here’s what people say about these two brands…

What people are saying about Carhartt work boots?

If you do a simple Google search you’ll see how many bad reviews Carhartt has on Trustpilot, Yelp, and other review sites.

The majority of disappointed customers who left a review were complaining about the customer service being too slow or non-existent (not necessarily about Carhartt products).

However, when I look at specific online stores that sell Carhartt footwear such as Zappos, Amazon, and a few more…I see a lot of happy customers.

The few unhappy buyers were mostly complaining about the sizing of the boots. The sizing is all over the place some customers were saying.

So make sure when you buy Carhartt, you buy them either at the local store if possible. That way you’ll know on the spot if the boots are going to fit you or not.

Or if you buy online make sure the store you’re buying from has a clear and easy-to-understand return policy just in case you need to return the boots.

I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you’ve missed it, Amazon has a great service called Amazon Prime Wardrobe that allows you to try the products before you buy them. Read more about it here.

What people are saying about Timberland PRO work boots?

Maybe I’m biased because I do like Timberland work boots but many people mentioned in their reviews that Timberland work boots are not only comfortable but also that they are very stylish.

Yes, they are stylish. No matter what style of work boot you like, slip-on, lace-up, Wellies, etc, you will find a good-looking boot from Timberland.

Some users are complaining about the durability of the boots especially when you pay a couple of hundred of dollars on them.

Some models are better constructed than others but I feel like you should expect to wear your Timberland PRO work boots for at least one year and a half before you need to replace them.

As with any other brand out there, you’ll have positive and negative feedback. If the positive feedback outranks the negative one though by a large quantity then I think you’re on the right track of buying a good quality boot.

Check out my review of one of the most known models, the Timberland PRO Pit Boss. Or have a look at what’s inside it since I also like to cut my work boots in half after wearing them for a while to see what’s inside them.

Overall, people like this brand of work boots, and the majority of users are happy with their purchase.

Let’s find out which work boots models are selling the most from each brand. The boots I’m sharing below are listed in no particular order. The last one is as good as the first one.

Carhartt’s top 5 most sold work boots

CMW6095Soft toe 
Wedge sole
Removable insole
Check in-store
Traditional WeltSteel toe cap boots
Electric hazard
Superior traction
Check in-store
RuggedFlexComposite toe
Insulated boots
8 Inch boot
Check in-store
CMP1200Steel toe cap
Oil & slip resistant
Wellington boots
Check in-store
CMX4023Soft Moc Toe 
Casual look
Check in-store

Timberland’s top 5 most sold work boots

Timberland PRO Boondock
Pit BossSoft toe
100% leather
Goodyear Welted
Check in-store
BoondockComposite safety toe
100% leather
Goodyear Welted Boots
Check in-store
White LedgeSoft toe
100% leather
Cemented Sole
Check in-store
EnduranceSteel toe
100% leather
Cemented Sole
Check in-store
Wedge SoleSoft toe box
100% leather
Goodyear Welted
Check in-store

Alternatives to Timberland & Carhartt: boot brands in the same ballpark

If you don’t feel like either Carhartt or Timberland PRO work boots are meant for you, I get you; after all, it’s not as easy as it seems to choose what’ll eventually become your daily work companion.

Not to worry though, there are plenty of other reliable and durable work boots to choose from.

Here are some brands that I’d also recommend, which I’ve also reviewed extensively over here on Best For My Feet.

Timberland VS Carhartt work boots: Which one is best for you?

The thing about these two brands is that you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Both of them are popular and you’ll recognize them easily if you see someone wearing something from either Carhartt or Timberland.

Carhartt has some great-looking boots but in my opinion, Timberland’s boots look much better.

Personally, I couldn’t find any big differences between the two brands. Nothing that big that can make me say: “Yeah, Timberland is better than the Carhartt or the other way around”.

Ultimately, this will come down to your personal preferences, taste, and affinity with the brand.

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